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Home Athletes Is Sushil Kumar suspended from participating in XXI Commonwealth Games?

Is Sushil Kumar suspended from participating in XXI Commonwealth Games?

sushil kumar suspended kreedon
Supporters of Sushil and Praveen Rana clashed with each other during the selection trials for the CWG. (Source)

Is Sushil Kumar suspended from participating at the 21st Commonwealth Games? This is the questions fans and wrestling community is asking to the Wrestling Federation of India.

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Sushil Kumar Suspended – Why and How?

According to Times of India report, Sushil Kumar could be suspended and his participation for the April Commonwealth Games would be withdrawn. This is possible, if Delhi police file a charge sheet against the double Olympic medallist. The police case is in response to the brawl involving him and fellow wrestler Praveen Rana during the selection trials for the Gold Coast CWG. The information was indicated to press by the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI).

Supporters of Sushil and Praveen Rana clashed with each other during the selection trials for the CWG. (Source)

WFI’s response came after Sushil replied to the federation’s show-cause notice. In that notice he denied his involvement in the scuffle, which saw some alleged Sushil supporters thrashing Praveen Rana’s elder brother Naveen. This happened after the high-tension bout between Sushil and Rana in the 74 kg category. In the qualifiers, Sushil beat Rana 7-3 in the semi-final and then Jitender Kumar 4-3 in the final to qualify for the 2018 CWG.

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Sushil Kumar Suspended – Sushil’s reply to Rana’s allegations  

Praveen Rana had recently filed a written complaint with the WFI. In his complaint Rana alleged that Sushil instigated his supporters, who then threatened to harm him and his brother for daring to take the mat against the celebrated Olympian medallist. Before going to WFI, Rana had already lodged a police complaint against Sushil and his supporters for their involvement in the brawl.

The Olympic medallist did give his reply to the Wrestling Federation of India. The response letter accessed by the TOI, has said that he (Sushil) would never do anything ‘intentionally or unintentionally’ to bring the sport of wrestling into disrepute.


In his response, Sushil wrote, “Wrestling is my life and I am always committed to the sport of wrestling. I had no intention to demean wrestling or any of the fellow wrestlers and I will never ever do it. I myself didn’t want to disrupt the discipline of the federation and I’ll always follow it in the future. I want to assure that neither I nor any of my supporters were involved in this whole incident. I condemn the entire episode.”

Further, Sushil expressed his ‘shock and surprise’ over the allegations leveled against him by Praveen Rana.

He said, “When I had won the trial, I had no other bout to fight and I left the wrestling hall straightaway to meet the waiting media outside.”

Sushil Kumar Suspended – Olympic Medallist out of Pro Wrestling League as well

Sushil Kumar seems to be flowing through a bad patch in the past few days. After suspension from Commonwealth Games looming on his head, the double Olympic medallist is out of the Pro Wrestling League season 3 as well.

Sushil got injured during his practice session for the PWL 3.

Sushil, who injured his knee during the practice session, has been advised to take rest by the doctors. The champion wrestler, who is representing the Delhi Sultans in the Pro Wrestling League season 3 in the 74 kg category, would be replaced by his ‘so called’ nemesis Praveen for the match.

Parveen won the bronze medal at the Senior National Championship 2017, going down to Sushil Kumar.

Sushil was auctioned for a whopping amount of Rs 55 lakh by the Delhi Sultans Franchisee. This is the highest amount ever in the history of Pro Wrestling League auctions, which was kick-started on 9th January.

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