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5 Players with Highest No. of Super 10 in PKL History

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The Pro Kabaddi League is one of the most loved sports league in India. Factually speaking, it is the 2nd most followed league in our country after IPL. With rising popularity every season, more youngsters have been attracted by the pace, agility and style of the game of Kabaddi. Kabaddi today is one of the fastest growing sports in India considering both the viewership and opportunities as a profession. Hence, it is important that people who have interest in this sport should be aware of its terminology. Let us have a close look at what Super 10 means and who are the players with the most number of Super 10s in PKL.

What is a Super 10?

credits: PKL

Super 10 is a term in Kabaddi used when a raider is successfully able to earn 10 or more raid points in one single game. These might include getting touch points, bonus points and even mistakes committed by the opponents. If a raider has a Super 10 to his name, he/she can very easily win the match for his/her team. A Super 10 has the ability to single-handedly win the game for their side. Players with more and more Super 10 to their name have been an asset for their side. A Super 10 is as important as a 50 by a batsman in cricket or a 5-wicket haul by a bowler.

Duty of a raider

The duty of the raider is to always be on his toes and act according to the situation. If the situation demands that the approach should be defensive, the raider should not be aggressive in his approach and should look for empty raids. If the situation demands more points from the losing team, the raider should look to attack and put pressure on the defenders of the opposition accordingly. To earn more points, raiders have developed innovative ways of snatching points away from the opposition. These include signature moves like Ajay Thakur’s ‘frog jump’, Rishank Devadiga’s ‘running hand touch’, ‘Dubki’, ‘Scorpion King’ etc.

5 Players with the most number of Super 10s in PKL

Maninder Singh (23)

SUper 10 Kreedon
credits: Twitter
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On number 5 in this list is Bengal Warriors’ Maninder Singh, who has 23 Super 10s to his career in only 59 appearances! Maninder Singh was Jaipur Pink Panthers’ top raider in season 1 and played a huge role in winning the inaugural Pro Kabaddi Season for his team. He was also Bengal’s leading raider in season 6 with 206 raid points to his name. Maninder has 526 raid points in his career at an average of 8.91.

Deepak Niwas Hooda (25)

Deepak Niwas Hooda Biography
credits: prokabaddi.com

Next is Jaipur Pink Panthers’ all-rounder Deepak Niwas Hooda with 25 Super 10s to his name in 104 appearances. In season 6, Deepak had ten Super 10s and even a high 5 to his name. Hooda has been one of the most promising all-rounders of Vivo Pro Kabaddi League. He was the most successful all-rounder in season 6 with 208 points to his name.

Ajay Thakur (28)

Ajay Thakur Super 10 Kreedon
Ajay Thakur has never lifted a PKL trophy (credits: prokabbadileague.com)
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Number 3 on this list is Tamil Thalaivas’ skipper Ajay Thakur. He has 28 Super 10s to his name. Ajay has the 3rd most number of successful raids in PKL (593). He is also 3rd most successful raiders in PKL in terms of raid points. Ajay is one of the most talented raiders India has ever produced. Ajay got a Super 10 against an all-important World Cup final in 2016. He was the reason behind India’s glory in lifting the trophy at Ahmedabad.

Rahul Chaudhari  (37)

Rahul Chaudhari Kreedon
credits: Twitter

Second on this list is one of the most stylish raider of Tamil Thalaivas, Rahul Chaudhari. Rahul has 37 super 10s to his name in his 101 appearances. In season 4, Rahul was the top raider with 146 points. He also became the first player to cross 400 points in Pro Kabaddi League. He is the most successful player in Pro Kabaddi League history, with 888 overall points in his tally. Rahul also has the most number of successful raids in PKL: 687.

Pardeep Narwal (45)

Pardeep Narwal Kreedon
credits: prokabaddi.com
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Number 1 on this list is the record-maker himself, Pardeep Narwal! Pardeep has been the best PKL player till now. He has not only been an asset to his team Patna Pirates, but has also been an asset to the sport of Kabaddi. His numbers in the PKL are unimaginable. He has 45 Super 10s to his name. Pardeep is the most successful raider in PKL history with 868 points to his name in just the 86 games he has played. These figures are almost next to impossible!

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