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Sunil Chhetri’s Plea for Football Support Most Retweeted Tweet of 2018

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The video Tweet from @chetrisunil11 has been retweeted almost 60,000 times, said Twitter India.

After Skipper Sunil Chhetri made an emotional appeal on Twitter asking football fans to fill the stadium, thousands rushed to watch India’s match against Kenya at the Intercontinental Cup 2018.

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After 59,865 retweets and 1, 38,030 likes,  all the 7,000 tickets at the Mumbai Football Arena were sold out and India went onto win the tournament in front of the record crowd.

This appeal came from Indian team captain after just around 2,500 fans came to watch their previous game.

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This tweet has now been recognised as the most “retweeted tweet” of the year, according to Twitter India.

The Golden Tweet of the Year

Sunil Chhetri had posted a video on Twitter, asking his country to come out, support and watch the Indian National Football Team play in the stadium during the Intercontinental Cup in Mumbai.

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“All the fans, who came out in Mumbai to support us…thank you. It means the world to us.

But, I’m making this video, not for you guys, I’m going to speak, appeal and request all of you, who did not come. To everyone, who is not a football fan…please come and watch us. Two reasons…number one: it is the best game in the world and number two, we play for our country. We will make sure that once you come to watch us, you will not go to the same person back home.

To all of you, who support big European clubs and support ‘your’ European club with so much passion and sometimes you feel that ‘The level is not the same and why to waste your time?’ Agreed. The level is not the same, not even close but with our desire and determination, we will make sure and try our best to make your time worth.

To all of you, who have lost hope and do not have any hope in Indian football, I request you to come and watch us in the stadiums. It is not fun to criticise or abuse on the internet. Come to the stadium, do it on our face, scream at us, shout at us, abuse us and who knows, one day we might change you guys. You might start cheering for us.

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To all of you, who are fans but couldn’t come, didn’t come, play, work, school…please! Come and watch us in the stadiums. You guys have no idea how important you guys are and how important your support is. So, today I’m requesting all of you 4th, 7th and hopefully the 10th June, we are playing in Mumbai and please come and support us, encourage us, abuse us, criticise us, talk about the game, go back home, have discussions about the game. But, please get involved. This is a very important time and juncture in Indian football and football in India needs you guys.”

Other than this, the most liked tweet was Virat Kohli’s tweet “featuring a picture with Anushka Sharma on the occasion of Karvachauth”.

The #WhistlePodu and #IPL2018 was also the 9th and 10th (respectively) in most used Hashtags in 2018.

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