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What It Takes To Be Fit Like Sunil Chhetri : Fitness Routine & Diet Plan Revealed

Sunil chhetri fitness
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Sunil Chhetri‘s name is synonymous with football in India today. The captain of the Indian team is one of the leading athletes in the country and is fighting tooth and nail to make the Ronaldo and Messi loving fans, sit back and take notice of his blue brigade. Moreover, Sunil Chhetri fitness at the age of 36 is an inspiration for many Indian athletes.

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But, do you know the 36-year-old has more goals than the Argentina star footballer Lionel Messi. Chhetri has scored 74 goals in 117 matches.


The Indian legend gives a lot into his fitness and could give any youngster a run for his money. Let us take a look how his fitness routine looks like.

Sunil Chhetri’s Fitness Routine

Football isn’t like Cricket where you get time to recover yourself. You have to be constantly sprinting around the field for 90 minutes. It’s hard for athletes to maintain their fitness but the Indian football skipper ensures that he spends time in the gym every day to keep up the fitness level.

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In an interview with Mans World India, Chhetri said, “I love doing speed training drills, which is an important aspect of my game, and high-intensity workouts. They are also two major requirements for football. I train six days a week. Taking a day off allows your body to heal, as your muscles need to cool off.”

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He loves working on his quadriceps. Along with that, the skipper has his focus on the hamstrings, abs, and shoulders.

Apart from working out, he enjoys cycling that has helped in keeping his legs in much better shape, and also increased his stamina.

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Chettri loves swimming. He along with his teammates hit the pool which helps them to rejuvenate and recover.

Sunil Chhetri Fitness: Diet Plan

The most important thing for an athlete is his diet and Chhetri makes sure that he eats right to remain in shape.

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He starts his day with a bottle of water as soon he wakes up. It removes toxins from the body and keeps him hydrated.


He has a pre-training meal which consists of oatmeal with nuts, boiled eggs, and fresh juice in the morning.

After an hour of workout, Chhetri consumes a heavy breakfast which includes brown bread, broccoli, chickpeas, sushi, black olives, tuna fish, and red meat.


His lunch consists of a plate of greens and boiled veggies and fish or chicken steak.


Chhetri’s dinner is quite simple. It consists of rotis, dal, a bowl of vegetables, and chicken/fish/cottage cheese.

He also has a protein shake before going to bed. On his cheat days, Chhetri enjoys spaghetti carbonara or good biriyani. He also likes to indulge in pizzas and burgers on weekends.

His favorite dish is the mutton curry made by his mom.

Sunil Chhetri Fitness: Workout Videos

Sunil Chhetri Fitness Goals

“It is very important to wake up early in the morning to start your day with great energy. Sound sleep for at least 7 hours a day is a must,” Chhetri tells TOI

“Mornings are a time when you should keep your mind free and not overthink. The mind should be easy and at peace,” he adds.

Chhetri advises his fans to stay positive in life and try and indulge in some physical activity. “Go for a run, walk, or jog. Stay connected to your loved ones, they will be your greatest strengths.”

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