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How Sanskrit helped Para-lifter Sudhir in increasing concentration – Amazing Story of Will Power & Determination

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The Journey of Sudhir Para Lifter

He is Sudhir, the Para-power-lifter from a village named Lath near Sonipat in Haryana. At the age of only four years, Sudhir was plagued by severe polio. One of his legs got completely damaged. After having recovered one of his childhood friends advised him to start physical training to build up the strength of his legs and gradually Sudhir’s journey of turning into a successful power-lifter began.

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Gold in Commonwealth Games

The gold medal in the Birmingham Commonwealth Games this year has given Sudhir more fame. Having lifted 217 kg in the final attempt, the power-lifter from Haryana seems more excited and inspired too. Talking over the phone from his residence, Sudhir stated,

“My next aim is to lift 250 kg in the Paris Olympics. I lifted 232 kg already in the national championship and you can win a gold medal in the Olympics lifting 232 kg. But my target is to lift 250 kg.”

Influence of Father’s Death on Sudhir

Sudhir lost his father who was a farmer on the day in 2018 he bagged a gold medal in the 80 kg category in Asian Para Games held in Indonesia. The incident has a huge influence on Sudhir. He disclosed,

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“My father used to inspire me a lot every time. He always told me not to think about crises or failure. He inspired me by advising me to think over the upcoming future and mental preparation. Naturally, I was deeply anguished by his death on that particular day and it took a couple of months to recover from my father’s death psychologically. But I still follow his messages by not thinking about the failure and crisis to become positive.”

Sudhir Para lifter: Sanskrit and Concentration

Sudhir graduated from Rohtak with Sanskrit. Interestingly he mentioned,

“Sanskrit is our ancient language where you can find pure and nutritious diets. Graduating with the subject has helped me a lot to set the diet chart that I have been following since my first success at the national level. Besides, every day I preach some specific Sanskrit hymns for around 25 minutes that help me to increase concentration and finally perform on the stage.”

The Strong Man of India and his dreams

Sudhir is called ‘The Strong Man of India’ after his achievements with Gold medals in the senior national championship in 2017. But the lifter does not seem to be satisfied with the medals and titles and the government job of weight-lifter in Haryana. In between his preparation for the forthcoming World Championship, to be held in Cairo from 24th October, Sudhir said,

“Haryana government has given Rs 1.5 crore cash as an incentive for the Commonwealth Games gold medal. I hope I will obtain more cash incentives in the near future also for winning more medals in international competitions. I have plans to set up a power-lifting school for international class in my village so that I can produce more ‘Strong Man of India’ in the future for the country.” 

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