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PUBG Power Play: 9 Strategies and Tips to Survive and Thrive!

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Mastering PUBG or BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) requires more than just basic skills. You must endure well beyond the initial clashes in  PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), where survival is paramount. Despite the seemingly straightforward premise, the execution is far from simple, especially when a sniper’s bullet could abruptly alter your fate. To succeed, you must grasp the nuances of this specific battle royale scenario: strategically dropping in, securing optimal gear, and adeptly utilizing it to outlast opponents and navigate the encroaching energy wall. From firearms and tactics to map awareness, essential items, and even fashion choices like matching hats with vests, every detail contributes to gaining an advantage in intense firefights. No matter what aspect you’re focusing on, the following PUBG tips will guide you towards becoming a formidable player, adept at shooting, looting, and ultimately securing that coveted chicken dinner.

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Strategies & Tips to Survive and Thrive in PUBG

Sr. No Tips to Survive and Thrive in PUBG (BGMI)
1 Don’t be afraid to hide out in the blue early on
2 Terrain can be just as good cover as any building or wall
3 Always take a level three helmet
4 Sometimes, leave a level three vest
5 Play the edge of the circle
6 Keep yourself boosted up late game
7 Hiding in bushes works surprisingly well
8 Grass is not visible after a while so don’t hide in it
9 Pick Your Battle

Don’t be afraid to hide out in the blue early on

PUBG Tips | KreedOn
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Survival in the game is not always about avoiding damage. In the initial stages, taking some damage can be a strategic move. By positioning yourself on the outskirts of the playing area, you incur minimal damage while remaining inconspicuous. With effective healing resources, you can prolong your stay in this position, steering clear of confrontations. Seizing opportunities, you might even catch opponents off guard and secure a few eliminations. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to monitor both your health and the impending circle movements.

Terrain can be just as good cover as any building or wall

PUBG | KreedOn
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Structures generally serve as effective shelters for survival, particularly when you secure the sole entrance. However, they come with inherent risks. A strategically thrown grenade can swiftly terminate your endeavor, and if your presence inside is known, adversaries might simply wait at the exit. If you seek a strategic location for a temporary stronghold, consider locating a ridge, dip, or hill. This choice offers robust cover, superior sightlines compared to a building, and, significantly, more avenues for escape.

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Always take a level three helmet

PUBG tips | KreedOn
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To achieve victory, it’s crucial to equip yourself with a top-notch helmet and vest. When scavenging through unclaimed gear, prioritize acquiring the highest-level equipment. However, in the aftermath of a confrontation, deciding what to salvage from a damaged level three gear of a defeated opponent can be challenging. The basic guideline in such situations is quite straightforward. Opt for the level three helmet, even if it’s on the verge of deterioration. This choice is justified by the fact that a level three helmet is the only one capable of protecting you from a headshot delivered by an M24. Consequently, it is almost always a worthwhile investment.

Sometimes, leave a level three vest

Level Three Vest | KreedOn
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Vests and helmets serve distinct purposes, with vests offering a unique utility. Despite their differences, an undamaged level three vest consistently outperforms a level two vest. In the final stages of the game, prioritizing durability becomes crucial, overshadowing the significance of a higher-level vest. Consequently, a fully intact level two vest proves superior to a quarter-health level three vest, ensuring prolonged protection. However, in scenarios involving a dwindling number of opponents, opting for a damaged level three vest becomes advantageous. The ability to absorb additional damage from a single shot could potentially determine the outcome, making it a strategic choice between victory and defeat.

Play the edge of the circle

Tips to Survive in the Game | KreedOn
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As you progress into the later stages of the game, various tactics become crucial. A key strategy for survival involves positioning yourself along the perimeter of the playing area and moving in tandem with it. Remaining on the edge significantly reduces the expanse of the terrain you must monitor. This approach ensures that a substantial portion behind you is inherently secure, allowing you to focus your attention solely on what lies ahead. In contrast, being situated in the middle necessitates constant vigilance in all directions, presenting a more challenging task.

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Keep yourself boosted up late game

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Even when you’re in optimal health, it’s advisable to consume energy drinks and painkillers when the player count dwindles to approximately the last 15 individuals. Initiating the use of these items early serves multiple purposes, including eliminating the concern of healing after a late-game confrontation and maximizing the chance that a single increment of health recovery could secure victory in a tight skirmish. Regardless of the specific situation, if you have these items in your inventory, it’s wise to activate their effects promptly, as there’s no benefit in holding onto them unnecessarily. After all, who wouldn’t prefer painkillers along with a triumphant chicken dinner?

Hiding in bushes works surprisingly well

BGMI | KreedOn
Image Source: Games Radar

This may sound unconventional, but hiding in bushes can be an effective stealth strategy. Concealing oneself in a bush increases the likelihood of others walking by without noticing, leaving them puzzled about the source of any shots fired. While bushes don’t offer solid protection, the key lies in remaining unseen—no visibility means no one will take a shot at you, and if you’re not targeted, survival is assured. It’s advisable, however, to remove any brightly colored clothing before attempting this tactic.

Grass is not visible after a while so don’t hide in it

BGMI | KreedOn
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By selecting appropriate scopes and establishing strategic sightlines in PUBG, one can achieve visibility spanning hundreds of meters. However, it is essential to note that grass ceases to be perceptible beyond the 200-meter mark. Consequently, individuals opting to lie down may believe they are adequately concealed, but those situated more than 200 meters away can observe them clearly. It is always more advisable to seek solid cover, such as a tree, wall, or even a bush, rather than attempting to lie down in the grass, especially as the game progresses. This also implies that dropping to the ground in an open field when gunfire erupts is an imprudent decision; instead, one should promptly seek cover.

Pick Your Battles

BGMI | KreedOn
Image Source: Games Radar

Everyone aspires to achieve the distinction of securing 20 kills and emerging as the victor in a gaming scenario, yet the likelihood of such an accomplishment is rather slim for most individuals. This is, of course, unless you possess the exceptional skills of players like Shroud or Dr Disrespect, who, as two of the prominent PUBG streamers, consistently manage to accumulate more kills in a single round than many achieve in an entire evening. To enhance your chances of survival, it is crucial to be selective in the battles you engage in. This doesn’t imply avoiding all fights, but rather, choosing confrontations where victory seems attainable.

For instance, confronting an opponent equipped with an AWM and full level three armor may not be the wisest decision, especially if they are in plain view. On the other hand, encountering someone armed only with a shotgun while you possess a 4x AR presents a favorable opportunity for engagement. Take a moment to assess each combat situation, and if it appears challenging, consider taking a different route to ensure your survival.

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