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Srishti Singh feels archery can change one’s personality

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Srishti Singh is another prominent female compound archer in the field of Indian archery. She has already donned India shirts in the senior age group in 2019 and 2021 in the World Archery Games as well as in the World Cup Stage-4 in Medellin in Colombia. The 22-year-old archer from Madhya Pradesh Archery Academy (MPAA) also secured her place within the top 10 in the first selection trial, held in Kolkata recently.

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Srishti Singh: The Journey

Srishti had studied B-Tech at Jabalpur Engineering College. She is born and brought up in Jabalpur. Her father who passed away was a Judicial Magistrate. It was his father who inspired and insisted Srishti appear for trials at JPAA after watching an advertisement posted by the academy seeking new students.

Srishti said,

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“I used to play some games like kabaddi in school. My focus was mainly on my studies at that time. My father asked me to appear for trials and I did it a little casually. I did not think that I would be able to pass the tests. After having passed all the tests there I got admitted and started playing the game seriously.”

The Specialty of Archery

Srishti feels she has hugely benefited from archery. While explaining she said,

“It is such a game that will help you to build up the attitude. It will bring the utmost tranquility. You will always have the quality of being calm and quiet. Now, the format of archery competitions has changed. We do not get the least amount of time after completing a round in a competition. We always need to make a decision within seconds. Still, we do not panic. This has been the gift of archery.”

Bible and Mother

Srishti Singh’s family is Christian. Naturally, reading Bible every day has been a great encouragement for the archer. At the same time, her mother Sarika Singh is also her great inspiration. Srishti added,

“Mom is a private teacher and she always energizes me by inspiring me, I would be able to bring laurels for the country. I read Bible every day and it gives me a lot of confidence and concentration.”

Srishti Singh’s Dream

Srishti dreams of an individual gold medal in the Asian Games. That is why she has set focus on the Games this year. Expressing her desire Srishti concluded,

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“I have won the medal with the Indian team. But I dream of an individual gold medal in a major international competition and Asian Games this year can be the best platform for me.”

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