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Dutee Awaits Verdict to Decide on Retirement

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Dutee Chand, the country’s best female sprinter who earned qualification for the final round of the Olympics after 36 years, has again been suspended for four years after testing positive for a concoction of three Selective Androgen Modulators (SARMs) in an out-of-competition dope test. The suspension is effective since 2023 January.

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The Historic Win

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She won a historic battle in 2015, defeating the International Athletics Federation’s (IAF) decision of debarring her from competing in the female category in any competition. She won the battle in the world of sport’s international court, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). IAF banned her on a natural cause that despite being a female her body had a quantity of male hormones that was more than a female should have. It was the controversy of ‘Hyperandrogenism’. Dutee had to return to the country from Glasgow Airport on the day before the ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2014.

Tougher Fight

Compared with her ‘historic’ victory over the ‘Hyperandrogenism’ controversy, the 27-year-old first Indian female sprinter, Dutee Chand, who won the gold medal in the world Universiade in Napoli stated,

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“This time, I am feeling the battle looks tougher than the war against IAF decision. The ‘Hyperandrogenism’ controversy was a natural case. So it was not so difficult for me to prove it. But, more or less all the athletes use medicines for different reasons and NADA is making it an issue. The proper justice is not being given all the time. I have never used any medicine which is prohibited. Still, they do not seem to believe.”

The Retirement

Dutee has normally thought of saying goodbye to athletics in 2024, after a performance in Paris Olympics. But if the four-year ban is not annulled finally, it is understood that she will not have to wait for Paris Olympics 2024 for her retirement.

The Development

Dutee revealed, her lawyer has verbally promised that she might be freed from the ban. Otherwise, even if the suspension is reduced to one year and set three-year then also she will have to say an early goodbye to athletics and start her second innings as a coach for the next generation of athletes

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