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10 Sports Songs to instantly boost your mood | Workout Songs

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Sports and fitness enthusiast usually don’t need any more reasons to get all fired up than they already have. But on a dull day, music can come to their rescue in the form of some of the most motivational sports songs.

Bollywood is currently on a roll when it comes to making sports biopics. But thanks to those movies, gym owners don’t have to worry about the workout playlist anymore. These sports songs will do wonders not only in the gym but also on your bad day, to pick you up. Here is our list of 10 sports songs that will instantly boost your mood:

Ziddi Dil (Mary Kom):

Everything about Mary Kom’s life is nothing short of motivational. This song and especially the video shows what she had to go through to reach where she is today. And the six-time World Champion needed one most important thing – Ziddi Dil!

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Jagga Jiteya (URI):

This is not a sports song and URI wasn’t a sports movie either. But you won’t find a single Indian without goosebumps after watching the movie. And the same goes for this song and the video. The Indian Army is shown working hard in this video and, unsurprisingly, it is one of the best songs during a workout in the gym.

Kar Har Maidan Fateh (Sanju):

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Where do you find the strength to fight some of the biggest problems in life? This song is your answer. No matter how big a problem you are facing, no matter how wounded and shattered you are, keep fighting, believe in yourself and the end result will be simply beautiful!

Halla Bol (Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal):

Not a lot of you might remember this song from the 2007 movie Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal. This song shows the growth of a small football club and their perfect team chemistry along with some catchy music – a perfect blend for a workout!

Main Lad Jaana (URI):

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Yet another song from the movie URI and it is one of the most popular songs in Bollywood. And there is a very simple but highly motivational message conveyed through this song – Fight, fight until you reach your destination even if it means fighting until the last drop of your blood. Much like your workout in the gym itself!

Zinda (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag):

The story of Milkha Singh’s struggles in his early life is shown beautifully in this song along with some powerful lyrics and exceptional music. No matter how down you are, this song will definitely help you pick yourself and make you smile just a little bit looking at the young Milkha!

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Sultan Title Track:

Stop blaming your luck for every wrong thing happening in your life. “Kismat jo aave saamne, Tu mod de uska panja re”

The video of this song is a perfect motivation for a workout because you can’t help but get all pumped up looking at Salman Khan’s insane workout in the song. And hey, God won’t be helping you either, because, “Upar Allah niche dharti, Beech mein tera junoon”

Dangal Title Track:

Yet another Bollywood classic, Dangal is the story of Phogat sisters and their rise in wrestling. But most importantly, it is the story of their father’s sacrifice. The title track of this movie is not only a catchy song but also motivational enough for all fitness freaks.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Title Track (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag):

You can go back to the first page of Bollywood’s history book but won’t find a better biopic than Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. This incredible song shows Milkha Singh’s hard work after the disappointing 1956 Melbourne Olympics. And there is nothing more motivational than these few lines:

Arey santee maar raha sansar

Ab tu aane de lalkaar

Teri to baahein patwaar

Kadam hai tere hahakaar

Teri nas-nas loha taar

Tu hai aag milkha

O bas tu bhaag milkha

Chak De India Title Track:

The mother of all the sports and motivational movies in India, Chak De India will always be in our hearts as one of the best movies ever. And the phrase ‘Chak De India’ is not limited to hockey anymore, it has spread around the nation and works as a fire igniting mantra for every team no matter how small.

And it doesn’t get any more motivational than the title track of this movie:

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