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Sports Psychology Courses in India | Check Out the Top Colleges in India Offering This Highly Demand Course

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Sports Psychology & its growth prospects 

Sports is a massive industry responsible for the growth and development of sports aspirants and youth. The sports industry is not just limited to physical games and activities, but also encompasses several domains of studies to prosper and gain insight into the world of sports. One such fascinating domain is sports psychology, which studies how the participation and performance of youth and athletes are influenced by numerous psychological factors. Moreover, sports are not limited to the involvement of kinetics or muscles to play during a game but rather, there are several instances when the game has already been executed in the mind of the player before the actual game begins on the ground. 

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Sports psychology plays a major role in developing a winning and a losing mindset in the mind of the players. As mentioned above, a player who would have won the game in his mind before the actual game is more likely to achieve victory on the field. At times, athletes encounter defeat, but they embrace it and pounce back to action with serenity and a calm state of mind. This only happens when the athletes have a sound state of mind, which can only be achieved through the professional help of sports psychologists. Thus, there has been a surge in career prospects and job opportunities in sports psychology that incorporates many courses and hands-on practice with renowned sports organizations and sportspersons for better understanding. 

Sports psychology & the role of sports psychologists

Sports psychology & the role of sports psychologists- KreedOn
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Human performance in sports and exercise is determined by three factors compromising physiology, biomechanics, and psychology. Understanding these elements is necessary for a sports psychologist to study certain impacts and influences of the mind on the performance of athletes. Sports psychology is thereby a proficiency that inquires about the impact of psychological elements on sports performance and well-being of athletes. It also studies and looks after the mental well-being and wellness of the athletes after investigating psychological skills and knowledge associated with sports organizations to improve the real-time performance of players. 

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Sports psychologists play a major role in applying their practical knowledge and skills via conducting research or acquiring the role of coaches to help amateur and professional athletes through the medium of therapies, mind exercises, counseling sessions, and medical help whenever required. They help to reduce and eliminate the stress and anxiety levels of athletes by inducing recurrent sessions to analyze their mental health and boost their confidence. They nurture strong feelings of higher self-esteem and self-control along with motivating, guiding, and regulating the actions of athletes. They are often hired by sports institutions and approached by government officials for keeping the mental health of the athletes sane. 

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Career prospects of sports psychology in India

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Psychology is a specialized branch that can only be pursued by people having completed their graduation in B.A. in psychology or B.Sc. in psychology. There are numerous courses offered by several colleges, universities, and institutions in India as well as abroad. These courses include bachelor, masters, certifications, diplomas, and PhD in psychology. It is suggested to join and become an active member of the Association of Applied Sports Psychology (AASP) to acquire the role of a full-time practitioner. It offers certificates to qualified professionals to attain their desired roles in the profession and it is acknowledged worldwide. 

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As we all know that India is an abode to a diverse range of sports and has a sports culture with a huge fan base around the world. Sports like cricket, badminton, hockey, tennis, and so on are religiously played and worshipped by sports fans, who follow and track every sports trend and the score of all tournaments held nationally or internationally. However, there are a handful of people who study and comprehend the tactics of mind games played in the minds of players and there is a sudden demand for sports psychologists to fulfill this prospect. There is a need for India to augment the need for sports psychologists, who are fierce and passionate about both sports and psychology. This will not only raise employment opportunities but also raise revenue for the country, which has been utilized by the government to hire sports psychologists from abroad for treatment and training. For beginners, the expected salary ranges from Rs. 6000-15000 but with time, patience, and hard work, it can extend up to Rs. 200000/- per month. The salary figures for beginners might be a bit disappointing but it is expected to rise with the increasing demand and employment of people in the field. 

Sports Psychology Colleges in India 

College Name Courses offered 
University of Delhi  B.A. in the Psychology 
University of Rajasthan  B.Sc. in Psychology 
Jamia Milia University  B.A. in the Psychology 
University of Mumbai  B.A. and M.A. in Sports psychology 
University of Calcutta  B.A./ B.Sc. in Psychology, M.A./ M.Sc. Applied psychology 
Guru Nanak Dev University M.A. and M.Sc. in Sports Psychology
National School of Leadership  Certificate in Sports Psychology 
Institute of Holistic Mental Health  P.G. Diploma in Sports Psychology

Your search for finding a perfect and holistic college for pursuing a career in sports psychology has been made easy for you. Here is a glimpse of colleges offering the best of knowledge in sports psychology, helping you to fulfill your aspirations. 

  1. National School of Leadership: The institution offers a 3 months certificate course in sports psychology that is appropriate to be pursued by working professionals. It is a distance learning platform that is open for the age group of 16 and above. Even if it is a short-term course, it covers all essential topics and training in sports psychology.
  2. Institute of Holistic Mental Health: It offers a post-graduate diploma in sports psychology and the registration is limited to 10 participants per batch. The said course can be pursued both online and offline as it offers equivalent knowledge, skills, and training under both mediums. 
  3. Royals School of Business: It offers an online sports psychology course and people from all walks of life are eligible to apply for the course to understand the fundamental pillars of mental training in sports. It is a certified course that enables you to understand and pursue your aspirations as a sports psychologist. 
  4. Institute of Sports Science and Technology: It is a renowned institute that offers multidimensional courses in sports. One of which is the Distance Certificate in Sports Psychology and Mental Training. It is a highly valuable course that gives insight into the domain of sports psychology and its vitality, allowing students to understand and use the theoretical knowledge in real life. It is a short-term course of one-month duration that will certify you with a specialized certificate in sports psychology. 
  5. Central University of Rajasthan: It is a prestigious university located in Rajasthan that offers fascinating courses in the domain of sports. They have a segregated department of sports psychology, only dedicated to psychological aspects and concepts of sports. They help the students develop theoretical and practical knowledge in the discipline of sports psychology and to apply it in different fields. 
  6. Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Patiala: It is a recognized institute dedicated to sports courses and with a department of sports psychology. The courses in sports psychology including the master, diploma, certificate, and refresher courses focus on psychological testing and all aspects of sports psychology, which will help you attain your desired opportunities and fulfill your aspirations. 

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