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Sports minister makes important revealation about CBSE’s plan on sports

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Indian Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju revealed on Tuesday that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was in the process of including sports as a substantial part of education to decide the student’s achievement.

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“Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) has already announced setting up a Board for Sports Education. Now, under the new education policy, sports will become a part of education and the CBSE is preparing a system to ensure sports becomes a substantial part of education,” he said.

Rijiju spoke after inaugurating the Dr N P V Ramaswamy Udayar Hockey Centre at Sri Ramachandra Medical College and University in Chennai.

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The minister said that the move to introduce sports in the new education system cropped up because it had been treated no more than an extracurricular activity.

“Earlier, sports was treated as extra-curricular activities. Sports was not part of education system and it was treated as an extra,” he expressed.

However, under the new initiative, Rijiju said that the Board was preparing a system where sports would no longer be treated as an extra alternative.

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“Sports is the central part of education system now. There is a major shift we are taking forward. Prime Minister is very clear in that,” he said.

“In touch with HRD”

To execute this move, Rijiju also revealed that the Ministry was in fact in touch with the Human Resources Development Ministry.

“I have already attended the cabinet meeting and I have already spoken there. Now, it is under preparation (to include sports in education system). Policy has been accepted. How to implement, when to start, this will depend on the preparation.Modi government is treating sports as greatest priority ever and that is how India will become a sporting powerhouse in future,” he said.

As for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Rijiju said, “It takes years for a player to become a champion. So, we will go to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with full preparation but with existing talents. We have decided to give the best possible support system, including creating an India House pavilion in Tokyo,” he said.

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