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15 Popular Sports Management Courses in the World | Transform Your Passion for Sports into a Career

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Sports management courses: India, one of the fastest developing economies around the world, is fast becoming a breeding ground for sports as well. With a growing number of sports leagues such as IPL, PKL, and Indian Super League to name a few, opportunities in this sector abound. The sports industry in our country has grown speedily in recent years and business professionals with expertise in all business areas, like marketing, accounting, and human resources, are needed to support behind-the-scenes operations. So, if you are a die-hard sports lover why not carve a career in sports management?

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We are here to help and give you an in-depth analysis of sports management and courses of the same which you can opt for

What is Sports Management Courses?

15 Popular Sports Management Courses in the World | KreedOn
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Sports management courses are designed to teach students to understand the sport, not just as a game but from the angle that consists of business and applications that make up the sports industry. The Bachelor’s and Masters’ degrees provide students with fundamental knowledge and skills centered on; management, finance, marketing, and law relating to the organizations in sports commerce.

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With a continuous passion for sports, sports management as a field is scaling new heights.
The current market of the sporting industry in India is expected to grow even further in the coming years. With an ever-rising economy and a newfound passion for sports among the masses, a core sports fan can surely opt for a degree in Sports Management. Here we gather some of the courses that sport management students can expect to take after their school or college level.

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Degree in Sports Management

A bachelor’s degree in Sport Management is the perfect choice after Class 12. This is a rewarding field for all those who wish to kick-start their career in sports. This course around the world ideally deals with the features related to the field of business in sports. Students learning Bachelors of Sports Management (BSM) are introduced to the shades about managing sports events and other information. Students are infused with skills such as time management, data analysis, and teamwork as well as to work self-sufficiently.

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Most bachelors degree programs require internship experience which is a great networking opportunity. The course typically takes three or four years to complete although part-time students can expect to take longer.

Degree in Sports Photography

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Are you passionate about photography? Are you a die-hard shutterbug who likes to click photographs of sporting events or athletes? This bachelor’s course is the answer to the questions!

The course provides students with the skills needed to be competitive in this industry. Students can take the course in studio photography, digital imaging, digital art, equipment use, and photo editing. Most photography courses are two years past completion of general education requirements and prerequisites. One should try to get as much experience as possible by clicking photos of various sporting events or athletes to get an understanding of the type of movement that photographs best for each sport. One can work as a sports photojournalist or you can be hired by many sports event companies.

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Degree in Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Courses are related to the healthcare field that focuses on preventing and treating injuries related to sports and exercise. You can do Sports Medicine courses via certificates, diplomas, undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD degrees. It is one of the highly technical fields which involves studies like physiotherapy, trainers, psychologist, nutritionist, physician, and more.

Degree in Sports Psychology

Yogi Berra (Baseball legend) once said, ‘Baseball is 90 percent mental and the other half is physical’ and these words are inch perfectly true as sport psychology is essential to the improvement of human performance. Bachelors here can give students a wide-ranging understanding of the factors that affect behavior and performance. One can complete this course in four years including an internship or senior project. The degree holders are prepared to work as coaches, in sports health care centers. Many graduates use this degree as a stepping stone for graduate work in psychology.

Degree in Sports Analytics

Sports is all about figures and statistics. Achieving a bachelor’s in sports analytics can help make sense of those stats, determine what is applicable and improve the performance of both individuals and teams. A degree in sports analytics utilizes the latest technology to draw, pretend and predict outcomes using huge data sets.

This course particularly covers fields such as economics, database management, finance, math, and statistics. Once you are a graduate you can work as consultants, managing your own business or for professional sports teams or athletes. Love mathematics? A perfect course for you.

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Sports Marketing

Sports Management Courses | KreedOn
Credits Gwynedd Mercy University

Remember the four P’s of general marketing Product, Price, Promotion, and Place? Sports marketing is an exact subdivision of marketing. This is a four-year bachelor’s degree course and some universities offer masters degree as well.

The course primarily focuses on the area of advertisement for sports brands, the elements of sports licensing, and sports product merchandising. The course can help students develop the skills that are needed to generate advertising and sponsorship agreements. Students also have an opportunity to learn how to organize, plan and implement promotions of events or products that often include appearances by celebrity athletes or coaches.

Sports Media

15 Popular Sports Management Courses in the World | KreedOn
Image Source- Sport Tomorrow

Want to cover and report sporting events straight from the field? Go ahead with this course. One can advance their career in public relations, sports communications, and content creation through this diploma or bachelor’s degree course.

This course helps students introduce sports reporting techniques, and production methods for sports programming on television, radio, and multimedia internet sports news production. With more broadcast channels and digital media outlets than ever before, sports fans should take a look at this course.

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MBA in Sports Management

Let us now move towards a masters course and to start with, an MBA in Sports Management sits atop. One of the most popular course when it comes to sports. Move a step forward from bachelors now because this course lays out a chance for all those who have an interest in the sports field a medium to undergo an in-depth study of the subject.
MBA in Sports Management is the course that brings together the norms and principles of sports and business administration.

Syllabus in most universities around the world covers topics such as Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operations, Human Resource Management, and much more. One can become proficient to choose their career in areas that includes media, event management, sports consultants, franchise operations and more.

Sports Finance and Accounting

 15 Popular Sports Management Courses in the World | KreedOn
Credits Forbes

This may sound a little tough course but indeed it is. One of the rare course but can yield some great results because the one who completes it successfully is sure to get a high paying job.

The one who wants to work as accounting professionals in the sports industry must be knowledgeable about the economic issues that are common to the industry. Being an accountant or finance head one is tasked with the responsibility of doing accounting tasks within the company. The company may involve athletes, coaches, and trainers.

Law and Humanities of Sports

You can become an unsung hero after choosing this one. Generally, you work off-field when you successfully complete this master’s course. This is a unique and highly regarded course that covers all the major issues facing sport and sports organizations.

One can learn the origin of the sport, its morals, and its sociology. One has to examine the game and investigate the lessons that the past can teach today’s sports administrators. One can opt this course from USA or Germany.

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Sports Facility Management

Choose only if you are 24 by 7 sports crazy! Sporting events are conducted so effortlessly that one may forget the enormous amount of planning, coordinating and management that is needed to produce them. People behind this are Sports Facility Managers. During this course, students have the opportunity to learn project management, technical, communication, and leadership skills to coordinate sports events in diverse venues. The master’s course runs for two years with a chance to work as an intern. These days many private colleges, as well as educational institutes, offer this course.

Master of Science in Sports

Harder the study, greater the results. A Master of Science (MS) in athletic and sports administration gives your extra focus than an MBA program. Sports sciences is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the understanding and development of human sporting performance in specialized contexts. This master’s degree focuses on advanced scientific concepts related to sports and biology. One can make a career primarily in coaching and training. This is one of the growing fields and international opportunities for study are available from different universities around the world.

Master of Education in Sports and Athletic Administration

A master’s degree is the next step in the development of many careers, providing graduates with the greater receiving potential. Most students who enter MEd programs in this can work as teachers or in the education field. The MEd course will cover both general education as well as classes that focus on the business side of sports, such as finance. Some programs in this course also include leadership and management courses. If you dream to become a physical education teacher and coach sports teams after school, this course is suitable for you.

Doctor of Education in Sports Management

A tough one in this list! This is a Ph.D. level course. The course boasts an advanced level of critical and publishing skills with knowledge of the range of different research methods. The one has an opportunity to research, with supervision. Many sports companies now view professional doctorate as an essential academic qualification for reaching higher level posts.

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The FIFA Master – International Master in Management, Law, & Humanities of Sport

Are football lovers familiar to word FIFA? This highly skilled course is for you. Planned by the International Centre for Sport Studies (CIES) in trust with three universities namely, De Montfort University in Leicester (England), SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan (Italy), and the FIFA Master in Management, the University of Neuchatel (Switzerland), Law and Humanities of Sport was designed to promote management education within the world of sports.

An added bonus of the course is the unique opportunity to meet top execs from high-level clubs, international sports federations, organizing committees and agencies. It also enables students to build up their own network of contacts – one of the keys to a successful career in sport. The selection process for this course takes around 3-4 months after submitting your application.


To sum it up, sports is an exciting and strong pastime game to many but if the it is really one’s passion, it can be a very rewarding and satisfying career too. The increasing growth in the sports industry across the world has flickered a demand for sports management professionals. This industry is vast than one could imagine, with a plethora of opportunities. Thus, pull up your socks, choose your favorite management course and come out with flying colors.

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Which course is best in Sports?

There are various courses available, if you want to make a career in sports:
1. Fitness Nutritionist
2. Performance Analyst
3. Event Manager
4. Sports Therapist
5. Personal Trainer

Where can I study sports management in India?

1. Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences, Pune
2. National Sports University, Manipur
3. Global Insitute of Sports Business, Mumbai
4. International Institute of Sports Management, Mumbai
5. MBA ESG, Bengaluru

What is Sports Management courses?

Sports management courses are designed to teach students to understand the sport, not just as a game but from the angle that consists of business and applications that make up the sports industry.

Is there MBA in sports?

The MBA in Sports Management is a masters degree in sports business management. MBA in Sports Management is the course that brings together the norms and principles of sports and business administration. Syllabus in most universities around the world covers topics such as Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operations, Human Resource Management, and much more.

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