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How to choose the best Sports Management course in India? | LJISM

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Selecting the best Sports Management course in India could be a daunting task. We shortlist the things which you should look out for to select the best course and get a headstart for a rewarding career.

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The sports industry is touted to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the next few years. Just last year, it broke the billion-dollar mark for the first time in the domestic market. This growth can be attributed to heightened investment, especially from the corporate sector and government schemes. Moreover, sports has emerged as one of the most wholesome entertainment providers, elevating its following amongst the Indian audience. One profession at the center of this revolution is Sports Management – one of the most in-demand career options in India at the moment.

What is Sports Management?

Sports Managers oversee supervising the scheduling, organizing, and the overall responsibility of the clients in the field of sports. Their primary goal is to make sure that a sports task assigned to them is accomplished without any glitches or delays. Considering their growing importance in the well-functioning of sports events, a career in Sports Management could lead to a rewarding career.

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Why Sports Management?

Indian sports market touched a whopping $ 1 billion mark in 2018. Moreover, the total spend on sports sponsorship also saw a major boom last year. On the whole, the industry oversaw a growth 12% to touch a figure of Rs. 7,762 crores, according to a report by ESP Properties.

A significant reason for this growth was due to an increase in the popularity of private leagues such as IPL, PKL, PBL, and PVL. The same report also stated that cricket noticed an important growth of 6 % in the ground spends, capturing a 56% market share across all sports.

Leagues are not only running successfully, but they are also expanding to capture a larger audience. ISL, PBL, PKL, and PVL have all expanded (in terms of several team playing) as compared to their formative seasons demonstrating their increasing popularity. It has been widely reported that BCCI will be making IPL a 10-team affair. Private sports leagues need sports managers in huge numbers in roles like event managers, sports psychology, sports statisticians, sports psychologists, sports management consulting, sports mentors, team managers, merchandising managers, sports operations managers, and facility managers. Naturally, as the leagues’ expands, in number and reach, the demand for quality sports managers is at an all-time high.

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Opportunities in government

Indian Sports Federation KreedOn
There are 52 sports federation in India (Credits: Indian Sports Federation)

With its increasing prominence in the country, the government is doing all it can to nurture sports in India. This is evident in the launch of flagship programs such as Khelo India, TOPS (Target Olympic Podium Scheme), and COME and PLAY Scheme. The rebooted Khelo India scheme, in particular, was launched with a big budget of Rs 1,756 crores. Considering their sheer scale, Sports Managers are in huge demand for the execution of these schemes.
Moreover, India has over 52 registered sports governing bodies promoting various sports in the country. There is a need for Sports Managers here as well.

Sports Startups

Sports Managers can also seek opportunities in corporate sectors. The late 2010s has witnessed a boom of sports startups in India. Most prominent of these are based in the field of fantasy sports like Dream11 & Fantain, sports media like Sportskeeda & KreedOn, eCommerce platforms like Live Your Sports & Sports365, and miscellaneous ones like KOOH Sports, Groundwala, and Playo amongst others.

As can be seen above, the opportunities in sports are on the rise. Considering the dearth of quality in sports education, there is a huge demand for Sports Managers.
However, choosing the right Sports Management Course in India, with so many options available, may really be a tough task. And why not? After all, almost every course seems to be one and the same! Here is a concise guide on how to select the best Sports Management course in India:

What You Should Lookout For in an ideal Sports Management course?

Considering that the vast scope of Sports Management as a profession, an ideal course in the domain should be a comprehensive one, having 360° coverage of the profession.
Obviously, in essence, the course should stress on the basics of management and the business of sports in general. It would be great if most of these important concepts are clear to you at the start of the course itself. Furthermore, it is crucial that the curriculum has subjects in the field of Media, especially considering the huge role it has to play in the development of modern sports.

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Thus, subjects like Sports Media, Broadcasting & Journalism, Media Management, and Entertainment Marketing should definitely be part of the course. This will enable you to career options in broadcasting, anchoring, journalism, digital marketing, and sports writing amongst others.

Then there are subjects like Brand Management, Sports training, and tactics, and Human Resource Management are the must-haves in your curriculum.

5 Trending Subjects to Lookout For

Apart from the above, here are 5 subjects you can look forward to in Sports Management Courses in India. These relate to some of the most exciting career opportunities available in the country right now you would want to explore:

Sports Law and Risk Management

Sports Management India KreedOn

Sports lawyers are one of the most in-demand professionals in the industry right now. This subject will help you get acquainted with the legal system pertaining to the sports fraternity. You can go on to specialize in the subject once you graduate.

Sports Health and Nutrition 

In the light of ever-increasing competition, athletes and clubs are exploring ways of improving on-field performances. As a result, the spend on nutrition and health aspects of the game is rising steadily.

Sports Analytics

Sports Analytics KreedOn

Sports Analytics is another profession considered to rise high in the upcoming years. It involves the ‘mathematical’ side of the game including the collection of historical or relevant statistics and analyzing then to draw valuable conclusions out of them, thus providing a competitive advantage to individuals or teams. With so much money at stake these days, it is not hard to imagine why sports analysts will be in demand in the future.

Sports League Management

Sports Management KreedOn

Sports League Management, as the name suggests, involves marshaling day to day activities of a sports club or a league. With as many as 12 private leagues in India, it is not hard to imagine this domain has a bright future.

Sports Biomechanics

Sports Biomedical KreedOn

This is a relatively new field but one which is bound to rise further in the future. Sports involves intense physical activity and may lead to injuries. This is the last thing that athletes or teams would want to happen. Enter BioMechanics experts. They utilize detailed analysis of sports movements to minimize the risk of injury as well as to improve overall sports performance.

LJISM: The Sports Management Institute with an Edge

Interested in making a rewarding career Sports management? LJ Institute of Sports Management, Gujarat is the place to be in! It has a practical knowledge-based approach towards teaching that helps learning easy for students. Moreover, its rigorous internship programs make students industry-ready even before they graduate. To know more about LJISM, you can contact on 90990 78640 or visit their website here.

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