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Home News Sports fraternity bats for precautions against Coronavirus

Sports fraternity bats for precautions against Coronavirus

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Since the Coronavirus outbreak, countries are urging citizens to remain indoors and avoid social contact so as to contain the spread of the virus. On Thursday night, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a nationwide Janata Curfew or a self-imposed curfew as well.

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And the country’s sports fraternity instantly backed the move and voiced their opinion on Twitter. 

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The Prime Minister has requested everyone to remain indoors from 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday, 22nd March 2020. He also announced that all people must, at 5 pm, come out on their balconies and show their support by clapping in honour of those fighting towards the containment of the disease.

How to remain fit during a pandemic 

Sports all around the world has taken a huge hit as matches, tournaments have been cancelled and the future is uncertain. In a time when there is panic, uncertainty, fear, sports personalities are participating in and urging their fans to partake in various challenges on social media to keep everyone in positive spirits. Shikhar Dhawan found a unique way to keep up with his exercises while in isolation. 

Here’s a video of Paul Pogba keeping fit amid nationwide lockdown in the United Kingdom. 


Footballers have also found a unique way to merge the sport with the current toilet paper scenario. People in western countries are losing their minds and have been stocking up on toilet paper rolls, causing shortages across stores. 

In this challenge, footballers are nominating each other to do keep ups with a toilet paper roll. 


How creatively can you stay fit while being indoors? Share a video on Instagram/Facebook and tag us to get featured on our page!

As India moves into the crucial period of containment of the virus, please stay indoors as advised by the government and take all measures to fight this disease.

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