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Sports Authority of India Locks and Loads Guidelines After Shooter’s Thumb Slip

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The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has implemented stringent guidelines concerning the usage of air cylinders. T following an unfortunate incident involving a national-level shooter on December 2. In the incident, a 10m air pistol cylinder, being filled with compressed air exploded. This resulted in the loss of the shooter’s left thumb. SAI, the governing body for Olympic sports in India, has strongly advised shooters against using air cylinders that are more than a decade old. Non-compliance with this directive will result in disciplinary action.

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The individual affected by the incident is Pushpender Kumar, a corporal in the Indian Air Force. He suffered the loss of his left thumb while refilling the 10m air pistol cylinder in preparation for the National Championships. Following the accident, Pushpender was promptly taken to the Army Hospital Research and Referral.

Based on information from a PTI report, Pushpender was engaged in transferring compressed air from the main cylinder to the pistol cylinder when the incident occurred.

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Air pistols and rifles are equipped with a gas cylinder situated beneath the barrel. When the trigger is activated, the pressurized gas within the cylinder is discharged. This stroked a hammer within the air gun and propelled the lead pellet.

An advisory released by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) at the Karni Singh ranges indicated,

“About the incident that occurred on November 2 (December 2) at a private range in Delhi-NCR, the advisory is issued to all athletes (NCOE, national campers and come-and-play) that anyone who owns faulty… air pistol should get their air pressure cylinder replaced, until then athletes would not be entertained at Karni Singh range. Apart from that any athlete carrying air cylinder more than 10 years old will not be allowed to train at Karni range.’

Athletes who engage in training using faulty cylinders or cylinders exceeding 10 years in age may face a “reassessment of their tenure at the National Centre of Excellence.” Similarly, individuals participating in recreational shooting activities risk the revocation of their membership cards.

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