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Sports and Fitness Stocks to Watch out for | Score a Goal with These Sports Stocks in India

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India has a developing sports and fitness industry, driven by the rise in awareness about health and wellness and the increase in disposable income of the middle class. The sports and fitness industry is quickly filling in India, and there are a few companies listed on the Indian Stock Exchanges that cater to this industry.

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These companies are engaged in a wide range of activities, including sports equipment manufacturing, sports facility construction, activewear retail, and fitness service. In this blog, we will focus on sports and fitness stocks in India.

Sports stocks in India

Image Source- The Economic Times

Decathlon Sports India

It was founded in 1976 in France and currently has a presence in over 50 countries. It aims to make the pleasure and benefit of sports accessible to everyone across the globe and provide world-class products for both enthusiastic beginners as well as passionate professionals at highly affordable prices. Decathlon Sports has been present in India for more than 10 yrs. The company operates through its retail stores and online modes. It has a diverse portfolio that caters to a wide range of sports and fitness exercises, including cycling, running, swimming, and yoga.

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Kridhan Infra Limited

It is a construction company that specializes in the construction of sports facilities such as stadiums, fields, and training centers. The company has insight into developing both indoor and outdoor sports and has worked on several high-profile projects in India. The company likewise functions as a consultant for clients who need assistance in designing and constructing sports facilities.

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Page industry limited

Page industry limited is the exclusive license of Jockey International in India and is engaged with the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of innerwear, leisurewear, and sportswear. The company offers a great many products that cater to various sports and fitness activities, including running, training, and yoga.

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Prozone Intu Properties Limited

It is a real estate company that specializes in the improvement of shopping malls, including those that cater to sports and fitness. This company has worked on several projects in India, including the prozone mall in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, and the Intu Asturias shopping center in Spain.

Bata India Lmited

Bata India Limited is a well-known footwear manufacturer in India that produces a variety of shoes, including sports shoes. The company has a strong market set up in India and a vast network distribution covering over 5000 towns and cities. Bata India Limited has won several awards for its products and services including the prestigious best footwear company award at the India retail awards.

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Fitness Stocks in India

Talwalkars Healthclubs Limited

It is a notable name in the Indian fitness industry. The company operates fitness centers and exercise centers across India taking care of a great many clients. It has a presence in more than 85 cities in India and has over 200 fitness centers. Talwalkars offers a range of services, including personal training, group fitness classes, and counseling nutrition. The company is listed on the BSE and NSE and has a market capitalisation of around Rs. 143 crore (as of March 2023).

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Relaxo Footwears Limited

Relaxo Footwears Limited is a footwear company that manufactures sports shoes and other footwear products. The company has a diverse product portfolio that caters to different customer segments, including athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and casual users. The company has a strong distribution network and has a presence in over 25 countries.

Inox Leisure Ltd.

Inox Leisure is primarily known for its movie theater business, but it also owns a chain of fitness centers called Inox Fit. The company has been expanding its fitness business in recent years, and it aims to have 50 centers across India by 2025. Inox Leisure is listed on the BSE and NSE, and its market capitalization is around Rs. 2,500 crore (as of March 2023). While the company’s focus is not solely on fitness, its diversification can be an advantage for investors.

Kaya Ltd.

Kaya Ltd. is a subsidiary of Marico Ltd. and offers wellness and beauty services, including fitness services. It operates through clinics and also offers home services. The company’s focus is more on beauty and wellness than fitness, but it can be a good investment option for those interested in the overall wellness industry. Kaya is listed on the BSE and NSE, and its market capitalization is around Rs. 2,100 crore (as of March 2023).

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To sum up this all, the sports and fitness industry is on the rise in India, with several companies listed on the Indian Stock Exchanges catering to this sports fitness and training sector. The industry offers a wide scope of opportunities for investors looking to invest in this ever evolving market. In addition, with the increase of awareness about health and fitness, the demand for fitness services, and equipment is also increasing, making the industry more lucrative or flexible. From calisthenics workout to pre- workout supplements, there are limitless options present in sports and fitness industry, making it a promising sector for India to develop in.

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Is there a stock market for sports?

There does exist a stock market in sports for people who wants to invest in the booming sports and fitness industry.

How to invest in sports industry?

The easiest way to get an ownership stake in the world of sports is by buying shares of publicly traded companies. The public companies involved in making athletic footwear and clothing are a few examples. You can also invest in brands that make sports equipment like helmets, baseballs, etc.

Which is the largest sports company?

Nike is the leader within its industry of athletic apparel, accessories and footwear, with sales crossing over 49 billion U.S. dollars between January 2022 to January 2023.

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