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The Growing Impact of Social Media on Sports in 2019

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Social Media has really become a significant part of our life. After all, checking out Whatsapp or Facebook account is the day’s first chore for most of the people today. Social Media has changed the way we interact with each other, share our feelings, opinions and get inspired all the same.

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It basically has changed the way we view the outside world. The field of sports has not been immune from it as well. In fact, the impact of social media on sports has been very profound.  Over the last decade, the epic rise of social media has completely revolutionized the sporting industry. It has given a new meaning to fan engagement.

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Twitter: The New News Media

One of the most extraordinary features of social media is the sheer ability to swiftly and instantly communicate things with people across the world. You feel something, just write it online. And the world knows about it in seconds.

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This feature of speedy updates sets social media apart from other forms of media. Today, social media has given a whole lot of new meaning to news telling. In fact, Twitter has become the new platform for the people to keep tabs on the live updates.

It is thus not surprising to see the country’s leading Media houses being present on Twitter. Along with checking the latest updates, the followers also have the chance of knowing what is the general reaction to the news.

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Twitter has perfectly proved itself to be an invaluable resource to all the major participants within the sports circle: leagues, players, teams, fans, sports journalists among others.

Sports organizations have done very well to utilize this for elevated fan engagement. Today, almost every sports clubs, irrespective of the country or level, are using Twitter to give live updates of an ongoing match. Not only that, but clubs are also using the platform for many other updates.

All the latest team news, press release, and official announcements are now being done on social media handles like Twitter along with the organization’s official website. This fact alone demonstrates the rising significance of social media.

Moreover, with the ability to include gifs, audio/visual content, hashtags, information and entertainment, the style of telling sports stories has changed quite drastically. Leading clubs are using these tools at their disposal to reach to the maximum fans in the most eye-catching formats.

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The Transition from Solo to Group Following: Impact of Social Media on Sports

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Social Media has really transformed the entire culture of sports consumption. Today, along with watching the sports event live, fans are also talking about it live on Social Media. The talks may include a particular special incident out of the match, a special performance from a star player or a team.

Moreover, everyone wants to know if what others are thinking about the event. As a result of all these, sports events have changed from a boring, individual activity to an interesting group or community-building activity.

A New Way of Doing Business

Social Media is also changing the way sports fraternities are doing business. Today, organizations are utilizing social media to build relationships with the public and reduce their marketing costs besides increasing sales.

As for athletes, social media has become a new and lucrative way of doing business. Sportspersons today are using their impressive following on various platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote brands, products or services. Popularly known as Social Media Marketing or Influencer Marketing, this form of promotion campaign is gaining increased popularity among organizations.

Moreover, that is not the only way in which India’s sportspersons are gaining monetarily from social media. Leading platforms like Instagram and Twitter are paying astronomical fees to elite athletes to post regular content on their handles.

Last year, it was revealed that Indian national cricket team’s captain Virat Kohli earned a whopping $1,20,000 (~₹82,00,000) per post on Instagram. That figure made him one of the World’s top 10 most expensive Insta sports stars.

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Monish Gadiya
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