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Learn Basic Skills of Kabaddi Game – How to Tackle and Tag

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Soiled aggressive raiders taking on sweat-ridden staunch defenders with a sea of spectators, some whistling, others spellbound. Kabaddi did make for immersive and intimate sporting moments – both for the fans and the players. However, like many other ethnic sports like Kho Kho, and Mallakhamb, it too lost its shine in the last few centuries majorly due to the advent of the English game of Cricket. KreedOn brings you the complete details of the skills of Kabaddi Game- The offensive skills of kabaddi and the defensive skills of Kabaddi.

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However, ironically, it is because of this exact sport that Kabaddi is getting its lost shine back. Like many other sports, when the popular ‘IPL-model’ was applied to traditional Indian sports, it instantly became popular. The league formed in the process, Pro Kabaddi League today boasts a viewership of 300 over million. However, Kabaddi has not remained just another leisure sport. Today, with a lot at stake, the game is getting more competitive by the passing day. Thus, it becomes very important to get familiar with its skills. This is your we decode the skills of Kabaddi.

Kabaddi Game

Before we talk about the skills of kabaddi, let us know the motto of this game. The sole objective of this game is to grab points by raiding into the opponent’s court and touching as many opponent players as possible without getting caught on a single breath. Each player intoning, “Kabaddi! Kabaddi!” enters into the opponent’s court and touches the defensive players. On the other side, opponents make tactical coordinated efforts to catch that player.

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Skills of Kabaddi Game

S.No Offensive skills of Kabaddi Game Defensive skills of Kabaddi Game
1 Raiding Tackle
2 Hand Touch Block
3 Toe touch Chain tackle
4 Dubki Waist hold
5 Squat Thrust Ankle hold
6 Kicking Thigh Hold

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Defensive skills of Kabaddi Game


All the players who are on the mat on their side of the court, when a raider from the opposite side is raiding are said to be defenders. Defenders have special skills to pin down or tackle. Here are ways to tackle


Credits: PKL

As the name suggests, when the raider is deep on one side of the court making his chances against the corner defenders, he is caught unawares at the back when another defender completely blocks his road with his entire body.

Chain tackle

Coordination is the key here. This is when two or more defenders plan and form a chain to block the raider’s path and then execute one of the holds to stop him in his area.

Waist hold

Image Source: PKL

If you have the strength you won this move! This tackle requires humongous strength to be executed, wherein the defenders grab the raider by his waist depending on the raider’s position and then tugs him mid-air to disturb his equilibrium and thus effectively marring his chance of escape.

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Ankle hold

This tackle is usually initiated by corner defenders. As the name suggests, defenders grab the ankle of the raider while he is attempting to sneak in a bonus point.

Thigh hold

Skills of kabaddi kreedon
Credits PKL

Precision plays an important role here. This technique is exhibited by many cover defenders, who strike at the perfect time when the raider is changing his way and hold his thighs with both hands.

Diving ankle holds

Here the defender tries to lock both legs of the raider in his hands. For this cover, support is very essential since the raider’s upper body could still be in motion and try to escape. This tackle is a bit technical and requires practice. Young defenders try this technique often. However, the success rate is very low for this type of tackle.

Offensive skills of Kabaddi Game


Many of you may know about scoring in hockey or football but how many of you know about scoring in kabaddi? In kabaddi, a player has to manage to score a successful raid point in the rival half in terms of attack. The player enters the opponents’ court after crossing the midline in order to make a point by getting a touch on any of the defenders on the mat. Here are some skills in kabaddi.

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Hand Touch

Skills of kabaddi KreedOn
Credits PKL

Hand touches are one of the primary skills for any raider. This easy skill requires proper practice and good reflexes on the part of the raider. There are five types of Hand touch:
1. running hand touch, 2. stooping hand touch, 3. turning hand touch, 4. hopping hand touch, and 5. feint and touch.

Toe Touch

Only for experienced ones! The Raiders generally use this method when they avoid going near the defenders and from a safe distance, touch the defender with their feet. For a successful raid, one needs a flexible body to implement and execute the long stretch of legs combined with timing.


Skills of kabaddi KreedOn
A Dubki Jump in Progress(Credits: PKL)

Pardeep Narwal, the superhero of the Pro Kabaddi League popularised this style in recent times with his exceptional timing and skill. When the raider manages to get a point while bowing below the arm span of a host of defenders and effectively escaping from their clutches.

Squat Thrust

This is applied by the raider in a squatting position by thrusting the nearest leg towards the opponent. This skill only for those who have high reaction ability and good agility. Short and slim raiders can make good use of this skill.


Skills of kabaddi KreedOn
Credits PKL

Back kick, sidekick, and curve are the various types of kicks used by raiders. This can be used while maintaining distance from the antis, to confuse the defense. This is a good skill to be used when defense players are less in number.

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What are some essential Kabaddi skills?

Key skills include raiding techniques like agility, speed, and evasion, as well as defensive abilities like timing tackles and teamwork.

How can I improve my raiding skills in Kabaddi?

Practice quick footwork, deceptive movements, and learning to read opponents’ actions to excel in raiding and scoring points.

What defensive skills are crucial in Kabaddi?

Mastering ankle holds, waist holds, and chain tackles, along with effective communication with teammates, enhances your defensive prowess.

Is strength important in Kabaddi?

Strength is beneficial, but technique and agility play a significant role. Skillful execution of moves often surpasses raw power.

How do I improve my tackling skills in Kabaddi?

Improving tackling skills involves learning proper technique, timing, and understanding an opponent’s movements to execute successful tackles.

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