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Shubham Jaglan- the Indian Golf Prodigy

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Shubham Jaglan (The Indian Junior Golf Prodigy) – “Do what you love, and life will not feel like a chore. many young people go through life chasing money, forgetting about things that really matter. upon retirement, they look back on their youth and regret their days of stress, depression, and sadness. they regret not chasing their dreams.”

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A story on Shubham Jaglan by KreedOn.com
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Shubham Jaglan’s Story

Meet Shubham Jaglan, a 12-year-old boy from Panipat, Haryana who is the first junior world golf champion from India. He hails from a family with a wrestling background but his passion for golf shaped when his grandfather enrolled him to a new golf academy started by an NRI, Kapur Singh, in their village. After a few months, most kids lost interest but one refused to leave the stick. Kapur Singh knew he had to shut down the academy but before leaving the village he told Shubham’s father about the golf talent his son possessed.

A determined young boy: Shubham Jaglan

Despite the shutdown of an academy, Shubham Jaglan continued his fight on a small piece of land in his backyard. His father cleaned and transformed the land with flat green covering and 3 holes. Jaglan used the youtube videos to learn and practice golf. On weekends, he took trips to Karnal Golf Course to advance his game.

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During one of these days, Delhi Golf foundation noticed his talent and offered him a generous annual scholarship of 2 lakhs, gotten him a free membership in a Delhi golf club and all kinds of support to participate in foreign tournaments. It was hard for the family to relocate to Delhi but owing to his son’s passion for the sport, his father decided to close down his milk business and sold everything to move towards his child’s dream.

Laurels he bought to us: Shubham Jaglan

Thereafter, they have never looked back. Shubham Jaglan has won more than 110 tournaments in India and across the world including all the major ones in his age category:

He won two of the three World Championships in the 2015 season. It is not only the success of Shubham but also of his coach and one of India’s best-known women golfers Nonita Lall Qureshi who is training him since he was 7. The support of golf foundation, Delhi golf club, his parents and school was never low in volume to push him here.

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It opened him to dream big. A dream to win the US Masters one day and later break the record of 18 major titles by golf legend Jack Nicklaus. Only 3 Indians overall have ever qualified for these tournaments including Jeev Milkha Singh.

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