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Shiva Singh’s ‘360-Degree’ Ball Grabs Headlines; Takes Twitter by Storm

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Although the delivery fell foul of the umpire, the U23 spinner’s unique delivery found supporters on twitter, who called for innovation in bowling

You must have heard of a helicopter shot. But have you ever heard of a helicopter ball? Well, a bowler from Uttar Pradesh might have just bowled the bowing variant of MS Dhoni’s trademark shot.

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Dubbed as a ‘360-degree’ ball, a relatively unknown left-arm spinner Shiva Singh is grabbing headlines for making the unusual turn just before the delivery.
Cricket has witnessed some amazing innovations when it comes to bowling, right from bowlers using both the hands, pausing right in the middle of the action or erratic changes in bowling being some of them.

All of them are done with a solitary purpose – to take the batsmen by surprise. However, Shiva went one step further by confusing everyone on-field after inventing a whole new style of bowling.

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However, the field umpire didn’t share the same views, as he adjudged the delivery as a ‘dead ball’. Nonetheless, the moment became the highlight of the CK Nayudu trophy match between UP and Bengal in Kalyani, Kolkata.

The scene unfolded as follows: Shiva took a brief run up and as took a swift 360 degrees rotation just as he approached the crease, before bowling. It seemed as though the young off-spinner had been practicing the action quite some time.
The Twitterati was soon flooded with various viewpoints, as #switchbowlingaction soon became trending.

While some criticized the umpire’s decision against Shiv Singh, others called the questionable action as a ‘distraction’. Some went on to appeal to cricket board to legalize the ‘switch action’ and compared the action with that of batting’s dilscoop or uppercut.

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Shiv’s Clarification on the Incident

File Photo: Shiva Singh (Credits ESPNCricInfo)

A U23 bowler, Shiva, in his defence, went on to claim that he had used the ‘360-degree’ style of bowling before. However, he felt it was definitely the first time the umpire had called it a dead ball.

“I use different variations in one-dayers and T20s so I thought of doing the same because the Bengal batsmen were developing a partnership. The umpires said dead ball, so I asked ‘why are you calling it a dead ball?’
“I delivered this 360-degree ball against Kerala in the Vijay Hazare Trophy as well, where it was fine. Batsmen always go for the reverse-sweep or the switch-hit against bowlers. But when bowlers do something like this it’s deemed a dead ball,” ESPNCricinfo quoted Shiva as saying.

Twitter Reaction

Here are some of the notable reactions on Twitter pertaining to the ‘360-degree bowling’ action:

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