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Reunion Redemption: Shikhar Dhawan’s Long-Awaited Meeting with Son Set in Motion by Delhi Court

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Indian cricket star Shikhar Dhawan is eagerly anticipating a long-awaited reunion with his nine-year-old son, Zoravar. A Delhi family court has summoned Dhawan’s estranged wife, Ayesha Mukherjee, to India for a family get-together, providing an opportunity for the father and son to spend quality time together. The court’s directive emphasizes that “a mother alone does not possess exclusive rights over a child.

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Due to the geographical distance and custody arrangements, Dhawan’s family has been unable to meet Zoravar since August 2020. Previous attempts by Dhawan to secure visitation were denied by the court, citing the potential disruption to the child’s schooling. Ayesha had also rejected the family’s requests, claiming the gathering would have limited attendees and therefore did not warrant their presence.

However, the Delhi family court has intervened, mandating Ayesha’s attendance after Dhawan’s family rescheduled the event to coincide with the child’s school holidays. The court emphasized that a father has the right to meet his son, particularly after a prolonged separation.

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Judge Harish Kumar of the family court at Delhi’s Patiala House Courts said,

“The mother alone does not have rights over the child, why then is she opposing the petitioner meeting his own child when he is not a bad father? Blame for polluting the environment within the family has to be shared by both. A dispute arises when one raises concerns, and the other does not appreciate them or pay attention.”

The court additionally emphasized the actions of Dhawan’s wife, who had requested the Australian court to monitor the Indian cricketer. It is worth noting that Ayesha was also reprimanded for challenging the authority of the Indian court in a recent incident related to the child.

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