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Get Some Major Fitness Goals With Shikhar Dhawan’s Workout Routine

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‘Gabbar’ as he is lovingly called, Shikhar Dhawan has become the Indian batting mainstay in the limited overs. The Indian cricket team found a worthy successor of the swashbuckling Virender Sehwag in the left-hander Dhawan.

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The stylish batsman has grown from strength to strength. In his career timeline of 124 ODIs, Shikhar Dhawan has scored 5178 runs at an average of 45.03 along with 15 centuries. In 34 Test matches, he has accumulated 2135 runs at an average of 40.61 including 7 centuries.

Today, let us take a look at Shikhar Dhawan’s workout and get to know what makes stay fit:

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Shikhar Dhawan Workout Routine

During tournaments, Shikhar’s main aim is to maintain his strength.

  • He tries to do 2 or 3 gym sessions per week, along with 1 or 2 cardio sessions and also engages in a lot of mobility training. He hits the gym thrice a week for weight training, plus two cardio sessions. He enjoys power-lifting too.

“My workout set includes a half-hour warm-up session, which comprises glute exercises, mobility training and stretching, after which I engage in push press — basically, it’s a full body workout involving power training, lateral pull downs and sit-ups. I concentrate a lot on my core. I enjoy pumping my biceps the most, while glute workouts are quite boring,” he told Mansworldindia.com

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Yoga is an important part of Shikhar’s workout routine

  • Shikhar loves Yoga. He believes that one should include yoga in his or her exercise routine on a daily basis. The process he follows begins with some simple breathing exercises that help him relax his body and mind. Then, he moves onto Surya Namaskar pose that helps him to increase the flexibility of his body and prepares the body for the upcoming intense yoga sessions.
Shikhar Dhawan Diet Routine
When he’s not on the field, the cricketer can be found pumping his biceps at the gym or taking his kids for a swim. Image Source: mansworldindia.com

The next exercise is the Sarvangasana which is also called the mother of all Yoga Exercises as it loosens up every limb in a person’s body. The last step Dhawan follows is Vrksasana that needs total control over one’s body and determination to succeed. It helps a person to improve the control over his / her every body part and balance the overall weight with ease.

  • Running is another favourite exercise of Shikhar Dhawan as it helps keep the blood moving and makes him test his body’s limits. Running on a daily basis would help you keep your level of good cholesterol up and burn off excess calories within a few minutes. It also helps you to make your lungs work in a better manner, improve your immunity and it also reduces the risk of blood clots.
  • According to healthyceleb.com, the star player loves swimming as it helps him to be in good shape. Swimming can help you in improving your muscle tone, having more control over breathing and increasing the overall flexibility of your body.

Shikhar Dhawan Diet Plan:

The Delhi boy has a balanced diet, including a good amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Shikhar eats a lot of veggies and seasonal fruits for the necessary vitamins and antioxidants. Grilled chicken, fish with mashed potatoes, broccoli and sauteed vegetables are a regular on his plate. On his cheat days, the Delhi boy likes to indulge in aloo parathas, dosa, chicken curry and mutton rogan josh.

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“I train a lot, so I burn all the calories and also keep my skin’s pores in check. People have a misconception that sportsmen need a protein-heavy diet. I believe carbohydrates are necessary to boost energy,” Dhawan said.

Shikhar Dhawan Fitness Interview:

Shikhar loves to relax by getting a good hour of sleep. He says, “Cricket is a high-pressure and physically demanding game, so rest and relaxation become essential. Each cricketer has their own ways and means to relax. I prefer to relax by getting a good hour of sleep.”

“The more you love your game, the more you will enjoy it. I am very proud to be a sportsman because it disciplines you and keeps you healthy,” he adds.

The left-hander says, “It is very important to win, but at the same time, I respect the fight too. The long hours of training and understanding your opponent’s techniques are driving factors for me. In the end, putting on a great show is what matters.”

Shikhar Dhawan Fitness Video

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