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Inspiring Senior Women Athletes of India Defying Age Limits: Breaking Barriers

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In the realm of sports, they are known as India’s late bloomers. It increases their motivation. These self-assured women athletes of India have demonstrated talent, tenacity, and dedication by training all year to win District, State, and National-level athletic contests. All are attempting to reach the international arena and bring home the gold. They make it obvious that age is only a number.

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Senior Women Athletes of India Defying Age Limits

Women Athletes Name Age
Reeni Tharakan 63 Year
Rukmini Devi Talluri 68 Year
Amudha Suganthi Babu 41 Year

Reeni Tharakan

Reeni Tharakan - Senior Women Athletes of India | KreedOn

‘Powerlifting implies you’ll finish up looking like male bodybuilders,’ is the most common misperception women have about powerlifting. That is untrue. Women do not have the same hormones as men that allow them to create that sort of muscle. You can be encouraged to flourish without harming yourself if you work with a competent trainer. I’ve been doing weight training for ten years. I take the train to Kochi three times a week from Thycattuserry village in the Alappuzha district to work with my coach. In 2019, I turned professional and competed in my first district tournament.

My family is conservative, and the costume I wore to the tournament was frowned upon by certain family members. My spouse and girls, on the other hand, have been supportive and have pushed me to continue doing what I love. Sometimes you have to burst through that barrier rather than being drawn into it. Each tournament is an opportunity for me to improve myself and learn strategies used by others. This month, I’m preparing for my next tournament in Bangalore. Reeni Tharakan recently won gold in all squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and overall category at the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic and Equipped Masters Powerlifting Championships in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, in 2023.

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Rukmini Devi Talluri

Rukmini Devi Talluri - Senior Women Athletes of India | KreedOn
Source: The Hindu

Every day at sunrise, you may find me at the Nehru Stadium, YMCA, or other workout institutes in Chennai. I practice for nearly two hours every day with my trainers, Narayanaswamy (discus and javelin), Rajeswari Johnson (pole vault), Vasanth (athletic fitness and 100-meter run), John Stalin (hammer throw), and Riaz (high jump). I led and played basketball and handball for Andhra Pradesh in four national competitions before moving on to play basketball for the Indian Railways. Also, I used to play throwball and tennikoit when I worked at the bank. I chose to take a hiatus after getting married and having children. My instructor, Rajeswari, urged me to participate in sports at the age of 50. For elders, fitness is a form of mental relaxation.

Women’s participation in powerlifting and other sports is still limited, although it is gradually increasing. When I joined the World Masters Association, there were roughly 200 members. We now have over 1,000 participants, both male and female, ranging in age from 35 to 85 years old. The next championship is set for August 2024 in Sweden, and I’ll most likely concentrate on just two events: Hammer throw and pole vault. Family is really important, and I credit my success to my spouse, in-laws, and children, who have always encouraged me to pursue my hobbies. Rukmini Devi Talluri recently returned from the 22nd Asia Masters Athletics Championships, which took place in Tarlac, Philippines, in 2023. She took silver in the pole vault, bronze in the hammer throw, and sixth in the 100m.

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Amudha Suganthi Babu

Amudha Suganthi Babu | KreedOn
Source: The Hindu

My family was overjoyed when I won my first medal in 2015. They are sending me out today with prayers and blessings for each tournament. They want me to bring the gold back. My gym‘s instructor introduced me to the realm of iron games such as strength lifting and powerlifting. At the age of 35, I began contesting in 2015. I was your standard housewife, with a husband, a daughter, a bustling home, and several pets to care for. I adore powerlifting so much that I frequently lose track of my age. Many of the ladies I know make excuses to participate in any type of fitness challenge.

All I tell them is that there will always be work at home and elsewhere. Regardless, you must set aside time and remain focused on your goal. My coach is my spouse, a silambam master. I got the equipment and now work out at home six days a week for three hours. I’ve seen ladies as old as 80 compete in each of these tournaments, and it’s extremely motivating. Amudha Suganthi Babu’s age is 41. The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) 2023 World Masters Powerlifting Championships will be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and will include All Squat (Silver), All Bench Press (Silver), All Deadlift (Silver), and Overall, in Category (Silver).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the categories and records that Reeni Tharakan has achieved in powerlifting?

Reeni Tharakan, competing in the M3 category of the Masters’ competition for participants aged 61-70, can lift an impressive 112.5 kilograms. She has achieved remarkable success, winning four gold medals at the IPF World Classic & Equipped Masters Powerlifting Championships in Mongolia in 2023, as well as a medal at the Asian Women’s Equipped Powerlifting Championship in Alappuzha in the same year. Additionally, she has earned numerous district-level medals.

How did Rukmini Devi Talluri get interested in athletics?

Rukmini Devi Talluri has been involved in sports since her childhood. She played and led basketball and handball teams for Andhra Pradesh and later represented the Indian Railways in basketball. Additionally, she played throwball and tennikoit during her time at the bank. After taking a break from sports due to marriage and motherhood, her coach Rajeswari Johnson motivated her to try pole vault at the age of 50. Since then, she has developed a passion for athletics.

What are Rukmini Devi Talluri’s future plans and aspirations as a Senior Women Athlete of India?

Rukmini Devi Talluri expresses her desire to continue participating in athletics for as long as possible, inspiring other senior athletes to pursue sports. She aims to win more international medals and bring pride to her country. Athletics is her passion, and she cherishes every moment of it.

How did Amudha Suganthi Babu overcome her failures and humiliations in powerlifting?

According to Amudha Suganthi Babu, 2019 was the turning point in her powerlifting career. Previously, she had struggled and faced repeated failures, but she persevered, practiced harder, and eventually started winning medals and breaking records.

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