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Secrets Behind The Incredible Fitness of Mary Kom – World’s Most Successful Female Boxer

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Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom or Mary Kom as she is fondly called is the world’s most successful female boxer. She has won six World Championship titles and an Olympic bronze in her illustrious career. Mind you she is 35 and a mother of three!

At this age, an athlete mostly thinks of retirement but not Magnificent Mary. She wants to win an Olympic gold for the country and has her eyes set at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

What sets Mary apart from everyone else is her incredible fitness. Did you know she runs 14 kilometres a day?

Let us understand the secrets behind the incredible fitness of Mary Kom

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The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna receipent Mary doesn’t miss her daily exercise routine at any cost, no matter how busy her day is.

Her everyday morning exercise routine includes running, stretching, skipping, hopping, punching, kicking the bag for half-an-hour each, writes healthnnutrition.co.in.

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Mary trains for 8 hours in a day – 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening. which makes it 14 kilometres daily. Later, she also does floor exercises mixed with conventional workout routines that include body weight training.

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She brushes up her boxing skills every day by shadow boxing and practising with the punching bag and speed bags. It helps her with muscle growth and provides with an intense level of cardio benefits.

Mary Kom’s Fitness Mantra

“I start my training session with a 14 km run. Then I do some stretching, skipping and floor exercises before moving on to shadow boxing, punching bag and speed bag. Often, I spar with opponents or with my coaches as part of this session. For the second session in the afternoon, I spend time in the gym, do lots of push-ups and sit-ups and work on building strength before moving back to boxing training. This is followed by a small run to cool down, and light stretching,” she told Hindustan Times.

Her evenings are spent in the gym, doing a lot of push ups, sit ups and strength training before moving back to honing her boxing skills. One essential technique she follows is ‘practice fighting’ also called sparing. This is a technique where one does not really land a real blow. According to Mary, this is the most important part of her training. She then cools down with a short run and stretching, writes healthsite.com

When asked about how has she maintains her fitness levels at this age, She says, “Regular practice. It only happens because I keep training regularly. I never miss my training.”

Mary Kom Fitness Secrets Revealed

Her physio Nikhil Latey tells Quint Fit that Mary doesn’t take things for granted. She puts in the effort for training and that’s the key to success. She is incredibly diligent about it. It’s just the dedication and the hunger that they still want to win.

Mental balance is an integral part of any athlete. Thus, to keep herself focused and maintain her mental balance, Mary does brain-eye coordination exercises. She also doesn’t shy away from taking required nutritional supplements, writes Sportswallah.

Her physio says, “Of all the athletes I’ve worked with Mary has the best recovery. She just manages to recover that much faster. And she’s extremely smart. She knows how much her body can take. Like even if you saw her matches she’s very judicious about when to attack, when not to attack.”

Mary follows a strict diet and is very punctual about her meal timings.

Losing 2 kilos in 4 hours

In September this year, Mary lost 2 kilos in just 4 hours only by skipping.  She weighed a little over 48 kilos and could have been disqualified from the Silesian Open Boxing Tournament in Poland. Mary just took the skipping rope and shed those extra kilos.

Mary Kom shares benefits of skipping

  • Skipping is a cardio exercise, improves heart rate. It will build up your stamina and you will suffer less from shortness of breath.
  • Another benefit of skipping is that it helps to tone the muscle in your legs and lower body.
  • It also improves the density of bones which generally reduces after the age of 35.
  • Skipping helps in improving one’s balance, coordination and agility.

Mary Kom’s Fitness Tips

  • The best exercise in the morning is running. Morning jogs help in reducing a person’s blood pressure and increase the brain activity.
  • Push-ups increase functional strength and enhance your cardiovascular system.
  • Stretching helps in increasing your flexibility and blood flow to your muscles.
  • Mental balance is also a must.
  • Mary advises drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • She also tells to follow a strict diet and proper meal timings.

Mary Kom Fitness Video

Mary Kom Fitness Interview

“The secret to my success is my fitness and I am very quick. I plan well before bouts. I am lucky that I can catch my opponents within seconds. I am able to read them very quickly,” said Mary.

“I don’t have injuries, all I have is minor issues like cramps sometimes,” she added. And the secret to her fitness levels and to an extent her calm demeanour in the ring is a training regimen that she refuses to let go even one day.

She says when she decides something with her head and heart than even her husband cannot stop her. Talking about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, She said, “2020 is difficult to say, but I will try my best. 48kg is not there and I will have to put on weight to be in 51kg which is never easy. If I am super fit till 2020, I will compete but if I am not fit I will not.”

Inspite of winning literally everything, Mary still longs for an Olympic Gold. She tells The New Indian Express, “I still think about Olympics gold but other than that I have got everything. Even in the Olympics, I do have a medal. I haven’t left out anything.”

More power to Magnificent Mary!

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