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Sania Mirza’s Diet Plan & Workout Routine | Give You Some Fitness Motivation

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ania Mirza is undoubtedly India’s biggest Women Sports Icon. The tennis superstar has also achieved the numero uno position in women’s doubles. The winner of six grand slams is 32 years old, has a child but this doesn’t stop her from her passion and commitment for the sport. Today we will talk about Sania Mirza diet plan and workout.

Let us find out what Diet Plan Sania Mirza follows to stay athletic:

  • Sania modifies her diet depending on whether she is playing or not. While playing she needs more energy, so her food consists of a lot of carbohydrates.
  • Before a match, she usually eats a bland pasta to get her carbs requirement. For Tennis, carbohydrates are the most important as one needs energy and strength to run during the matches.
  • If not participating in any tournament, she brings down the carbs and focuses more on proteins and vitamins. Being a Hyderabadi herself, she loves the Hyderabadi flavours of meat with spices added to perfection. However, she keeps a tab on her calories. It also fulfils her protein quota.
  • The champion intakes dal and rice when she wants to keep her food light. She sticks to healthy and natural food most of the time but not by compromising on her taste buds. Occasionally she relishes a slice of cake or a bigger portion of biryani. However, to bring those extra calories down, she increases her work out by 20 to 30 minutes extra on the next day.
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Sania Mirza doesn’t believe in starving or avoiding food desires, instead, she works off the additional calories whenever she gives in to her food cravings. “Her fitness mantra is to avoid junk food and keep it natural as much as possible”, writes ketchup blog.

In an interview with NDTV Sports Mirza had said, “When you are playing, you eat a lot of carbs. We load up on carbs because you are playing and you need that energy. When we are training in off season, we try to cut down on the carbs and try to eat more protein.”

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Processed food and junk are off the radar for the tennis sensation. In the past few years, Sania has also adopted a gluten-free diet. She eats gluten free pasta and rice and chicken and avoids flour and wheat completely.

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Sania Mirza’s Workout Routine :

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When she is not playing, Sania makes sure that she trains 5-6 hours in a day. Sania wakes up at around 6 AM and goes for her physical training. She then comes home and has breakfast.

Sania reaches the tennis court by 8 AM and plays upto 10:30 AM. After having some rest, she is again back at the court at 2 PM and plays until 4:30 PM.

Later she does her physical fitness till 6:30 PM. The training is of different kinds, gym for 3-4 times a week, endurance and agility and some speed work at other times.

Sania in an interview shared that her workout routine depends heavily on whether it is a playing season or not. She tries to train for 4 to 4.5 hours when she is offseason. Her fitness coach introduces a new set of exercises every now and then.

She begins her training with a little warm-up, which is a mix of a lot of core exercises, followed by 20 to 25 minutes of running and strength and speed training. Sometimes she also does heavy endurance training and Plyometrics – a form of heavy jumping, designed to build strength.

At a press event two years back, Sania told that when she was 12 years old she used to train for 6 hours a day which has come down to 4-4.5 hours now. Mirza also makes sure that she sleeps for at least 8 hours.

Sania Mirza Interview:

Sania Mirza tells that the birth of her son Izhaan has been an exciting experience.

“The pregnancy and the birth of my son, Izhaan, has been a truly exciting experience for me which has definitely touched and enriched my entire life in an amazing kind of way. I feel so grateful to God for making my life feel so complete and fulfilling.”

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“I don’t think I felt very maternal until I got pregnant and then everything changed. Whatever I ate, did or thought about was for my child that was yet to be born. And once, Izhaan was born, his needs and welfare were all that became the focus of my attention.” she added.

Mirza has returned to the gym after her child’s birth. She is also planning for Olympics 2020.

Sania Mirza Preparing a Tough Workout for 2020 Olympics

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“I’ve already started work in the gym although, for another month, I have only been allowed aerobic training since I had a C-section. I will start working with my physical trainer, Robert Ballard from the middle of February and possibly if things go smoothly I would be able to get back onto the practice courts in the first week of April. I will probably need another 6 months to achieve match fitness – but all this is assuming that everything goes well and my body responds positively to the workload,” she shared in a recent interview with a media house.

“Olympics is important to any athlete but when one is coming back to competition after pregnancy following a long break, it would be difficult to just focus on the one tournament – however big it may be. I will need to make short term goals and then see how things pan out. But yes, the Grand Slams and the Olympics will be the most important goals for me as they are for any other tennis player. Since we do not have another women’s player in the top 50 of the world, the only way I can expect to enter the Olympics will be for me to get back to top-10 of the world.”


“For now, that remains a distant goal, considering that the earliest that I could probably get back on the Tour would be in September this year. That will give me exactly 1 year to start from scratch and achieve a top-10 ranking. This is not an easy task,” Sania added.

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