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Home News InterShoot International Championship: Sandeep Scores a Golden Hat-Trick

InterShoot International Championship: Sandeep Scores a Golden Hat-Trick

Sandeep Singh Shooting
A golden hat-trick for Sandeep Singh at InterShhot Shhoting Championship in Netherlands. Image Copyright: Sportstar The Hindu
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On the third and final day of InterShoot International Shooting Championship, Sandeep Singh shot 249.7 to beat his fellow citizen competitor and Asian Games silver medalist Deepak Kumar by 1.2 points, after both had shot 627.5 in qualification.

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With scores of 251.5 and 251.7, Sandeep had shown a great performance and dominated the finals on the earlier two days.

It was a hat-trick of gold medals for the army man Sandeep Singh, as he swept the honours in men’s air rifle, in the championship at Hague, Netherlands.

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He was equally consistent in qualification, if not glorious, like the way Mehuli Ghosh did with her high scores ranging up to 633.0.

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Appreciable women performances

In women’s air rifle, Mehuli Ghosh‘s superlative show was checked by Mandy Mulder of Netherlands, as she won the gold by beating Commonwealth Games silver medallist Mehuli by 0.8 points. Mehuli had shot two gold medals on the earlier two days.

World University champion Vinita Bhardwaj wound up her European stay with the bronze behind Mehuli, after competing with a lot of success in Germany.

Olympian Ayonika Paul, however, made her third successive final but she had to bow out in the sixth place.



The three days of competition proved to be spectacular in terms of outcome for the Indian contingent. This competition would serve as a motivation for some shooters who will be participating in the World Cup in Delhi later in the month.

Results of the championship


Air pistol

a) Men

1. Julio Almeida (Bra) 242.0 (580);

2. Dharmendra Singh 241.2 (576);

3. Ravinder Singh 220.3 (575);

6. Om Prakash Mitharwal 157.6 (585);

8. Shahzar Rizvi 114.8 (588);

11. Ronak Pandit 574;

12. Jitu Rai 573.

b) Junior Men

1. Jerome Son (Bel) 240.3 (568);

2. James Miller (Wal) 235.8 (574);

3. Deepak Dhariwal 214.2 (560);

5. Milan Chaudhary 174.0 (560)

Air rifle:

a) Men

1. Sandeep Singh 249.7 (627.5);

2. Deepak Kumar 248.5 (627.5);

3. Benjamin Karlsen (Nor) 227.5 (622.4);

6. Saurabh Singh 165.1 (622.0);

7. Vishwajeet Singh Jhala 143.3 (622.6);

8. Pankaj Kumar 121.9 (621.4);

9. Rahul Lal Chauhan 618.4.

b) Junior Men

1. Jon-Hermann Hegg (Nor) 246.7 (620.4);

2. Aleksander Teisrud (Nor) 245.8 (624.9);

3. Jeff Van Venrooij (Ned) 223.9;

5. Akshat Seth 179.5 (617.0);

12. Dharya Goyal 594.6


Air pistol:

a) Women

1. Zhang Mengxue (Chn) 241.0 (579);

2. Ji Xiaojing (Chn) 240.9 (570);

3. P Shri Nivetha 216.1 (583);

16. Gauri Sheoran 550

b) Junior Women

1. Karen Quezada (Mex) 240.8 (563);

2. Harriet Watson (Eng) 229.1 (531);

3. Lucy Thomas (Wal) 207.5 (536);

5. Mufaddal Deesawala 167.9 (550)

Air rifle:


1. Mandy Mulder (Ned) 250.9 (628.7);

2. Mehuli Ghosh 250.1 (627.6);

3. Vinita Bhardwaj 227.8 (624.5);

6. Ayonika Paul 164.0 (625.8);

22. Rajshree Sancheti 616.8


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