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Renowned Wushu Player Sanathai Devi offered for her biopic but refused

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The Introduction

Yumnam Sanathai Devi can be called the best in Indian women’s Wushu. The player from Yaripok village in Manipur had made the habit of winning medals in international championships since it started in 2005 when Sanathai Devi won a silver medal in an international youth championship. She has won silver medals in World Championships four times, bronze in the Incheon Asian Games, and many medals in other international competitions as well as plenty of gold medals in the national championships and other top domestic competitions. Sanathai Devi was given the Arjuna Award in 2015.

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The Early Days of Sanathai Devi

It was not easy for the 33-year-old Wushu player to start her journey with the game. Her father Late Shamu Singh was a farmer and at the same time, he was a carpenter. Sanathai Devi had a big family comprising many cousins, sisters and brothers. Naturally, Sanathai had to struggle a lot in her childhood. Her parents often pushed her to study instead of other activities. But Sanathai had a love for the sport, especially for KickBoxing and following encouragement from a friend of her elder sister, Sanathai Devi started practicing Wushu, leaving her parents in darkness about her practice. Then she went to the famous Wushu coach of Manipur, Moirangthem Ibocha.

Speaking over the phone, Sanathai remembered,

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“I participated in a district-level competition and won gold. My parents came to know about the news through newspapers and they reprimanded me a lot for choosing Wushu. They often asked me to leave the game as I might receive injuries while playing the game. But my coach convinced them in such a manner that their displeasure finally came down.”

The Hardship in Training of Sanathai Devi

Sanathai Devi still remembers the tremendous hard work when she used to practice under Ibocha and there she often played the game with men that helped her to improve the game. Sanathai said,

“I am thankful to those men players in Ibocha sir’s coaching center as they always guided me in training, especially the technique that helped us to become injury-free. This apart, I still recollect the days in my childhood when I used to help my father in farming, bringing in wooden chips for carpentry. It needed huge strength and stamina to do the work and when I used to play Wushu the hard work I did in childhood also helped me a lot.”

The Disappointment

Sanathai only regrets that she has not been able to win a gold medal in the World Championship. She stated,

“At least for once, I want to become World Champion. I had to be content with silver medals in all four World Championships. The unfortunate part is that in all these four World Championships, I lost to Chinese oppositions and they always created psychological pressure on me, accusing me that I am a male player and they used to do it just before the bouts. But I have a dream of becoming a World Champion for once at least. I am targeting the World Championship in 2024. I will resume training next year.”

Mary Kom and Biopic

Mary Kom has been an idol of Sanathai. But at the same, she expressed great attributes to two other stars from Manipur, the late Dinko Singh, and the boxer Saritha Devi for their affection and continuous guidance.

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Interestingly, Sanathai Devi also received a proposal from Mumbai-based film producers to make a biopic on her. But Sanathai has refused it. She said,

“I feel the player’s original journey is not shown in the film. Rather many additions and alterations are injected which do not send the exact message to the viewers. That is why I do not want any biopic on me.”

The Marriage and Dream of Sanathai Devi

Sanathai married Prem Kumar Singh, a Wushu coach from SAI last year and she is also expecting her child. Talking about her husband Sanathai said,

“Under his guidance one talented player, N. Roshibina is already coming up. She has already won a medal in Asian Games. My husband has also developed a coaching center where he is producing players. I also have a dream of roaming around Manipur and scouting talented Wushu players and training them in the future.”

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