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SAFF U19 Trophy Up in the Air: India’s Win on Coin Toss Raises Eyebrows

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India and Bangladesh sporting encounters are known for their intense drama and emotional roller coasters. However, when the match commissioner fails to adhere to the rules, the spectacle takes an unexpected turn. Such was the case in the final of the Women’s SAFF U19 Championship between India and Bangladesh, where the tension-filled match extended for over five hours without a decisive outcome according to football regulations.

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Following a 1-1 draw in regulation time and a subsequent penalty shootout in which all 11 players from both teams successfully converted their penalties, the scoreboard stood at 11-11. In an unusual twist, the match commissioner opted for a coin toss to determine the winner, leading to a peculiar conclusion. India was declared the victor through the coin toss, prompting jubilant celebrations.

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The host team and its supporters displayed their dissatisfaction as tensions escalated on the field, leading the crowd to resort to throwing bottles at the Indian players. Despite continued celebrations by the Indian players, Bangladesh persisted in their protests, prompting the match commissioner to consult the rule books. Following a review of the rules, the match commissioner overturned the initial decision. Amidst chaos and uncertainty, the match was poised to resume, but the Indian team declined to return to the field. After prolonged drama, both teams were ultimately declared co-champions of the tournament, with the Indian football team retaining the trophy.

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