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Sachin Tendulkar reveals secret behind return from career-ending injury

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Sachin Tendulkar career was close to getting finished years before he eventually retired! At the start of the 2005-06 season, the God Of Cricket was diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis or famously known as the Tennis Elbow injury in 2004. In fact, the injury almost ended Sachin’s cricketing career.

“I thought my career was finished, it was done. And all I would pray to God was: please don’t stop my career like this, let me get back on the field again,” the master blaster said in a recent interview to India Today.

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Playing through pain, Sachin’s numbers were not as good as they used to be in the 2005-06 period. His average were 41 and 35 in 18 tests and 24 ODI’s respectively. The media termed it ‘Sachin Endulkar’, suggesting an end to his career which would not have seen the ending he deserved.

What is a Tennis Elbow injury? Treatment options

The lateral epicondylitis or the Tennis Elbow injury is a common injury among both athletes and others. It happens when tendons from the forearm attach themselves to a bony bump of the body, hence causing an enormous amount of pain and the inability to move or even lift things.

Usually, doctors advise rest and painkillers. However, if that does not work surgery is the only remaining option. This is exactly what happened in Sachin’s case as well.

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“Mine was really bad, I tried everything that I could: taking an injection, numbing this in the morning before the Test match. But nothing worked, and the only option was to get operated. I was pushed in the corner so badly. All my physio friends and doctors tried but then certain things need to be done to get back on the field.”

Post Surgery and Affect to Mental Health, Support from Wife, Family and Friends

After the surgery, Tendulkar was unable even to lift his cricket bat. With him unable to do the thing he loves, Sachin experienced a different phase of life.”I realised after my surgery I wasn’t able to pick up a cricket bat. I was really depressed. I would call my friends at 2 am, 4 am in the morning saying, ‘c’mon let’s go for a drive I can’t sleep’.”

Sachin admits that without the help of his friends and family, in particular, his wife, he could not have returned. “Of course, at home, Anjali was there who’d be constantly be telling me you know the good things that have happened in my life to focus on those things.”

The master blaster finally returned in ODIs against Sri Lanka and never looked back. Sachin has gone on to win ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 with India. He also and the Indian Premier League with Mumbai Indians. Personally, he finished 15,921 test runs and 18,426 ODI runs. The list goes on!!

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We need to be thankful that Sachin got the necessary treatments and support from his friends and family. Because of it many of us were able to witness him in his truely “Godly” avatar of cricket!!!

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