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Role of Sports in Reducing School Dropout Rates | Scoring Success

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The school dropout rate problem is one of the hardest hurdles in the whole of the Indian educational system. The Ministry of Education has gotten very upsetting statistics from the recent data; it shows 30% of students from rural areas are not able to continue their education past primary school level. What is more, merely a half of the primary school children finish their studies, which indicates corruption needs to be dealt with more innovatively and creatively. Introducing the transformative 3S mantra: Sport, Studies and Skills — a new way of thinking that would play a major role in the fight against the menace. 

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Significance of Sports

Significance of Sports | KreedOn
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In a society where sports virtually played the role of extracurricular activities, stressing their multifaceted bonus value, therefore, becomes an inevitable task. Beyond the promotion of bodily fitness, sports equip players with values of discipline, teamwork and respect which are inalienable ingredients of the fight for inclusivity and the unity of society. On the other hand, sports are not a cause of distractions but rather a tool to boost academic priorities according to learning studies showing better focus and academic performance among students who are engaged in sports activities.

Sport has more functions than being a mere activity space or competition arena because they provide students with a team identity, discipline and drive which may support them to stay on track with their academics through their study years. Among students, high school sports play an important role in the rate of attendance. 

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Sports Beyond Physical Activity

Benefits of Sports Go Beyond Physical Fitness | KreedOn
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Besides physical ones, sports teach us life skills such as working in a team, concentrating on the goal, and being persistent. The sports could allow an atmosphere that fosters an environment of unity, helps people vent their problems and thus facilitate academic excellence. First, incorporating sports into learning is not just for the sake of promoting the practice of physical education, especially that learning how to live a healthy lifestyle might also be a very vital factor that can prepare us to deal with the real life challenges of both academic and personal lives. For this reason, programs should be pursued that see sports in the education of students’ whole process and make this trip appealing or attractive to every student (not intellectually or personally but personally as well).

Steps Taken to Reduce School Dropouts

Holistic Child Development through Education, Nutrition, and Sports

Mid Day Meal | KreedOn
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Children happen to be an extensive portion of the Indian population, which constitutes the potential of the nation’s future. Needless to say, health and education are the basis of their development. SSA, the Government of India’s high-rise educational initiative, caters to the educational requirements of 192 million children, and the MDM program (Mid-Day Meal) is one of the key operational elements that contribute towards increasing enrollment, attendance, and retention rates. Although, the MDM Strategy efficiently solves the problem of classroom hunger, it is expedient to diversify education content and mix classroom learning with co-curricular activities, particularly sports, in schools.

International Inspiration: Sports for Development

UNICEF says sports essential for all-round development of children | KreedOn
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In view of the comprehensive advantages, UNICEF and the Government of India have introduced a project ‘International Inspiration: Sports for Development,’ which uses sports to help children both in education and development. What began in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, was a training program that employed the youth in the community of around 500 villages to teach the students in local schools, making the learning more interactive, collaborative, and productive. The impact is rather obvious with the increase in the school’s interest, reduced dropout rates, and improved health.

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Innovative Entries and Programs

Samagra Shiksha Scheme | KreedOn
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In addition, innovative entries like Kovalam Surf Club in Kerala highlight the vision of correlating school going and other activities. An inclusive surfing program was created to address the learning needs of underprivileged youth with the condition of consistently attending school. This system has proven to be highly effective in keeping students actively involved. The ‘Samagra Shiksha‘ Scheme promulgated in the Union Budget for 2018–19 highlights the continued focus on holistic education. This scheme allocates funds towards sports equipment in all government schools. This will ensure that at least one hour of sports per day is provided to every student.

Such programs are expected to be successful if the school infrastructure is strong and trainers are available. The path to overcoming that gap is for NGOs to provide trainers and be supportive of the development of sportspeople and coaches who are skilled. The noon meals are meant to address the nutrition angle, while the addition of sports components to children’s school life is a tool that has been shown to reduce dropout rates. By using a holistic approach involving government schemes, community initiatives, and NGOs cooperation, a better day is created in which sports-engaged children who are well nourished need to contribute significantly to the country’s progress in various fields.

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Sports Contribute in the Following Ways

Building a Sense of Belonging

Building a Sense of Belonging for Students | KreedOn
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Students may be dropping out mainly because they either feel excluded or do not have a certain connection at school. Sports are like a join-it-together force, which creates feelings of unity among students. Teams will have higher social interaction, for example, in sports, and create a supportive community where team members come together to socialize, communicate amongst themselves, and set common goals. Such a bond can go way beyond the field and help in developing more close relationships that give students the worth and ingrained feeling of being an integral part of a larger community.

Instilling Discipline and Time Management

Student Athlete Time Management | KreedOn
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Sport participation forces us to be committed to our tasks and have discipline and good time management, which are very generic skills that are relevant in an academic setting too. For student-athletes who have to schedule their practices, games, and academics, being a student-athlete means a hectic schedule. This juggling gives them an appreciation and helps them comprehend the essence of time allocation adequately, a major aspect of postponing educational underachievement and the rate of dropping out.

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Enhancing Academic Performance

Sports in School | KreedOn
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Researchers usually find a strong connection between being a member of a sports team and academic success. Evidence has shown that some sports or movements promote better brain function, focus, and memory—components that all add up to boosting study performance. Besides, self-starting, work ethic development, and perseverance are some of the most important qualities that make one successful in the face of any challenge.

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Providing a Positive Outlet for Stress

Sports Reduce Stress | KreedOn
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College time could be highly stressful for some of the students, which may cause them to be unable to tackle the hurdles it brings. Sports help in psychological release, thus easing stress on students by offering them a channel for the excretion of the accumulated psychological energy. At the time the body runs, endorphins are released, and you are lifted to a state of happiness; anxiety is minimized and gone. Through offering a form of articulation and exit, sports require a better-balanced and more resilient mindset, which prepares students to cope with academic activities.

Teaching Goal Setting and Perseverance

Teaching Perseverance | KreedOn
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Setting up and attaining goals is a pivotal part of the sports world. Whether it is mastering a certain skill or working together as a team, sports reveal to students because it is relevant to establish specific goals and to keep going even if they face failure. This attitude can be transferred to academic endeavors, reinforcing students with the ability to set educational objectives, tackle challenges, and stay resilient.

Fostering Leadership and Teamwork

How to Foster Collaboration and Team Spirit | KreedOn
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Sports serve as a great avenue for nurturing leadership and teamwork skills. As well as being a team captain and a team player, interacting with teammates and dealing with competition will definitely develop vital interpersonal skills. On the field, a student who learns how to lead and team up with others is more likely to use this skill in a similar way in his or her classroom project, thus lowering the chance of feeling isolated and also increasing the general level of engagement.

In brief, including sports in learners’ curricula is a viable strategy to eliminate school dropout in India. The 3S mantra of Sport, Study, and Skills brings about a shift in the focus and causes a change in people from the outside in by fostering a sense of belonging, engraining discipline, improving academic performance, providing a healthy outlet to deal with stress, teaching goal setting and perseverance, and instilling leadership and teamwork qualities. Programs such as the ‘International Inspiration-Sports for Development’ and the ‘Samagra Shiksha’ Scheme demonstrate the power of combining education, nutrition, and sports in the area of development. Thus, they are not only lowering the dropout rates but the youth development in its entirety and the way forward.

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