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Role of Media in promoting sports in India | A Detailed Case Study

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The media is recognized as the most compelling and comprehensive way of communication in today’s sports industry as well as in common society. The important change that has occurred in the sports field is the remarkable role of mass media in the development of sports globally. The mass media trigger changes in sports which make sports a more alluring experience. Sports and mass media can together possibly influence the ideology of individuals in the way they present key values. 

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Social media and sports

Social media and sports
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The rise of cellphone users and the use of social media has changed the manner in which we take a gander at different things in the present society, including our engagement in sports. There is a wide range of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and so forth. Individuals utilize these social media tools conveniently in their daily routines. Social media has turned into a significant apparatus for conveying the content and attracting new readers, as well as creating more participation. Social media tools have impacted sports in a wide range of ways, for example, sports communication and sports marketing. Obviously social media is an important tool for sports, fans, and athletes. 

As a matter of some importance, we probably are aware of the drastic increase in social media users over the past years. Individuals can take part in sports, follow their #1 athlete and team, and get the most refreshed sports content instantly. 

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Impact of media coverage on sports

sports and media
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Media organizations pay for the rights to show a sporting event via any mode of mass communication. Likewise, sports events displayed on Television produce more sponsorship. The money paid by media houses work as an aid for any developmental project in a country.


Watching sports events on television widens the individual’s intellect. Individuals gain the knowledge of standards of the game from watching it on television. It also teaches them the basic spirit of sportsmanship and the hard work they do while playing.

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Role models

Watching sports persons on TV or getting information about them by any means of mass media, help individuals set their role models to look up to. This encourages other individuals to come forward and play a particular sport.


Media carries games to individuals who may not ordinarily get to encounter them in any case. This can encourage individuals to get involved in sports. Watching their favorite team or player inspires them to opt for sports and get successful. Sportsmanship also builds the personality of an individual and a sense of cooperation and support. 

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Coaching aid

Watching sports on TV can assist you with perceiving how a strategy ought to be performed which could help an individual’s presentation and playing skills.  

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Interaction with the public

The benefit of using social media is that it can assist sports organizations to build up a healthy relationship with the public, which would reduce their promotional marketing costs and increase sales. Organizations can utilize two-way discussions with general society and fabricate a local area under their central goal. 

Build an identity

Athletes and teams can get an advantage by using social media with a direct interface with their fans. They can construct an individual brand and can advance themselves as well as sports and so on. Social media these days costs less, however, it influences more effectively and is more reliable. Only one post each day could make a sportsperson dynamic in his/her fans’ sights, which will bring corresponding economic benefits.

Successful campaigns to raise awareness about sports in India 

Khelo India
Image Source: Adda247

One successful campaign to raise awareness about sports and physical activity in India is the Khelo India initiative sent off by the  Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports in 2018.

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The key components of the initiative are

  • The initiative aims to restore or revive the sports culture in India and make it a lifestyle for the nation’s youth. 
  • The Khelo India drive comprises several components, including the improvement and development of sports infrastructure, the identification and nurturing of talent at the grassroots level, and the promotion of sports among women and persons with disabilities. 
  • The Khelo India School scheme, an annual event, aims to provide a platform for young athletes to showcase their talents and compete at the national level. 
  • The support it provides to athletes in terms of equipment, training, and financial aid. 

Generally, the Khelo India drive has been effective in raising awareness about sports and physical activity in India and has helped to identify sustainability at the grassroots level. 

Impact of initiatives aimed at promoting sports in India

sports development
Image Source: LatestLY

Increased Participation in the Khelo India School Games

The Khelo India School Games have seen a significant increase in participation since its inception in 2018. In the first year, over 3,500 athletes from 30 states competed in 16 disciplines. By 2020, over 6,500 athletes from all 36 states and union territories participated in 20 disciplines.

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Improved Performance in International Sporting Events

India has seen a significant improvement in its performance in international sporting events over the years. For example, in the 2018 Commonwealth Games held in Australia, India won 66 medals, including 26 golds. This was a significant improvement from the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Scotland, where India won 64 medals, including 15 golds.

Increased Investment in Sports Infrastructure

India has significantly increased its investment in sports infrastructure over the years. For example, in 2021, the Indian government announced a budget of INR 2,596 crore (approximately USD 357 million) for the development of sports infrastructure across the country. This includes the construction of new sports facilities, the renovation of existing facilities, and the establishment of sports academies.

These statistics demonstrate the positive impact of initiatives aimed at promoting sports in India. These initiatives have not only increased participation in sports but also improved the country’s performance in international events and increased investment in sports infrastructure.

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How does media help increase participation in sport?

Media increases popularity and knowledge of sports and activities by covering matches and events and interviewing experts of the field.

How are the media involved in sport?

Media organizations broadcast the various sporting events for the audience. They pay for the rights to show a sporting event via any mode of mass communication. Social media is changing the way sports stars, clubs and fans are interacting with each other.

What is the role of sports journalists in India?

Sports journalists write and report on sports and athletes. Their duties include tasks like reporting a live game/sports events, interviewing players and coaches, performing live game commentary, sports related research and analysis, etc.

How does social media affect sports performance?

As per the studies, athletes report lack of sleep because of their phones. Researchers find that when athletes use social media and video games before and during competitions it leads to impaired performance.

What are media rights in sports?

Broadcasting rights, also called media rights, are rights which a broadcasting organization negotiates with a commercial concern, such as a sports governing body or film distributor, in order to exhibit that company’s products on television or radio, either live, delayed or highlights.

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