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30 Insane Rohit Sharma Photos; Stay tuned till the end!

Rohit Sharma KreedOn
Credits Twitter
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For a team to be successful, a healthy and light atmosphere is required in the dressing room. And Indian cricket team dressing is amongst the funniest around. But who are the pranksters? Yuzvendra Chahal recently revealed that Rohit Sharma is amongst the mischievous minds in the locker room. So now we know that when not hitting the bowlers around, the Hitman is pulling legs of his colleagues! Here is a compilation of 30 insanely funny Rohit Sharma photos that make you go ROLF!

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1. Titanic!

Jack waiting for his Rose | Credits: Financial Express

2. Dodging the Bullet

Ouch! | Credits: Yahoo India

3. A fielder par excellence!

Credits: India Today

Well, Rohit Sharma is great fielder, no doubt! But it takes some ‘special’ talent, a phrase no one is associated with more often!

4. Dhai Kilo ka hath!

Knows a thing or two of Bodybuilding | Credits: NDTV

This image became viral after the 2019 World Cup semifinal against New Zealand, where Rohit asks Ravindra Jadeja to show strength. And Jadeja did show his ‘strength’ by scoring a crucial knock of 77, the highest score by an Indian in the game.

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5. ‘Zindagi’ na milegi dobara…

Another out! Another gem of a click | Credits: DNA India

Rohit’s reaction seems to well documented. The man has clearly lost it. Another viral photo from the world cup semifinal, after MS Dhoni was dismissed and India’s hopes died.

6. Floss is for teeth, not dance

Floss Dance is not his cup of tea | Credits: Albilad

This one is hilarious! India had lost the 1st ODI to Australia despite Rohit Sharma getting his 22nd century. But after the match, he was seen learning Floss dance from a kid in Australia, and he failed miserably. The hilarious video was uploaded on Twitter by BCCI. Rohit is clearly more comfortable smashing the Australian bowlers out of the park than dancing!

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7. Bamboozled by reporters’ legbreaks!

Credits: Hindustan

The Hitman is one of the cleanest of the red cherry. But when it comes to the press, he too feels the heat! Not many people seem to be unfazed by them unless you’re MS Dhoni.

8. Virat Kohli is having a field day

Credits: Samayam

Fielding images give some of the best candid shots of the practice sessions. No doubt about that.

9. Caught in the middle

Ways of being out! | Credits: Twitter

This is certainly not a comfortable position to be in.

10. Another ‘Field’ day

Another field Day! Credits: AP

Rohit seems to enjoy striking weird poses for the paparazzi.

11. Circus chal raha hai kya?

When your bowler gets a hundred | Credits: Deccan Chronicle

Rohit gets frustrated, yells, reacts. But the shutterbugs are not complaining.

12. When you score less than no.11

Credits: Amar Ujala

Ever seen a better frustration look?

13. The ‘Yawn’ man

Opposite characters | Credits: India Today

Rohit Sharma is just the polar opposite of Virat Kohli. A relaxed, calm, composed and supposedly lazy individual compared to Kohli’s angry, passionate and aggressive self.

14. Birthday BASH!

Birthdays are always fun. | Credits: Twitter

15. Tongue out

Credits Outlook

Rohit to Virat: “Is my ‘tongue-out’ expression as good as yours?”

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16. I am still your Daddy!

Bap Bap hota hai | Credits: Twitter

Yuvraj Singh was known to be the ultimate prankster and bully in the Indian team. And during his heydays, Rohit is reported to have feared Yuvraj the most in the dressing room. Well, this photo apparently confirms the fact, at least to a certain extent.

17. Expert at pouting

Credits: Instagram

Rohit Sharma wants to try new things. It’s just that sometimes, things don’t come off as expected!

18. The Hard Fall

Credits: Getty Images

Life of a cricketer may not be as easy as you think…

19. Practice makes man perfect (Refer to last image)

Seems to practice hard | Rohit Sharma Photos (Credits: Firspost)

Rohit practices for the paparazzi too.

20. Cheeku, ruk ja!

Looks to be in his zone | Rohit Sharma Photos (Credits:Twitter)

21. Hammer throw!

Credits: IB Times India

22. I am fit, even without situps!

Credits: Hindustan

The fittest among the Indian team can deceive you too.

23. Hitman is Strong!

Credits: Manorama online

The man of “DOUBLE” tons.

24. World cup is nice… but IPL is…

Too excited, huh? | Rohit Sharma Photos (Credits: IPLT20.com)

Mukesh Sir, we fulfilled your wish. Yet again.

25. Kya dost? Mahi Bhai banne chale!

Credits: DNA INDIA

No one will forget this incident during the first T20 between India and Bangladesh.

26. Aj ki party mere taraf se!

Credits: Instagram

So, Rohit Sharma has an ICICI bank credit card!

27. When Virat runs out someone

Credits: Instagram

28. Vicky Kaushal from “Masaan”?

Credits: Quora

Is it me or do Vicky Kaushal and Rohit Sharma really look similar?

29. Chill it like Yuzi!

Credits ESPN

Now that is how you chill after a tiring training session.

30. The perfect snap!

Credits Twitter

Can you tell a better photo of Rohit catching the ball?

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