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Rohit Sharma Family: Wife, Daughter, Parents, Siblings- All Details

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The narrative surrounding Rohit Sharma, often celebrated as the formidable ‘Hitman’ on the cricket field, is well-known. However, amidst this sporting glory, there’s a lesser-explored tale that beckons attention—the intricate fabric of Rohit Sharma’s familial bonds. Beyond the cricketing arena lies a narrative waiting to be unveiled, i.e Rohit Sharma Family- His Wife, Daughter, Parents etc. Delving deeper into their lives can offer insights into the profound connections and personal chapters that shape the life of this celebrated cricketer.

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About Rohit Sharma Family

Rohit Sharma’s Parents Purnima Sharma
Gurunath Sharma
Rohit Sharma’s Brother Vishal Sharma (Younger)
Rohit Sharma’s Wife Ritika Sajdeh (Sports Manager)
Rohit Sharma’s Daughter Samaira Sharma (Born 2018)


rohit sharma family, KreedOn
Image Source:sportscrazy.com

One of the most talented Indian Batsmen in the opening slot, Rohit Sharma or Hitman is ruling the hearts of Indian fans for a long time now. In his 12-year career, he has broken and established plenty of records. He broke Sangakkara’s record of most centuries in a single edition of the ICC World Cup, scoring 5 in the 12th edition of the mega-event. 

The 36-year old is the current Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and Captain of reigning IPL Champions, Mumbai Indians. In fact, he has led the IPL giants to a record 5 titles, while himself being a part of 5 title runs (one with the Deccan Chargers in season 2). That makes him one of the most decorated players in the World’s richest cricket league. His on-field success is not unknown to anyone but his personal life (Rohit Sharma family) is something little known to the fans. Here is a little about the Rohit Sharma family with each member and their contribution to the champ’s life. 

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Rohit Sharma Wife: Ritika Sajdeh 

Ritika Sajdeh KreedOn
Source: Zee News

Rohit Sharma met Ritika Sajdeh as the rakhi sister of star Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh in 2008. Ritika Sajdeh was a part of his brother’s sports management company Cornerstone Sport. Initially, she used to have meetings with Rohit Sharma as Sports Manager then the duo turned into friends. Friends to best friends, best friends to love birds, and love birds to married couple, their love story went through all the steps. The couple tied the knot on 13 December 2015 after dating for 6 years. In 2018, Ritika Sajdeh and Rohit Sharma were blessed with a baby girl who was later named Samaira Sharma. Interestingly, Rohit has been in an amazing form since his marriage. In fact, he scored his 3rd double century on his wedding anniversary dedicating his effort to his soulmate. 

Rohit Sharma Father: Gurunath Sharma

Rohit Sharma Father KreedOn
Source: FB

Rohit Sharma comes from a humble background, his father being a low-income worker in a transport firm. In fact, all he could afford was a single-room house in Dombivali. Despite his financial incapability for 2 children’s education, he made a vice decision of handling the responsibility of Rohit to his father and brothers and unlike others did not force him to work for additional financial support. Rohit lived in the suburban regions of Borivali, Mumbai, and visited his father’s place on weekends. His father’s ever-standing support and belief helped a shy boy from a poor family dream big and inspire millions.

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Rohit Sharma Mother: Purnima Sharma     

Purnima Sharma KreedOn
Source: ABP News

Purnima Sharma, Rohit Sharma’s mother was always there with Gurunath through the tough times even when Gurunath lost his job and they were forced to send Rohit to his grandparents’. She helped stabilize the family in tough times both emotionally and financially. Also, she ensured that the 2 sons never felt left out in this chaotic upbringing. Rohit Sharma knows a little Telegu because of her as she hails from Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. Also, she was the one to pick number 45 for his son in the white-ball cricket. It was the semi-finals of U-19 Cricket World Cup 2006 when Rohit called his mother for help in choosing a number. He wanted to pick 19 which was not available so her mother picked number 45 for him. 

Brother: Vishal Shama

Vishal kreedon
Source: SportsWallah

Vishal Sharma is Rohit Sharma’s younger sibling and a close doppelganger. Vishal likes to keep it low profile while being active on social media. Vishal can also be seen supporting his brother’s side, Mumbai Indians from the stands.

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Rohit Sharma Daughter: Samaira Sharma

Frozen: Rohit Sharma surprises daughter

The youngest member of the Rohit Sharma family and the cutest one too, is Rohit Sharma’s daughter Samaira Sharma was born on 31st December 2018. This what the hitman had to say when asked about how his feelings after winning the IPL 2019 finals by his wife: “It is special. Not just Samaira but you (addressing his wife, Ritika Sajdeh) also.

Rohit Sharma Brothers in Law

Brother in law KreedOn rohit sharma family
Rohit sharma family (Credits: FB)

Although Rohit Sharma’s in-laws are pretty known people in Indian Sports, because of Cornerstone Sports. But the most interesting and popular brother-in-law would be the retired Indian legend, Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj Singh is Rakhi Brother of Ritika Sajdeh, so brother-in-law of Rohit Sharma. Although this sounds absurd in reality, Rohit Sharma has that family relation with the leftie and does not hesitate to seek advice from the champion. 

Bunty Sajdeh is also the cousin of Ritika Sajdeh and therefore the brother-in-law of Rohit Sharma. In fact, Bunty has claimed that it is due to him that the two – Ritika and Rohit – met in the first place. Bunty Sajdeh, the owner of Cornerstone Sport & Entertainment, is regarded as the man behind Virat Kohli’s blockbuster commercial deals.

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What is Rohit Sharma number?

Since Rohit Sharma’s entry into the cricketing world, he frequently opts for the number 45 as his jersey number.

How many members are there in Rohit Sharma family?

Rohit Sharma’s Parents – Purnima Sharma, Gurunath Sharma
Rohit Sharma’s Brother – Vishal Sharma (Younger)
Rohit Sharma’s Wife – Ritika Sajdeh (Sports Manager)
Rohit Sharma’s Daughter – Samaira Sharma (Born 2018)

What is the name of Rohit Sharma’s Daughter?

The youngest member of the Rohit Sharma family and the cutest one too, is Rohit Sharma’s daughter “Samaira Sharma” was born on 31st December 2018.

What is Rohit Sharma’s wife name?

Indian cricket team Captain Rohit Sharma married his longtime girlfriend, Ritika Sajdeh on 13 December 2015.

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