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Robert Bobby George dreams of producing more international players like Anju

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Robert Bobby George is one of India’s most eminent athletics coaches. He is the creator of India’s first World Championship medal winner in the long jump, Anju Bobby George. Robert has produced more long and high jumpers of the international standard after Anju Bobby George.

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He is a recipient of the Dronacharya award, received in 2003. He is presently working as a high-performance coach at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) Bangalore and along with as a part of its extension Robert and Anju whom he married in 2000 have built up a high-performance center for the prodigious jumpers. It is called Anju Bobby Sports Foundation (ABSF). It was constructed four years ago and around 15 potential young jumpers (14 girls and one boy) are training under the tutelage of Robert and his wife Anju.

Initial Days

Robert Bobby George was born in Kannur region of Kerala. He was one of the ten children of Kodakachira George Joseph and Mary Joseph. He was a professional athlete initially, a former national champion in the triple jump. But already before leaving athletics in 2000, Robert had started training Anju Bobby in 1998. However, George completed his engineering degree from the College of Engineering, Trivandrum. He has never earned a coaching degree officially. Still, Robert has achieved the prestige of being the country’s elite jumping coach. Commenting on the issue Robert said,

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“Actually I have not been able to spare adequate time to earn a coaching degree officially. Secondly, even without having an official coaching degree, I have been able to produce jumpers of international quality since the beginning of Anju.”

However, Robert after having passed from the College of Engineering in Trivandrum was working as the technical director of a construction company. But he returned to full-time coaching in 2015.

The Prospect of Long Jump in India

Robert is hopeful of international medals in the future from the jumpers, especially from the country’s long jumpers. He explained,

“In my last 25-year journey as a long jump coach, I have seen several potential long jumpers like Suresh Babu, T.C Yohannan, Reeth Abraham, and many others who graced the country by winning medals at the Asian level. Anju took the height to the world level by winning the bronze medal in 2003. Now also, there have been a lot of potential young athletes who have been winning medals in national-level competitions and Shaili Singh is there who has shown tremendous potential, winning the silver medal in the Under-20 World Championship, leaping 6.59 meters. She is already pinned as the next Anju Bobby George. But I am optimistic about all of their futures. They are the jumpers of the future generation.”

The ABSF Infrastructure

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Anju Bobby Sports Foundation (ABSF) has set up a world-class infrastructure in Bangalore. Robert stretched on the point that the synthetic tartan track that has been imported from Germany and laid on the field can hardly be available in the country’s other athletics training centers. In total, nearly Rs 15 crore has been spent to set up the turf and the other related infrastructure.

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Robert added,

“In a collaboration with SAI, we are running it. But simultaneously, we are desperate to find private sponsorship. Otherwise, it will be difficult to prosper, taking this academy to such a world-class standard so that the jumpers will never feel like going abroad and training. The atmosphere and environment of this training school can also be compared to the world’s top training center.”

On their children

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Robert and Anju have a son Aron and a daughter Adrean. Robert revealed both of them have started athletics slowly. Adrean has begun doing long jumping and is likely to take it up seriously next year under the guidance of her mother.

Robert’s Dream

Robert, even after having a glorious 25-year career in coaching did not seem content. Rather he dreams of producing more international jumpers from their school. He quipped,

“I am not only satisfied with two international medalists, formerly Anju and now Shaili. I dream of producing more world-class long jumpers who will bring medals from major international competitions. But for that, we must need private financial assistance. I will be able to spend more time coaching after I retire from SAI.”

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