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Rinku Singh’s Inspiring Journey: A Glimpse into His Family, Parents, and Siblings

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Rinku Khanchand Singh, born on October 12, 1997, is an Indian cricketer who plays at the international level. He bats left-handed in the middle order and occasionally bowls right-handed off-break. In domestic cricket, he represents Uttar Pradesh, while he plays for the Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Rinku Singh marked his first step in international cricket for India in August 2023. In this blog, we’ll explore the details about the journey and the family background of Rinku Singh.

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Rinku Singh’s Journey

Rinku Singh Journey | KreedOn
Image Source: News Bharati

Rinku Singh, hailing from Aligarh in Uttar Pradеsh, comеs from a humblе background with his family facing financial strugglеs. Dеspitе not complеting thе ninth gradе, Rinku’s passion for crickеt drovе him to lеavе his job as a domеstic workеr and focus on thе sport.

Hе dеdicatеd his succеss to his hardworking family and displayеd dеtеrmination and skill in his match-winning innings. Rinku was acquirеd by thе Kolkata Knight Ridеrs in 2018 for 80 Lakhs and has shown significant improvеmеnt undеr thе guidancе of Abhishеk Nayar.

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Rinku Singh’s Family Background

Rinku Singh Family | KreedOn
Image Source: swagcricket.com

The dynamic left-hander was born on October 12, 1997, in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India. He hails from a humble family. His father works as an LPG gas delivery person, and his brother drives an autorickshaw.

At first, it was tough for him to live with seven people in a house with only two rooms. Growing up in a difficult situation was hard for him. It was also difficult to manage both school and work. He has always loved playing cricket since he was little. But his family thought he should concentrate on studying and working for a better future.

Under family pressure, he agreed to work. His older brother recommended a job at a coaching center, but he only got the position of a sweeper there. However, he didn’t enjoy this job. He thought that being a sweeper wouldn’t help improve his family’s finances, but playing cricket might. He talked to his mother about his dreams of a cricket career, and she understood and supported him after he explained it to her.

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Family of Rinku Singh

Father Name Khanchandra Singh
Father Profession LPG cylinders delivery
Mother Name Vina Devi
Brother Names Jeetu Singh, Mukul and Sonu
Sister Name Neha

Father: Khanchandra Singh

Rinku Singh Father | KreedOn
Image Source: circleofcricket

In the early days, Rinku Singh’s father, Khanchandra Singh, was occupied with delivering gas cylinders for a company known as Goyal Jyoti Enterprises. Initially, Rinku’s father wasn’t keen on the idea of his son to play cricket. Instead, he emphasized the importance of focusing on studies for a promising future. However, Rinku’s passion for cricket was undeniable, and he dedicated ample time to playing the sport. 

Despite the initial resistance, Rinku’s talent on the cricket field didn’t go unnoticed by the neighbors, who witnessed his remarkable skills. They urged his father to reconsider and support his son’s dream to play cricket for his country. Witnessing Rinku’s unwavering commitment and love for the game, his father gradually softened his stance and began to embrace Rinku’s dream of becoming a cricketer.

Despite facing occasional reprimands from his father, Rinku remained resolute in his pursuit of cricket. He persisted in rigorous practice sessions, determined to excel in cricket tournaments. In a gesture of gratitude and understanding, Rinku purchased a bike and presented it as a gift to his father, aiming to alleviate his workload in delivering gas cylinders.

This thoughtful act touched his father deeply, prompting him to wholeheartedly endorse Rinku’s cricket aspirations. Ultimately, through perseverance, mutual understanding, and acts of kindness, Rinku and his father forged a bond rooted in support and encouragement, paving the way for Rinku to pursue his dreams on the cricket pitch.

Mother: Vina Devi

Rinku Singh Mother | KreedOn
Image Source: cricreads

Rinku’s mother played a crucial role in his cricket journey, and her involvement is significant. Rinku, driven by his desire to assist his family financially, initially attempted a coaching job recommended by his brother, but it didn’t bring him satisfaction. Consequently, he devoted himself tirelessly to cricket practice, fueled by the unwavering support of his mother. Her encouragement went beyond words; she would occasionally slip him money discreetly, even without informing his father. This gesture of love and belief served as a powerful motivator, inspiring Rinku to intensify his efforts and pursue his cricketing dreams with even greater determination.

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Eldest Brother: Sonu Singh

Rinku Singh eldest brother | KreedOn
Image Source: persontrends.com

Sonu Singh, the elder brother in the family, who is only three years older than him. Sonu took up the job of an auto driver to contribute to their family’s financial needs. Interestingly, when Rinku was merely 13 years old, his brother Sonu tied the knot with Aarti Singh.

Elder Brother: Mukul Singh

Mukul Singh | KreedOn
Image Source: Instagram

Mukul Singh, the older brother of Rinku Singh, stepped up to take on the role of a sweeper at a coaching institute in order to provide assistance to their family. Recognizing the financial strain their family was under, Mukul proposed the idea of Rinku also working as a sweeper to contribute to their household income. However, Rinku made a different choice; he turned down the offer, determined to pursue his passion for cricket despite the financial challenges their family faced.

Younger Brothers: Jeetu and Sheelu

Jeetu and Sheelu | KreedOn
Image Source: Instagram

Rinku Singh, the eldest of three siblings, is joined by his two younger brothers, Sheelu and Jeetu Singh, in their shared passion for cricket. Both Sheelu and Jeetu are fervently following in Rinku’s footsteps, dedicating themselves to the sport with the same enthusiasm and commitment as their elder brother. They draw inspiration from Rinku’s love for cricket, striving to emulate his skills and achievements on the field. Together, the Singh brothers form a formidable trio, bonded not only by blood but also by their shared love for the game.

Youngest Sister: Neha Singh

Rinku Singh Sister | KreedOn
Image Source: persontrends.com

Neha Singh is the sister of the cricket star Rinku Singh. She has always been by his side and has been a steady source of encouragement and support throughout his cricket adventure.

Rinku Singh Instagram

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Rinku Singh went from starting with very little to becoming a famous player in the IPL. He has shown that if you work hard and stay determined, you can achieve a lot. Rinku lived with six others in a small, two-room house, but his determination came out brightly. He’s like a hero, always chasing his dream to improve his family’s life. Despite facing financial struggles, his strong desire to give his family a better life keeps him going. Even though their situation makes it hard, Rinku’s big dreams and hard work show that tough times can’t stop someone from making a big change.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are Rinku Singh’s parents?

Rinku Singh’s fathеr, Khanchandra Singh, was еmployеd as a distributor of LPG gas cylindеrs, dеlivеring thеm to housеholds. His mothеr, Vina Dеvi, is a homеmakеr.

How many siblings does Rinku Singh have?

Rinku Singh is thе middlе child among fivе brothеrs. His oldеr siblings arе Sonu and Mukul, whilе his youngеr brothеrs arе Shееlu and Jееtu. Hе also has a sistеr namеd Nеha.

What is the background of Rinku Singh’s family?

Rinku Singh originatеs from a humblе upbringing and was born into a modеst family in Aligarh, Uttar Pradеsh, India. Dеspitе his achiеvеmеnts, his parеnts continuе to rеsidе in a modеst two-room dwеlling situatеd within thе prеmisеs of an LPG distribution company.

What is Rinku Singh’s educational background?

Rinku Singh has studied till 8th Standard.

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