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5 Reasons Why Every Indian Should Follow This Sports Page

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As a kid, I used to love looking at the colorful pictures that came in the newspaper. Sports page in the newspaper used to be filled with large pictures of various athletes in action. Time flew and now we have the news on our mobiles.

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However, we still get the detailed information in the newspaper but it’s just more feasible to read it on the go. Being someone who loved watching sports during childhood, I cannot practically spend time doing the same in my adulthood. Moreover, the digital era has made it easier for us to stay updated to the world.

Although news channels provide us with sports news, it’s not wrong to say that the biased attitude towards certain sports is easily seen. Plus there’s a lot about these national players than just their medal tally in various events. Here are 6 reasons why you should follow KreedOn – a sports page entirely dedicated to our talented athletes. I would like you to read these reasons and decide it yourself.

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  1. If you are curious about your favorite athlete’s story

Did you know, Manjit Singh, the man who brought gold in the 800m event at Asian games 2018 was fired from the job at ONGC for being overage and not being able to complete targets?

We see their emotions on track. We see them losing and we see them winning. There’s a lot that goes on in their minds before the performance. But all we see is their unexplainable extreme emotions. Remember how Swapna barman cried and laughed with joy after winning the Gold in Heptathlon at the Asian Games 2018, the first Indian to do so!

All these emotions make our heart feel warm and proud. But don’t you wanna know what struggles Swapna had to face being a 12 toed athlete? 

  1. If you want to bring awareness for sports in India

We all know the situation of Sports in India. Not every athlete gets to have their own movie like Mary Kom and Dhoni to have the attention they deserve since the beginning. Even they got the recognition comparatively very late. Being a five-time World Amateur Boxing Champion, we knew nothing about her until her movie came out.

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But are movies the right solution? How Farhan Akhtar was mistaken to be Milkha Singh in one of the school course books of West Bengal was a serious mistake.

Not to forget that the current situation is far better than it was a few years ago. A special thanks to the current president of the Athletics Federation Of India, Mr. Adille Sumariwalla. Being a former athlete himself, he has brought some necessary changes in the system to improve the condition of Indian sports.

  1. If you are not ignorant about our country’s pride

A Lot of people still, very casually, would say cricket when asked about our national game. Really? I mean cricket is a great sport and so is hockey. The obsession of one sport over the other is totally normal but what’s sad is the amount of ignorance a sportsperson has to go through even after winning something for THE COUNTRY.

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Remember the time these athletes made us proud at the Deaflympics 2017. They garnered a total of 5 medals including 1 Gold at the event. Yet there was no one from the Sports authority to receive them at the airport. Athletes refused to leave the airport after experiencing such a cold welcome. This really goes out to question the attitude towards these less famous athletes and how much they suffer even after bringing so much pride for the country.

  1. If you are a sports enthusiast

Are you someone who is always updated with the current sports news? Does watching sports all day gives you immense happiness and peace. Does it make you dance with joy when Sunil Chhetri scores a goal? Then you are surely a sports enthusiast. Someone who loves sports just for the love of it. Knowing what’s going on around the sports world at one time can be tough as thankfully India has been competing in so many sports now. 

Indian sports page-KreedOn
An India fan reacts during the third one-day international cricket match between India and England in Mohali October 20, 2011. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi (INDIA – Tags: SPORT CRICKET TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)
  1. If you want to feel inspired to lead an active life

A lot of us love the idea of having an athletic body and excellent stamina. But a very low percentage of us actually act upon it and do something. We spent hours on youtube searching for the right exercise videos, diet plan videos and what not but what’s really lacking here is the motivation(we search for motivation videos too) but nothing helps. The curiosity keeps building as to how on earth these athletes like Saina Nehwal or even P.T Usha(actively coaching young athletes) stay motivated and stay active.

So much happens in an athlete’s life throughout his/her career and it’s nothing but inspiring and also kind of an answer key for us to take this as an inspiration and move ahead. So if you want to know more about sports and what really happens after the game, do follow our sports page.

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Amrita pandey
Amrita pandey
Amrita is a content writer/editor and social media manager at KreedOn. Amrita looks after the content creation and marketing of the website. Her love for sports made her join this organization where her intention is to help every athlete get the recognition they deserve through her profession. Amrita started writing when only sketching cartoons at the back of her notebook seemed a little too vague for a school pass out.



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