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A Foul Play: Unmasking Gender Bias and Racism in the World of Football

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In the vibrant world of football, two critical challenges loom large, demanding our collective attention. One of these challenges revolves around the pursuit of equal opportunities and equitable treatment, irrespective of gender. The other casts a shadow on the beautiful game, rooted in discrimination tied to factors like nationality, race, or appearance. These challenges are not mere historical anchors but rather evolving narratives of transformation and progress. Gender equality in football, despite its historical struggle, witnesses the winds of change as women’s participation burgeons, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup stands as an emblem of this evolution. Similarly, the ongoing battle against racism in football is like an unfolding story. It’s a tale where players bravely stand up against discrimination, and governing bodies forge pathways toward a more inclusive and harmonious footballing universe. Grounded in history, these stories serve as blueprints for a future where football is more vibrant, fair, and open to everyone. 

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Racism in Football

In 2021, there has been a disturbing increase in racial abuse directed at footballers, often through social media platforms. In ISL 2023, Kerala Blasters FC conveyed their profound dismay and apprehension regarding an incident of suspected racial abuse during their ISL match against Bengaluru FC. This rise in online hatred has prompted clubs, players, and authorities to condemn such behavior, but the issue persists. Here are ten notable incidents of racial abuse towards footballers this year.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Naby Keita

A Foul Play: Unmasking Gender Bias and Racism in the World of Football - KreedOn
Image Source- SKY Sports

Following Liverpool’s Champions League exit to Real Madrid, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Naby Keita received racist messages on Instagram, including monkey emojis. Liverpool and Facebook, the platform’s owner, launched investigations, with Liverpool strongly condemning the abuse and calling for stricter measures on social media.

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Ivan Toney

Image Source- Sky Sports

Brentford striker Ivan Toney faced racial abuse on Instagram, with offensive messages including the word ‘monkey’ and monkey and banana emojis. Brentford termed the incident “spineless,” and Instagram suspended the responsible account.

Davinson Sanchez

Image Source- The Independent

Tottenham Hotspur’s Davinson Sanchez received inappropriate racist messages on Instagram after a match against Newcastle United. The messages contained monkey emojis, prompting Sanchez to share them on the platform with the caption “Nothing changes,” despite Spurs’ disapproval.

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Heung-min Son

Image Source- Yahoo News

After Tottenham’s defeat to Manchester United, Heung-min Son was subjected to racial abuse on social media. The club strongly condemned the incident and a Twitter spokesperson pledged to introduce stricter measures to combat online hate.

Glen Kamara

A Foul Play: Unmasking Gender Bias and Racism in the World of Football - KreedOn
Image Source- SKY Sports

Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara faced racial abuse during a Europa League match against Slavia Praha. This prompted several Scottish clubs to stop taking the knee before matches. Dundee United, Motherwell, and the Scottish FA supported Kamara and called for harsher punishments for racial abuse.

Anthony Martial and Axel Tuanzebe

Image Source-90min

After Manchester United’s surprising loss to Sheffield United, Anthony Martial and Axel Tuanzebe received racist messages on their Instagram posts, including monkey emojis. Manchester United expressed their disgust and commitment to fighting racism through their ‘All Red All Equal Initiative.’

Marcus Rashford

A Foul Play: Unmasking Gender Bias and Racism in the World of Football - KreedOn
Racism in football, Image Source- Sky Sports

Despite his charity work and positive impact, Marcus Rashford has not been immune to racial abuse on social media. He spoke out against the abuse in January, describing it as “humanity and social media at its worst” and refrained from sharing screenshots to protect his followers of all backgrounds.

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  • These incidents highlight the urgent need to address the issue of racial abuse in football and to implement stricter measures on social media platforms to combat online hatred.

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Gender Inequality in Football

Gender inequality has been a longstanding issue in football, with disparities evident in various aspects of the sport. Here are a few examples of gender inequality in football:

Pay Gap

Women footballers, even at the highest levels, earn significantly less than their male counterparts. This pay gap extends to salaries, endorsements, and tournament prize money. For instance, the prize money for the FIFA Women’s World Cup is a fraction of that for the men’s tournament.

Media Coverage

Women’s football often receives far less media coverage than men’s football. This disparity in coverage affects the visibility of the sport and the opportunities for women players to gain recognition and sponsorship deals.

Facilities and Resources

Women’s teams frequently face inadequate facilities, training resources, and investment compared to men’s teams. This can hinder the development and performance of women players.

Representation in Leadership

 There is a lack of women in leadership positions within football organizations, including coaching, administration, and governance roles. This lack of representation can influence decision-making and policies that affect women’s football.

Inequality in Youth Development

In many countries, youth development programs for girls are not as well-funded or organized as those for boys. This inequality at the grassroots level can limit the talent pool and the growth of women’s football.

Stigmatization and Discrimination

Women in football have encountered prejudice and social stigma, with enduring stereotypes surrounding their capabilities within the sport. This can discourage women and girls from participating in football and pursuing careers in the sport.

Limited Opportunities

The number of professional women’s football leagues and teams is smaller compared to the men’s game. This limits opportunities for women players to pursue careers in football, both domestically and internationally.

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Inequalities in Sponsorship

Female footballers often struggle to secure sponsorship deals and endorsements at the same level as male players. This discrepancy in financial support can affect their ability to sustain a career in the sport.

Inadequate Marketing and Promotion

Women’s football has historically been under-marketed and under-promoted. This lack of investment in marketing and promotion has hindered the growth of the women’s football compare to men’s game.

Unequal Treatment

Instances of unequal treatment, such as disparities in travel conditions, medical support, and training facilities, have been reported in women’s football, further highlighting gender inequality in the sport.

These examples demonstrate the ongoing challenges and disparities that women face in football, underscoring the need for continued efforts to promote gender equality in the sport at all levels.

Solutions to address gender inequality and racism in football

Education and Awareness

Promote educational campaigns to raise awareness about equality and discrimination issues in the sport.

Inclusive Policies

Implement policies that ensure equal opportunities for everyone and take a strong stance against discrimination.


Encourage greater diversity in leadership roles within football organization to reflect a broader range of perspectives.

Equal Pay

Strive for equitable compensation structures that bridge the gender pay gap, ensuring fairness for all players.

Stricter Penalties

Enforce penalties for those involved in discriminatory incidents, sending a clear message against such behaviour.

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Player Activism

Support players in using their influence to speak out against discrimination and advocate for inclusivity.

Fan Engagement

Engage with fans to create a welcoming and respectful environment in stadiums, fostering a zero-tolerance approach to racism.

Media Coverage

Collaborate with media outlets to enhance coverage of women’s football and challenge biased reporting.

Grassroots Initiatives

Invest in initiatives at the grassroots level to instil values of diversity and inclusion from an early age.

International Collaboration

Work alongside global football organizations to develop united efforts in combating discrimination.

Continuous Monitoring

Regularly assess progress and collect data on gender and racial disparities to refine strategies as needed.


In conclusion, addressing racism and promoting gender equality in football is imperative for creating a more inclusive and equitable athletic landscape. It requires ongoing efforts from athletes, organizations, and society as a whole to eliminate discrimination, bias, and stereotypes. Achieving these goals not only enhances the sports experience but also reflects the broader pursuit of social justice and equality. Continued education, policy changes, and advocacy are essential to ensure that everyone, regardless of race or gender, has equal opportunities to excel and thrive in the world of sports.

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