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Puma Dive Campaign: A Deep Dive into Its Smart Marketing Strategy and Controversy

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PUMA, a sports brand, has made its mark in the world of cutting-edge immersive engagement with its recent AI-driven campaign, PUMA Dive. Last but not least, the popular cricket star and PUMA ambassador Virat Kohli formally shared the exciting campaign on his social media. He posted an image of himself in a dive, captioned along with the big question to his followers: rate his daredevil try.

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Introduction to the PUMA Dive

PUMA releases AI-led campaign with Virat Kohli | Puma Dive Campaign - KreedOn
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PUMA Dive is a two-month-long drive aimed at getting users to post their best daily dives that happen instinctively. Puma, whether it is the mastery dive into a swimming pool, the free-falling skydiving, or the crowd dives at the concert, means their fans are not shy about showing their version of exhilaration.

Including people through their attendance at PUMA’s offline events, whether planned in malls, stores, or any other scenic location, is also encouraged. The participants are invited to append the hashtag #PUMADive whenever they share their excitement when making a dive. Its motto will be a spirited campaign to bring back the most memorable moments and make the journey entertaining and rewarding.

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As the managing director of Puma India, Karthik Balagopalan highlighted the crucial role that supporters play in establishing the country’s sporting culture. He said Fans are the heart and soul of the sporting culture of our country. As a brand, Puma wants to give these fans a fun way to engage and celebrate iconic moments.

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