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PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019: Here’s all you need to know…

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PMIT: PUBG Mobile India Tour

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Be it Pochinki or Gerogopol, Military Base or Novorepnoye, children across age categories know these locations better than their streets. The PUBG mobile fever in India is at its peak. With the inception of competitive leagues like PMCO, PMIT, etc, the game has given a purpose, a career to many professional gamers.

The game is being presented to the audience from two different perspectives. One being the entertainment part and the other competitive part. People in India have picked up the new taste of watching streams either having entertainment, quality gameplay or both. Recently, an Indian youtuber Mortal crossed watching over 1,30,000 during his livestream. Another streamer Dynamo (Hydra Dynamo) had also crossed a watching of 1,00,000, a few days before Mortal’s feat. If Esports in India is rising fast, a big credit has to go to PUBG.

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PUBG Mobile India Tournament (PMIT) finals concluded on the 20th of October. It was the latest PUBG Mobile Esports tournament organised in India. The highly coveted trophy was lifted by Revenge Esports.

How it started?

The tournament was divided into four regions and each region into four groups. The regions being Hyderabad, Pune, Guwahati and Jaipur. The tournament saw a humongous participation of 4,00,000 players. Four teams from each region went on to qualify for the grand finals held in Kolkata last week.

Teams that qualified for Grand finals

Guwahati Hyderabad Pune Jaipur
8bitRampage Team Skul Orange Rock Revenge Esports
Team GE Beyond your Reach God’s Reign Kill2Survive
Team INS Team AR Team Mayhem Rising Hydra
Team All Stars Saiyan’s Legacy Instinct Shooters Official (ISO) Team Titans


The Wildcard matches

The wild card matches provided the top 4 performing teams a ticket to the grand finals. It was an opportunity for the teams that failed to qualify the regional qualifiers.

Wild card entrants

Team Dignity
BurnX official
Back for Revenge
Team Hyphen


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Point structure

There were two aspects that determined the team’s position in the points table. One being the rank in the game and the second being no. of kills secured.

Position Points (for top 3)

Position Points
1 25
2 20
3 18


Kill Points

Each kill gets a point for the team. The total score and final position in the points table would be the sum of the above two aspects.                 

The Grand Finals

The finals were played over a span of two days on October 19 and 20. The day wise coverage is tabulated below.

Day 1

Match 1: TPP erangel

Position Team Kills Total points
1 Orange Rock 13 38
2 8bitRamapge 10 30
3 Team Dignity 5 23


Match 2: FPP Miramar  

Position Team Kills Total points
1 Revenge Esports 11 36
2 Rising Hydra 9 27
3 Saiyan’s Legacy 9 23


Match 3: TPP Sanhok

Position Team Kills Total points
1 Team All Stars 12 37
2 BurnX Official 5 25
3 Beyond Your Reach 6 24


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Match 4: TPP Vikendi

Position Team Kills Total points
1 Rising Hydra 10 35
2 Team GE 14 34
3 Orange Rock 8 24


Match 5: FPP Erangel

Position Team Kills Total points
1 Revenge Esports 7 32
2 Team All Stars 10 30
3 Team INS 12 30


Day 2


Match 1: TPP Erangel

Position Team Kills Total points
1 Orange Rock 8 33
2 Team INS 12 32
3 Team Mayhem 13 29


Match 2: TPP Miramar

Position Team Kills Total points
1 Revenge Esports 12 37
2 Instinct Shooters Official 9 29
3 Team HYP 10 21


Match 3: FPP Sanhok

Position Team Kills Total points
1 8bitRamapge 16 41
2 Revenge Esports 17 35
3 BurnX Official 3 23


Match 4: TPP Vikendi

Position Team Kills Total points
1 Team All Stars 12 37
2 Team INS 10 30
3 Team HYP 5 23


Match 5: TPP Erangel

Position Team Kills Total points
1 Rising Hydra 11 36
2 Team AR 11 29
3 Team INS 7 27



Overall Standings

Position Team Kills Total points
1 Revenge Esports 60 207
2 Orange Rock 58 196
3 Team INS 58 188


Revenge Esports were declared as the PMIT 2019 winners with a total of 207 points, 11 points ahead of the second placed Orange Rock.


Cash Prizes

  1.   Revenge Esports – ₹ 50 Lakhs (First Position)
  2.   Orange Rock – ₹ 20 Lakhs (Second Position)
  3.   Team INS – ₹ 10 Lakhs (Third Position)

Individual Prizes

8bitGill was awarded ‘The Chosen Won’ and ‘The Anhiliator’ for securing most MVP (Most Valuable Player) and securing highest damage in the tournament respectively. Each award carried ₹50,000.

Team Titan’s SnowFTW won ‘The Wanderer’ and a cash prize of ₹50,000 for travelling the most in game distance throughout the finals.

JokerFTW from Team INS was awarded ‘The Headshot Expert’ for having the highest no. of headshots registered to the enemy.

Revenge Esports won ‘The Exterminators’ and ‘The Grenadiers’ awards for having maximum squad kills and maximum grenade kills respectively. They took home a cash prize of ₹2,00,000 for the awards along with ₹50,00,000 for securing first postion in the tournament.

8bitRampage won the People’s Choice Award which was given based on the result of an online voting phase. They took whom a cash prize of ₹6,00,000.

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