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It’s Time for Pro Volleyball League in India

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A well known and a heavy profit format league India comes one more league called the Pro Volleyball League.

Details of the Pro Volleyball League

Pro Volleyball league kreedon
Pro Volleyball League in India

In addition to the format of the sports league, at the end of the Asian Games in Jakarta, the Volleyball Federation of India (VFI) announced the launch of a league in the second half of 2018.

The Pro Volleyball League has an aim of taking the sport to a higher level, its organisers said.

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The VFI, in association with Baseline Ventures, said in a media discharge that the initiation of the offer bid for the association has begun

The bid documents for prospective franchise owners would be available, the press release said.

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After the announcement of the available bid documents, Joy Bhattacharya, CEO, Pro Volleyball League, said, “In the first season, we are looking at six partners who share our vision of taking the Indian volleyball to the next level as franchise owners.”

“A bidder will be able to bid for two cities of its choice and the final winning bids for the six teams will be chosen as per the eligibility parameters mentioned in the bid document which includes their interest in the development of the sport in India,” said Bhattacharjya.

The format of Pro Volleyball League

Pro Volleyball league kreedon
Pro Volleyball league will have both Indian and International players.
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The league, to be played across two cities in the country, one in North India and the other in South. The league has the plan to feature 18 matches which will be played across two venues which will be indoor, the release said

Moreover, men from the national team over-all FIVB (the international governing body of the sport) part countries will be there in the team, with a predominant Indian player pool.

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Players’ auction will take place in July and franchise owners can bid for the Indian players from a pool of over 90 players. For the foreign player’s recruitment will take place through the player draft, the release added.

With leagues coming up in various sports, one thing is for sure, sports in India is on the right track, and only positive can be expected from here on.

Indian Volleyball finds hope

The federation itself was in a state of civil war, as the league seemed to be almost impossible. The sport had suffered in India, but now it is coming to a stable position as the sports ministry started giving recognition to VFI in July 2017.

Furthermore, much the same as that, the league that Mishra had kept as a vision in 2016 turned out to be more conceivable.

The volleyball league which is known as Pro Volleyball League is said to initiate from September this year, right after the conclusion of Asian games. Organisers stated that six teams will be part of the first edition of the league, which will be played in two centers — one in north and other in the south which is mostly known as the caravan format which Pro Kabaddi League follows.

“If it goes right, Pro Volleyball has the potential to be bigger than kabaddi as well,” Mishra said (Co-founder of Baseline Ventures).

Bhattacharya had stated that they cannot afford mistakes as Indian Volleyball has suffered a lot. Before a guy started the league in 2011, and it shut down with a whimper, as they didn’t do it well enough.

Women’s team in the Volleyball League?

Women will not participate in the first edition of the league, organizers said.

However, plans are to have an all-star game between two women’s teams — one from the north of India and another from the south — on the day of the men’s final in the first edition. In time, the women’s league will also be introduced.

“We want to showcase the women’s game too. Hopefully, in a couple of years we should have a women’s league as well,” said Bhattacharya, he even stated that “If we do a women’s league today, there will be money. There is a huge upsurge in women’s sport and socially it looks great. The problem is the pool of women’s players in the country at the moment. We need at least an 80 to 100 top quality Indian players for the league to go ahead. At this point, our opinion is that that’s not there in India.

“The women’s league is an easy one to market. But if you do it badly or the level of competition is not up to the mark, then it will drop off in two years and we would have basically killed the concept for the future.”

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