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5 Mind-Blowing Pro Kabaddi moves you should know about

The Pro Kabaddi League is in full flow, and entire India is tuning in for matches every evening. And people love every bit of it. The athleticism, the pace and the street smartness of kabaddi players are simply exceptional. It’s no wonder that a lot of youngsters are trying to copy kabaddi moves like 90s kids used to do with Sachin’s straight drives. But which kabaddi moves are amongst some of the most challenging and most popular at the same time? Here are the five most popular Pro Kabaddi moves

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Pro Kabaddi moves | Credits Indian Express

Without a doubt the most famous Pro Kabaddi move for two reasons – The difficulty to pull it off and the man who made it famous, Pardeep Narwal.

Dubki is one of the most difficult attacking moves but equally rewarding at the same time. When defenders surround a raider, and there is almost no way out, dubki comes to the rescue. A raider can try to escape the defensive chains by ducking under to escape through whatever small gap is available.

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But given the agility and quickness this move needs, it is not an easy move to pull off. But if you do, you will be coming back with at least two to three points.

Patna Pirates’ Pardeep Narwal has made this move immensely possible with the extreme success he has found using this move. The Record Breaker has used this move on various occasions to wipe out opposition defences.

Frog Jump

Pro Kabaddi moves | Credits PKL

When executed to perfection, Frog Jump is the most stunning move you’ll ever see on the Kabaddi mat. With the defender coming in full force for a tackle in the lower part of the body, raider launches himself above the defender, literally using defender’s back as a launchpad to get out of the trouble – Stunning!

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Frog jump needs athleticism like most of the kabaddi moves. But most importantly, it requires one to be quick and on your toes to pull it off. Even a second’s delay and the defender will be all over you.

Ajay Thakur of Tamil Thalaivas and Rohit Kumar of Bengaluru Bulls, two captains, two experienced raiders of PKL are known for frog jumps. With both leaders calm and composed in nature, they manage to pull off the frog jump as if it is a piece of cake.

Running Hand Touch

Pro Kabaddi moves | Credits PKL

Running hand touch is the most basic and widely used move in raiding. But it nowhere near simple to pull it off. Yes, its execution is completely in the name – you touch the defender while running. But do you know about the risks involved in it?

It is imperative that the raider keeps his balance during running. Otherwise, a little misstep and defenders will be ready to pounce on. The pace is equally essential for the running hand touch as you have to get in, surprise the defender with the contact and get out, all in the blink of an eye. It is very crucial to be 100% sure about the touch as the pace and inertia are likely to take the raider in the lobby.

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Didn’t think running hand touch had so many layers to it, did you? Rahul Chaudhari has mastered the art of running hand touch as the Showman is the second-best raider in the history of PKL. Last season’s phenomenon and this season’s top raider so far, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat is also the master of this move.

Ankle Hold

Credits PKL

Let’s not forget, the defensive unit in kabaddi also needs to be quick and on their toes all the time. And ankle hold is one of the most effective defensive moves in kabaddi.

As the name suggests, the defender grabs raider’s ankle and pulls the raider back in order to keep him away from the half-line. In the meantime, the rest of the defence can come from the front side to block the raider’s path completely.

Defenders mostly use this move on the corners in order to grab the raider while he is trying to go for the bonus or the toe touch. And yes, this is no easy to move either. The ankle holds needs the sheer strength of the defender to pull the raider back on his own and keep him in the clutches until the rest of the defence arrives.

Most importantly, this move is nothing without perfect timing. It is very important to grab the ankle just in time, or it is an easy touchpoint for the raider.

Last season’s most successful defender, Nitesh Kumar of Up Yoddha and evergreen, Dharmaraj Anna Cheralathan are two top defenders who use this move frequently.


Credits The Sports Mirror

Once again, the name gave it away, didn’t it? Dash is the real test of the defender’s strength. Sometimes, the raider comes in too deep in search of a point or is a little slow to turn around and get back to the half-line. In such cases, a defender from the other end, sprints across and dashes the raider out of the mat.

Strength is obviously the most crucial factor for this move as one defender alone has to make sure that he can dash out the raider. Speed is also equally necessary as the raider must be caught off guard. While pulling off the move, the defender also needs to make sure the part of his body stays on the mat to avoid getting eliminated himself.

And the finest defender who pulls this move off – The Sultan, Fazel Atrachali!

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