Pro Kabaddi League 2019


After its inception in the year 2014, the Pro Kabaddi League has grown into the biggest kabaddi league in the World within no time. With the exponential growth in viewership and popularity in Fantasy Sports (majorly through Dream11), Pro Kabaddi League now counts for the most-watched Indian Sports League outside of IPL. PKL also ranks top in reach vs impressions chart among the non-cricket sports content in India, proving the immense potential of Kabaddi as a youth-oriented Sport. Kabaddi, finds its roots in the Indian history, Kabaddi. 

As a sport, Kabaddi has certainly been rekindled with the introduction of the PKL. The institutionalisation of PKL literally altered the fundamentality of Kabaddi in India from a village sport to unbridled action for a global audience. Popular names from various fields such as cinema, politics have played a huge role in the Pro Kabaddi League’s growth.

After the huge success of Indian Premier League launched in 2008 and its rise through the early 2010s, brands started to realise the potential of marketing through sports in India. With a population of over 1.25 billion constituting a youth majority, India is among the fastest-growing economies. And global brands are always looking for opportunities to benefit in the growth of such economies. 

In the early 2010s, Indian Sports Industry started booming with the launch of new independent leagues in the ecosystem, providing a band of opportunities for global brands to amplify their reach. Leagues like Hockey India League, Indian Super League and Premier Badminton League suddenly flooded the Indian Sports industry in 2013. Although they received a decent response, none of them could make it big. 

The Pro Kabaddi League entered the Indian sports industry in 2014. Mashaal Sports acquired the rights to organise an indoor version of the Kabaddi from the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) and founded the Pro Kabaddi League. Mashaal Sports is a company co-founded by Mr Anand Mahindra, Chairman and Mr Charu Sharma. This was a bold move considering the fact that many leagues failed to copy IPL’s success the very previous year.  However, PKL was welcomed with great traction as Kabaddi turned out to be widely popular in the grassroots community settings in both urban and rural India. 

PKL made a dream start by gaining a viewership of 435 million in a 37-day event. This was a huge figure in 2014. For comparison, IPL 2014 attracted 552 million viewers in the 46 days tournament. After this blockbuster entry, Star Sports acquired 74% stakes of Mashal Sports, thus owning the PKL from then on. After the official announcement, Star India Chief Executive Uday Shankar said, “At STAR India, we believe in putting our energy and resources behind properties that tick four boxes: ambition, honour, bring value to society and have some commercial value.” 

Pro Kabaddi Rules

Kabaddi is a fast-flowing, physical indoor sport, played between 2 teams constituting 7 members each. The main objective is to win the game by scoring more points through the course of the game. A kabaddi game runs for 40 minutes with the duration divided into two equal halves of 20 minutes each. 

How to score points

Points are awarded while attacking as well as defending. In attacking, the ‘raider’ enters the opposite side to tag players in the opponent team and return back safely without getting pinned to the ground. A point is gained for every tagged defender and the tagged player is temporarily ruled out of play.

In defence, successful tackle of the raider by the team earns a point and the privilege of bringing back one tagged defender.

Raid Rules

For a valid raid, the raider should cross the baulk line with at least one foot. Also, the raider must keep uttering “kabaddi” before entering the opposing court. He cannot stop before returns back to his court. A pause in the same shall lead to his return without any point.

The defenders cannot grab anything other than raider’s limbs and torso which is inspected by the officials. Also, the raider has to do it all while remaining within the boundaries of the court, else might lose a point for the same. A specific zone called the ‘lobby’ is active only when the raider has made contact with a defender.

In PKL, a do or die raid is applicable after every 2 empty raids i.e no point raids. In this, the raider has to secure at least one point to avoid his elimination.

Technical Rules

One unsuccessful referral is awarded to each team in order to challenge tags/touches. This is applicable only during the knockout matches. Referees change or retain the decisions based on televised replays.

Also teams can have one In-Play coach consultation of 20 seconds in each half. 


Saffron Sleeve: Current top defender (points earned per match basis)

Green Sleeve: Current top raider of the league (points earned per match basis)

Extra Points

Bonus Line: Active only when the defending team has at least 6-7 players, extra-point to the raider for crossing the same during a raid. 

All Out: 2 extra points is awarded to the team who manages to tag all the opposite players out.

Super Tackle: The defending team is awarded with one extra point for a tackle with less than 4 players, called a ‘super tackle’.


Pro Kabaddi Format

The league follows normal indoor kabaddi rules with some improvisation to encourage high scoring games. A ‘do or die raid’ is triggered after 2 empty raids. In this, the player must score a point or else shall be declared out automatically. Tackles with 3 or less players left on court counts for double the points (2 instead of 1), called a Super Tackle. 

The first season followed the double round robin format with each team playing every other 7 twice during the season. This followed 2 semi-finals, a third place game and the Finals. 

This format continued till Season 4 but after the addition of 4 new teams in the next season, organisers tried to make the bigger season as indulging and challenging as possible. Since season 5, the 12 teams are divided into 2 divisions, Zone A and B with 6 teams in each according to the region. Each team now plays 15 intra-zone games, thrice with rest 5 teams of their zone and 6 inter-zone games, once with every team in the opposite zone. The league does not end here as there is one wild-card inter-zone game left which is drawn randomly for each team.

Thus every team now plays 22 games in the regular season. This is followed by playoff games between the top 3 teams of both zones. Now, playoffs are structured such that the top team of both zones plays qualifier 1 one for the PKL Finals. The winner gets first place in the Finals and the losers gets another chance in qualifier 2. The rest 4 teams plays 2 eliminators in the format given below, followed by another eliminator between the winners of the prior. The winner of the Eliminator 3 now plays in Qualifier 2 with the loser of Qualifier 1 for the 2nd spot in PKL Finals. Apa 

Also, all the teams will be playing 11 matches at each venue in different legs of the season. This way, every team will be hosting all the other teams for one week. This continues for 12 weeks till the end of the season.

Pro Kabaddi First Season

On 20 May 2014, the inaugural auction of players for the 8 participating teams in Pro Kabaddi League was held in Mumbai. These 8 teams were owned by some familiar Indian personalities including actor, producer, Abhishek Bachchan. The auction saw Rakesh Kumar, India's then National captain as the most expensive player, bought by Patna Pirates for ₹12.80 lakhs. He was followed by Deepak Nivas bought by Telugu Titans for ₹12.60 lakh. The highest paid foreign player was Tae DeokEom bought by Pirates for ₹7 lakhs.

The first season lasted 37 days from 26 July 2014 to 31 August 2014. 

The opening game between U Mumbai and Jaipur Pink Panthers saw a rematch in the finals on August 31 at Mumbai. The Pink Panthers defeated U Mumba in the finals by 11 points to bag the first title of PKL. Through the season, Pink Panthers won 10 matches out of 14. Maninder Singh and Jasvir Singh led the team attack combining for 236 raid points for the side. Arjun Awardee Navneet Gautam and Ran Singh had commendable contribution in the defence throughout the season. 

The championship game was viewed  by 86.4 million, adding it to 435 million viewers for the inaugural season. This massive insurgence saw major growth in the brand value of the league. In fact, Star Sports acquired 74% stakes in PKL’s parent company, Mashaal Sports after this tremendous season

Pro Kabaddi Winners

Season 1: Jaipur Pink Panthers

In the Semi Finals of PKL 2014, U Mumba defeated the Bulls 27-23 while Jaipur crushed Patna Pirates 38-18 to set up the first ever Pro Kabaddi League final. In the final, played in Mumbai, the Panthers defeated Mumbai 35-24 to win the first ever PKL Championship. U Mumba’s captain Anup Kumar was named the Player of the Season. He was the best raider of the tournament, winning 155 points for his team.

Season 2: U Mumba 

Led by one of India’s top raiders Anup Kumar, U Mumba won the title in the second season, defeating Bengaluru Bulls 36-30 in the final. Manjeet Chhillar of the Bulls was named the Player of the Season for his all-round performance throughout the tournament.

Season 3: Patna Pirates

U Mumba and Patna Pirates qualified for the semi-finals for the third consecutive time while it was first time for Puneri Paltan and Bengal Warriors in top four. The Pirates defeated Pune 40-21 in the semi-final to enter the final of the tournament for the first time in three attempts. On the other hand, U Mumba defeated Bengal 41-29 to complete the hat-trick of finals.

But the Mumbai based team could not defend the title as Patna Pirates won the final 31-28, bagging a trophy and ₹1 crore in the process. Rohit Kumar of the Pirates was awarded Man of the Series for winning 102 raid points throughout the tournament.

Season 4: Patna Pirates

The Pirates defeated Puneri Paltan in the rematch of precious season’s semi-final while the Panthers won 34-24 against Telugu Titans to return to the final after two years. Patna became the first team to successfully defend the title after beating Jaipur 37-29 in the final.

Season 5: Patna Pirates

The new entrant Gujarat made it to the final in their first-ever season where they faced two times champions Patna Pirates. The title holders won the finals 55-38 to complete the hat-trick of championships.

Season 6: Bengaluru Bulls

The Bulls defeated Gujarat in the first qualifier to enter the final for the second time after 2015. But Gujarat also qualified for the second consecutive final, defeating UP Yoddha 38-31 in the qualifier 2. Bengaluru Bulls, the 2014 semi-finalists and 2015 finalists, finally got their hands on the trophy, after winning the final 38-33. Gujrat, on the other hand, Gujarat suffered second consecutive defeat in the final.



1July 20, 2019Telugu Titans vs U Mumba
2July 20, 2019Bengaluru Bulls vs Patna Pirates
3July 21, 2019Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Fortune Giants
4July 21, 2019Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas
5July 22, 2019U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
6July 22, 2019Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers
7July 24, 2019UP Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors
8July 24, 2019Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
9July 25, 2019Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Tamil Thalaivas
10July 26, 2019UP Yoddha vs Gujarat Fortune Giants
11July 26, 2019Telugu Titans vs Patna Pirates
12July 27, 2019U Mumba vs Puneri Paltan
13July 27, 2019Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengal Warriors
14July 28, 2019Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Haryana Steelers
15July 28, 2019U Mumba vs Bengaluru Bulls
16July 29, 2019Tamil Thalaivas vs Patna Pirates
17July 29, 2019Bengal Warriors vs Puneri Paltan
18July 31, 2019Haryana Steelers vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
19July 31, 2019U Mumba vs UP Yoddha
20August 1, 2019Gujarat Fortune Giants vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
21August 2, 2019Telugu Titans vs UP Yoddha
22August 2, 2019U Mumba vs Gujarat Fortune Giants
23August 3, 2019Patna Pirates vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
24August 3, 2019Bengal Warriors vs Bengaluru Bulls
25August 4, 2019Haryana Steelers vs Tamil Thalaivas
26August 4, 2019Patna Pirates vs Puneri Paltan
27August 5, 2019Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Japir Pink Panthers
28August 5, 2019Gujarat Fortune Giants vs Puneri Paltan

29August 7, 2019UP Yoddha Vs Tamil Thalaivas
30August 7, 2019Patna Pirates Vs Haryana Steelers
31August 8, 2019Telugu Titans Vs Bengaluru Bulls
32August 9, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs U Mumba
33August 9, 2019Patna Pirates Vs UP Yoddha
34August 10, 2019Gujarat Fortunegiants Vs Tamil Thalaivas
35August 10, 2019Puneri Paltan Vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
36August 11, 2019Bengaluru Bulls Vs Haryana Steelers
37August 11, 2019Gujarat Fortunegiants Vs Telugu Titans
38August 12, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs Telugu Titans
39August 12, 2019UP Yoddha Vs Bengaluru Bulls
40August 14, 2019UP Yoddha Vs Haryana Steelers
41August 14, 2019Gujarat Fortunegiants Vs Bengal Warriors
42August 15, 2019Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Puneri Paltan
43August 16, 2019U Mumba Vs Patna Pirates
44August 16, 2019Gujarat Fortunegiants Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
45August 17, 2019Tamil Thalaivas Vs Bengaluru Bulls
46August 17, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
47August 18, 2019Haryana Steelers Vs Telugu Titans
48August 18, 2019Tamil Thalaivas Vs Puneri Paltan
49August 19, 2019U Mumba Vs Haryana Steelers
50August 19, 2019UP Yoddha Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
51August 21, 2019Puneri Paltan Vs Bengaluru Bulls
52August 21, 2019Tamil Thalaivas Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
53August 22, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs Patna Pirates
54August 23, 2019Gujarat Fortunegiants Vs Patna Pirates
55August 23, 2019Tamil Thalaivas Vs U Mumba
56August 24, 2019Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Bengaluru Bulls
57August 24, 2019Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Telugu Titans
58August 25, 2019Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Bengaluru Bulls
59August 25, 2019Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs UP Yoddha
60August 26, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs Haryana Steelers
61August 26, 2019UP Yoddha Vs Puneri Paltan
62August 28, 2019Gujarat Fortunegiants Vs Haryana Steelers
63August 28, 2019Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs U Mumba
64August 29, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs Tamil Thalaivas
65August 30, 2019Telugu Titans Vs Puneri Paltan
66August 30, 2019Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Patna Pirates
67August 31, 2019Bengaluru Bulls Vs Gujarat Fortunegiants
68August 31, 2019U Mumba Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
69September 1, 2019UP Yoddha Vs Bengal Warriors
70September 1, 2019Bengaluru Bulls Vs Tamil Thalaivas
71September 2, 2019Puneri Paltan Vs Haryana Steelers
72September 2, 2019Telugu Titans Vs Tamil Thalaivas
73September 4, 2019Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
74September 4, 2019Bengaluru Bulls Vs Patna Pirates
75September 5, 2019Puneri Paltan Vs U Mumba
76September 6, 2019Patna Pirates Vs UP Yoddha
77September 6, 2019Bengaluru Bulls Vs Telugu Titans
78September 7, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs Gujarat Fortunegiants
79September 7, 2019Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Haryana Steelers
80September 8, 2019Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Tamil Thalaivas
81September 8, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs Puneri Paltan
82September 9, 2019UP Yoddha Vs Gujarat Fortunegiants
83September 9, 2019Tamil Thalaivas Vs Patna Pirates
84September 10, 2019Telugu Titans Vs U Mumba
85September 11, 2019Haryana Steelers Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
86September 11, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs U Mumba
87September 12, 2019Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Patna Pirates
88September 12, 2019Telugu Titans Vs U Mumba
89September 13, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs Bengaluru Bulls
90September 14, 2019Puneri Paltan Vs Gujarat Fortunegiants
91September 14, 2019Tamil Thalaivas Vs Haryana Steelers
92September 15, 2019Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Gujarat Fortunegiants
93September 15, 2019Puneri Paltan Vs Patna Pirates
94September 16, 2019Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs UP Yoddha
95September 16, 2019Telugu Titans Vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
96September 18, 2019U Mumba Vs UP Yoddha
97September 18, 2019Puneri Paltan Vs Tamil Thalaivas
98September 19, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs Haryana Steelers
99September 20, 2019Telugu Titans Vs Patna Pirates
100September 20, 2019Puneri Paltan Vs Bengaluru Bulls
101September 21, 2019Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Gujarat Fortunegiants
102September 21, 2019UP Yoddha Vs Tamil Thalaivas
103September 22, 2019U Mumba Vs Gujarat Fortunegiants
104September 22, 2019Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Bengal Warriors
105September 23, 2019Patna Pirates Vs Haryana Steelers
106September 23, 2019Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Bengaluru Bulls
107September 25, 2019Telugu Titans Vs Bengal Warriors
108September 25, 2019Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Puneri Paltan
109September 26, 2019Patna Pirates Vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
110September 27, 2019U Mumba Vs Bengaluru Bulls
111September 27, 2019Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Telugu Titans
112September 28, 2019Haryana Steelers Vs UP Yoddha
113September 28, 2019Gujarat Fortunegiants Vs Tamil Thalaivas
114September 29, 2019Puneri Paltan Vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
115September 29, 2019Haryana Steelers Vs Gujarat Fortunegiants
116September 30, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
117September 30, 2019Tamil Thalaivas Vs U Mumba
118October 2, 2019U Mumba Vs Patna Pirates
119October 2, 2019Haryana Steelers Vs Bengaluru Bulls
120October 3, 2019Telugu Titans Vs Puneri Paltan
121October 4, 2019Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Bengaluru Bulls
122October 4, 2019Haryana Steelers Vs Telugu Titans
123October 5, 2019UP Yoddha Vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
124October 5, 2019Gujarat Fortunegiants Vs Patna Pirates
125October 6, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs Patna Pirates
126October 6, 2019UP Yoddha Vs Puneri Paltan
127October 7, 2019Telugu Titans Vs Gujarat Fortunegiants
128October 7, 2019Tamil Thalaivas Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
129October 9, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs Tamil Thalaivas
130October 9, 2019UP Yoddha Vs Telugu Titans
131October 10, 2019U Mumba Vs Haryana Steelers
132October 11, 2019Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs U Mumba
133October 11, 2019UP Yoddha Vs Bengaluru Bulls
134October 14, 2019UP Yoddha Vs Bengaluru Bulls
135October 14, 2019U Mumba Vs Haryana Steelers
136October 16, 2019Bengaluru Bulls Vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
137October 16, 2019Bengal Warriors Vs U Mumba
138October 19, 2019Final


Bengal Warriors

The Kolkata-based franchise has been there since the inaugural season but is still to win a title. Although the current team does not feature any member from the inaugural season. 

Bengal has retained two elite players for the seventh season of PKL. Team’s best raider in the sixth season, Maninder Singh is one of them along with right corner defender Baldev Singh.


Bengaluru Bulls

They are the defending champions and also among the favourites going into this season. Bengaluru Bulls defeated the Gujarat Fortune Giants in the finals last season to win their first PKL title. In 2015 edition, they finished runners up after losing to U Mumba in the finals.

The Bulls decided to retain three elite players in the form of Rohit Kumar, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, and Ashish Kumar. They also retained two young players, Amit Sheoran and Sumit Singh. In the auction, the Bulls spent ₹80 lakh for Mahender Singh, the team’s most expensive buy of 2019.


Dabang Delhi

Owned by Radha Kapoor, the Delhi Franchise reached the playoffs of the competition for the first time previous season.

Dabang Delhi decided to change most of their team, retaining just two elite players – Meraj Sheykh and Joginder Narwal. Delhi bought Chandran Ranjit for ₹70 lakh, making the raider team’s most expensive buy of the 2019 auction.


Gujarat Fortunegiants

Gujarat Fortune Giants made it to back-to-back finals in its first 2 seasons in the league. But they ran out of luck, as they ended runners up in both outings.

Gujarat retained their last season’s best raider Sachin and defender Sunil Kumar for the seventh season. Along with these two elite players, The Giants also retained two young players – Lalit Chaudhary and Rohit Gulia.


Jaipur Pink Panthers

The Abhishek Bachchan owned, Pink Panthers never lived up to the expectation after winning the inaugural season of the league. Pink Panthers would be hoping to make a solid run in the upcoming season.

Jaipur has retained their best players from the last season Deepak Niwas Hooda and Sandeep Kumar Dhull. They have also retained young superstars Ajinkya Pawar and Lokesh Kaushik. In the auction, Amit Hooda was Jaipur’s most expensive buy for ₹53 lakh.


Haryana Steelers

Haryana Steelers finished bottom in Zone A last season, after making it to the playoffs in its first season. Steelers would be eyeing at a better result in the upcoming season.


Patna Pirates

Led by the most promising young star in Indian Kabaddi, Pardeep Narwal, Patna Pirates is the only team in the history of PKL to achieve a 3-peat, winning 3 consecutive titles. This makes them the most successful franchise in the league.

The Pirates retained Pardeep Narwal, Vikas Jaglan, and Jawahar Dagar for the seventh season. Surender Nada was Patna’s most expensive player at ₹ 77 lakh.


Puneri Paltan

After having finished at the bottom in their first 2 seasons, Puneri Paltan has a lot to prove in the upcoming season.

The only team to not retain any of the players from the previous squad. Although, they did get a few of the players back in the auction. Nitin Tomar was Pune’s most expensive buy, with the raider going for ₹ 1.2 crores.


Tamil Thalaivas

The Chennai-based franchise is co-owned by the legendary Sachin Tendulkar. They would be planning to up their performance after 2 consecutive failures since their entry in the league.


Telugu Titans

A Veera Sports’ subsidiary, and 2-time runners up, Telugu Titans would aiming at their first championship this season by gaining early leads hosting the opening week.


U Mumba

Owned by Unilazer Ventures, run by Mumbai based Ronnie Screwala, U Mumba won the second season in 2015.

U Mumba retained Captain Fazel Atrachali, Rajaguru Subramanian, and Arjun Deshwal in the list of elite players. Sandeep Narwal was Mumbai’s most expensive buy (₹89 lakh)


U.P. Yoddha

Coached by Jasveer Singh and Arjun Singh, the greater Noida based franchise have been a consistent performer in their first 2 seasons since 2017.

Up retained their two elite players Amit Narwal and Sachin Kumar. Raider Monu Goyat was UP’s most expensive buy in the 2019 auction for ₹93 lakh. The team used the Final Bid Match (FBM) card to buy back Shrikant Jadhav for ₹68 lakh.



Total Points

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat360

Raid Points

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat346

Tackle Points

Fazel Atrachali82

Successful Raids

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat262

Super Raids

Pradeep Narwal15

Super 10s

Naveen Kumar22

Total Points

Dabang Delhi K.C.890

Raid Points

Bengaluru Bulls533

Tackle Points

Puneri Paltan264

Do or Die raid points

Jaipur Pink Panthers80


1Bengal Warriors22145383
2Bengaluru Bulls221110164
3Dabang Delhi K.C.22154385
4Gujarat Fortunegiants22713251
5Haryana Steelers22138171
6Jaipur Pink Panthers22911258
7Patna Pirates22813151
8Puneri Paltan22712348
9Tamil Thalaivas22415337
10Telugu Titans22613345
11U Mumba22128272
12U.P. Yoddha22137274


Title Sponsor of the PKL shifted from Star Sports (2013-16) to Vivo (2017-19).
Central Sponsors: VIVO, Thums Up, Tata Motors, Bajaj Electricals, Dream 11, Gillette, Honda, RR Kabel, Ultratech, Britannia, Mcdowell’s & HDFC life
Following a multi-franchise model, BKT Tires signed a partnership with 7 out of 12 PKL franchises in the previous season. This was the first time that such a model was being followed outside of the IPL in India. The teams namely were Patna Pirates, Puneri Paltan, Tamil Thalaivas, Telugu Titans, U.P. Yoddha, Bengaluru Bulls and Haryana Steelers for the 6th season.