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PBL 4: Lakshya Sen & Carolina Marin thrashes Delhi Dashers 5-0

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As a result of the emphatic win, the Aces leapfrog to the third position.

India’s brightest shuttling prodigy Lakshya Sen had little inhibitions while competing, and eventually defeating his elder brother, Chirag Sen in the PBL Season 4.

Even though not all results went his way in the past have faced more experienced shuttlers, the 17-year-old has improved his performances over the time.

Sen’s first win in 5 men’s singles matches set the stage for Pune 7 Aces who defeated Delhi Dashers by a dominating score of a 5-0 victory at `The Arena by SE TransStadia’ in Ahmedabad yesterday.

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The reigning Asian Junior Champion and runner-up at last year’s World Junior Championship, Canada, did not win the match in a straightforward fashion though. The siblings were engulfed in a scuffle for the better part of the match. However, it was the younger of the two siblings that got the better of the elder. Lakshya also defeated Chirag in a junior tournament in Pune a couple of years ago.

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He added a vital point to the two other massive ones by Line Kjaersfeldt and Vladimir Ivanov in what was their Trump match in the mixed doubles opener.

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After them, it was Carolina Marin’s turn to play around with the World No. 28 Russian Evgeniya Kosetskaya to virtually seal the Tie 21 for the Aces.

Aces, who entered the fixture placed fifth in the PBL table, then picked up another point in the men’s doubles, that was nominated as the Dashers’ Trump match. Even though Tommy Sugiarto pulled the consolation for the Dashers in the last match, it was an eventful day for the Aces. The emphatic win saw the Aces frog jump to the third place in the league table.

Final Results

Pune 7 Aces 5-0 Delhi Dashers

Vladimir Ivanov & Line Kjaersfeldt (Trump Match) vs Jongjit Maneepong & Evgeniya Kosetskaya | 15-9, 14-15, 15-8

Lakshya Sen vs Chirag Sen | 15-12, 15-11

Carolina Marin vs Evgeniya Kosetskaya | 15-5, 15-6

Boe Mathias & Chirag Shetty vs Chai Biao & Jongjit Maneepong (Trump Match) | 9-15, 15-10, 15-13

Brice Leverdez vs Tommy Sugiarto | 7-15,14-15

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