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Top 6 Famous Powerlifters of all Times

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, a later day Governor of the state of California and an iconic Hollywood actor, was initially a powerlifter. The son of a police officer who started lifting weights from the age of 14, participated in several powerlifting contests during his early days. He has even won the German Powerlifting Championship twice.

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So if you have hang-ups about being a strongman, take a cue from Arnold. Remember he strode multiple worlds: sports, Hollywood, and politics. He was Mr Universe by the time he turned 20. He was the lead star in a slew of movies, including the blockbuster Terminator. So here’s calling out all Arnold fans to India Throwdown’s Powerlifting championship. Who better than the famous Hollywood actor and US politician to inspire us?

Do you think you have to be super heavy to win?

Image Source: The Guardian

No. Please meet the lightest person to cross the magical 2400 lbs mark: Ed Coan. Owning 71 world records, he won world titles in four different weight classes. The all-time best numbers in powerlifting total at 2,463 pounds stand by his name. A book on his life titled COAN The Man, The Myth, The Method: The Life, Times & Training of The Greatest Powerlifter of All-Time, written by Marty Gallagher is a must-read.

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If you would like to do a Coan, you need to start now. And what could be a better place than the India Throwdown’s Powerlifting championship? Come, and we will receive you with open hands.

India’s Powerlifting champions

Mukesh Gehlot

India has its share of superstars too. Take Mukesh Gehlot? ‘Guruji,’ as he is called, is an engineer who began to train in bodybuilding in 1997 under the tutelage of the latter-day Dronacharya awardee, Bhupender Dhawan. His 20-year career has been nothing short of sensational. He was the winner of the Mr India title, first in 2008, and thrice later, as well.

Image Source: Twitter

In 2012, he took to powerlifting and won two gold medals at the British Open Powerlifting Championship in the same year.  Four years later, he bagged gold at the World Powerlifting Championship (2016), and in 2017 again came up trumps at Pro Olympia Powerlifting championship held in Las Vegas. Come to India’s Throwdown and show the mettle to be India’s next Gehlot.

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Gaurav Sharma

Another student of the Dronacharya Awardee Bhupendra Dhawan is the mahant from Chandni Chowk, Gaurav Sharma. This athlete has four Commonwealth and two World Powerlifting Championship gold medals to his name!  Whatever walk of life you may be hail from, you mustn’t deprive yourself of sports carnivals as India Throwdown. You could well be the next Gaurav Sharma!

Mohammed Azmat

If you thought management grads don’t become powerlifters, you are wrong. Mohammed Azmat is from a B-school and has over 18 years of experience in IT Project Management. He began powerlifting 25 years ago, and despite a full day job, never fails to train. He set a world record at the Asian WPC  Powerlifting in Russia in July 2018 by deadlifting 295 kgs, his body weight is 97 kgs. Come to India’s Throwdown, and throw your weight around, as this 41-year old had.

Image Source: strong-gym-rr.ogg

Okay, you are a woman. So you won’t be able to participate here. Right? Wrong. Women are welcome at India Throwdown. In fact, we believe that women must lift weights. We do not like it when women are told: “If you keep lifting weights and you will look like a man.” Nor do we stand by the notion that girls go to the gym to meet guys. Lives of stars as Becca Swanson stand testimony.

A mechanical engineer by qualification and a financial analyst by profession, this 5ft 10in American lass who weighs 110 kgs could not break into bodybuilding and so she took to powerlifting. And my God, how. She became a legend, holding multiple world records — highest squat (854 pounds), highest deadlift (683 pounds), and highest bench press (600 pounds). Beccan Swanson is the only woman to total plus 2000 pounds in a meet on the same day.

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S Logapriya

So you are in your teens.  How can you participate? Turn to S Logapriya for inspiration. A teenager who is currently pursuing a bachelors in business administration, she was Raised by a single mother. Her affair with powerlifting itself was to distract her from the events at home. Her parents were not on talking terms when she took up powerlifting.

She starts training at 6 in the morning, then goes to college. After college, she trains again until 9.30 PM.  She successfully defended her gold medal at the national championships recently and will be travelling to South Africa as part of the Indian contingent to take part in the World Sub-Junior and Junior Powerlifting Championships.

Majiziya Bhanu

Image Source: Scoopwhoop

Kerala’s Majiziya Bhanu is India’s rising star. A BDS student,  woman in hijab turned to powerlifting after she was disallowed from entering a boxing ring wearing braces. Thrice the ‘Strong Woman of Kerala,’ she won a silver medal in the Asian Powerlifting Championship in 2017. That’s what sports are about. It leaves a legacy in sands of time. At India throwdown, you can test your skills, display your strength and see where you stand.

If a Hijab can’t stop her, what is stopping you? We can’t wait to see you at India Throwdown.

Just drop by and participate at our events. It could well be your start to greatness!

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