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Pool Game: Origin, Types, Rules, Dimensions | Everything You Need to Know

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The cue sport known as the pool is an indoor game played on a table with six pockets along the rails, where balls are dropped. A few of the more well-known names for different types of pool games are 8 ball, blackball, nine-ball, ten-ball, seven-ball, straight pool, one-pocket, and bank pool. The pool game known as “eight-ball” is the most popular. In this blog, we will look at pool game origin, rules, types, table dimensions, etc.

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Origin & History of Pool Game

Pool Game: Origin, Types, Rules, Dimensions, 8 ball | KreedOn
Image Source- Wikipedia

Except for one-pocket, modern pool games are descendants of two English games that were brought to America in the 19th century. English pool was the first, and it later evolved into the American four-ball pool, which is essentially the same game with an additional red object ball to maximize scoring possibilities. Up until the carom game straight rail usurped it as the preferred billiards game in the middle of the 19th century. The final professional tournament was conducted in 1876. In the 1870s, American four-ball tournaments tried moving to carom tables, but this did not prevent it from being consigned to oblivion. The only surviving game in this collection is cowboy pool.

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Pyramid Pool was the second and more significant game. A variation known as the fifteen-ball pool gained popularity by 1850. In 1888, the continuous pool, the predecessor of the straight pool, replaced both games (1910). By the beginning of the 20th century, new games such as Kelly pool and eight-ball were developed. By 1889, pool balls had acquired their unique look, which included a variety of colors and a distinction between solid and striped balls. Object balls were uniformly deep red and solely distinguished by numbers before this. The first to use colored balls were English players of the life pool and pyramid pool. The final element was the stripes.

Pool Game: Rules & Regulations

The rules of the pool game are quite simple. The rules say that you need to pot all of your designated balls (either stripes or solids) and then pot the 8 ball, thus winning the pool game.

Pool Game Rules | KreedOn
Image Source- Uken Games
  • The ball must be “cleanly” pocketed.  On the route into the pocket, no other ball may be touched.
  • To pocket the object ball first, the cue ball must always strike it.
  • Before striking a rail, the cue ball must strike the object ball.
  • Just once may the cue ball come into contact with the object ball before entering the pocket.
  • A player loses the game if he fouls three times in a row on three consecutive shots without making an intervening legal shot.

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Types of Pool Game

8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool | KreedOn
Image Source- WinZO

8 ball, which first appeared at the turn of the twentieth century, is the pool variation that is played the most frequently. It is frequently regarded as being equivalent to the word “pool”. There are several, primarily regional, versions of the game. It is the professional pool game that is played the most after nine-ball, and over the past several decades, it has surpassed straight pool in popularity.

The object of eight-ball, which is played with a full rack of fifteen balls and the cue ball, is to legally pocket the 8 ball while denying one’s opponent the opportunity to do the same with their suit and without sinking the 8 ball early by mistake. Suits are typically stripes or solids in the US and reds or yellows in the UK. The game is frequently played in pubs in the United Kingdom, and leagues on both sides of the Atlantic feature competitive play. The International Pool Tour sponsors and approves the most renowned competitions, including the World Open.

One Pocket

Each player is given one of the table’s four corner pockets in this two-player strategy game. That player is only permitted to legally pocket balls into this pocket. The winner of the game is the first player to place the majority of the balls (8) into their pocket. The game is very different from eight-ball, nine-ball, or straight pool in that it demands significantly more defensive technique than attacking strategy. Most of the time, skilled players opt to place the ball close to their pocket instead of attempting to truly pocket it. 

This gives them influence over the game by making their opponent play defense rather than shooting a low-probability shot that would end the game. One-pocket enthusiasts refer to these low-probability shots as “flyers”.

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Artistic Pool

The trick shot competition known as “artistic pool” was influenced by the carom counterpart. Players must execute a predetermined number of shots of changing difficulty in this game played on pool or snooker tables.

Bank Pool

Although a complete rack can be used (making for a longer game), nine balls are most commonly used when playing bank pool (frequently called “nine-ball bank”). No specific order is followed when the balls are stacked in a nine-ball arrangement. The game’s only goal is to bank five balls in any order (eight balls when played with a full rack). In that, the player who commits the foul must place a ball for every foul, penalties and fouls are comparable to one pocket. You have to accomplish this before the player coming at you fires.

Dimensions of Pool table

Pool Game: Origin, Types, Rules, Table Dimensions, 8 ball pool | KreedOn
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7-foot pool tables have a playing surface that is 39″ by 78″. 8-foot tables measure 44 by 88. 50″ x 100″ tables at 9 foot. 

Pool Stick Dimension 

Pool Game: Origin, Types, Rules, 8 ball pool, Table & Stick Dimensions | KreedOn
Image Source- IndiaMart

Pool or cue sticks typically measure 59 inches (150 cm) in length, weigh between 17 and 21 ounces (0.48 and 0.60 kg), with 19 ounces (0.54 kg) being the most popular weight, and have a tip diameter between 12 and 14 mm.

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How to play 8 Ball Pool online?

Download 8 Ball Pool online on your PC or laptop and become a professional player. To improve your skills, you can invite your friends and compete against them.

What is a game of pool called?

The game of pool is known as billiards. The cue sport known as the pool is played on a table with six pockets along the rails, where balls are dropped.

Was snooker invented in India?

In the latter half of the 19th century, Snooker Game originated among British Army officers stationed in India.

What is the dimensions of pool table?

7-foot pool tables have a playing surface that is 39″ by 78″. 8-foot pool tables measure 44″ by 88″.

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