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The Importance of Physical Activity for Children: Benefits and Exercises

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Let us take you on a journey into an imaginary world where the children’s play and laughter interact with the magic of movement. If you wonder how much time youngsters should be allowed to do the physical activity, then this article gives the answer. It’s not a matter of rules but creating some kind of place where play is not only amusing but allows us to get healthy and happy kids. From children who play at the generous pace of a toddler, right up to big kids taking advantage of everyday opportunities, movement and play go hand in glove. Let us reveal how ordinary things that we are used to doing in our everyday life can be filled with the essence of laughter, movement, and true joy of being active – something that is inherent to childhood. Get set for the shot of a play and discover.

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Benefits of Exercise for Children 

Exercise and Children - The Importance of Physical Activity for Children: Benefits and Exercises | KreedOn
Image Source: Healthline
  • It keeps their heart and muscles strong, builds up the health of their bones, makes them smarter in class the list is pretty long.
  • Fooling doses prevent the formation of obesity and allowing dodging such ailments as diabetes, cardiovascular agony and some cancers.
  • They do not even join them for the game but because it helps promote their confidence, allows them to make friends, and teaches them that both winners and losers should be good sports.
  • It does not mean that being active is just playing sports but also doing things that make children happy, inspired and using their imagination, like being superheroes on a mission or being explorers of the world.

Duration of Exercises for Different Age Groups 

Babies (under 1 year)

Image Source: frostedevents.com

For babies that still can’t crawl, you need to put a good deal of floor play in front of your child. Tummy time in the American menu by definition should be performed 30 minutes per day even if the baby cannot stay awake longer.

Toddlers (1-3 years)

The Importance of Physical Activity for Children: Benefits and Exercises | KreedOn
Image Source: ckphu.com

The kids aged between 1 to three years need at least about 3 hours of strenuous playtime daily. This keeps them active and remains in good health at this early period of their lives.

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Preschoolers (3-5 years)

The Importance of Physical Activity for Children: Benefits and Exercises | KreedOn
Image Source: Medical Xpress

Physically, this age group of the children should be active for an average of three hours every day at least one hour in vigorous play. Playful activities cannot be neglected because of their importance to their development as well as well-being.

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School-Aged Kids (5-18 years)

The Importance of Physical Activity for Children: Benefits and Exercises | KreedOn
Image Source: verywellfamily.com

Children aged between 5 and 18 years should engage in about an hour of moderate to vigorous physical activities or sports on a daily basis. Further, they ought to perform exercises which build the muscles and bones at least three days a week. This may include funny energizing games.

Different Physical Activities for Children

Sr. No Physical Activities for Children
1 Jumping Jacks
2 Hula Hooping
3 Obstacle Course
4 Dance Party
5 Balancing Act
6 Hopscotch
7 Nature Scavenger Hunt
8 Bike Riding
9 Mountain Climbers
10 Jump Rope
11 Strength Exercise with Bodyweight
12 Yoga

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks | KreedOn
Image Source: hhp.ufl.edu

For general purpose and for children from 5 years upwards. It is an excellent cardiovascular workout and improves balance in the body.


  • The stance should be on both feet in a closed position and the arms at your sides.
  • Jump and in the air; spread your leg while lifting your hands above your head.

Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping | KreedOn
Image Source: nspt4kids.com

This is recommended for kids who are 4 and above. It increases core strength, equilibrium, and motor function.


  • Hip circular motion spins the hoop.
  • Do make an attempt to keep the hoop afloat – it’s an interesting game.

Obstacle Course

Obstacle Courses - The Importance of Physical Activity for Children: Benefits and Exercises | KreedOn
Image Source: obstacleninja.com

Adjust the difficulty so that it suits the age of the child. The younger kids (3-6 years old) have to have simple arrays while the older ones (7 and above) can manage more advanced courses.


  • You should set up cones, hoops, and tunnels and complete a course to/in order to.
  • Add a series of activities such as crawling under the tables, jumping over obstacles or weaving through gates.

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Dance Party

Dance Party Kids - The Importance of Physical Activity for Children: Benefits and Exercises | KreedOn
Image Source: sport4kids.biz

It is a great way for children to create and have some fun while developing cardiovascular health.


  • Switch on music having a good beat.
  • Promote free movement, jumping, spinning, running around freely.
  • Let creativity flow!

Balancing Act

The Importance of Physical Activity for Children: Benefits and Exercises | KreedOn
Image Source: Dreamstime

It is also suitable to be used with older kids of age three and above. Balancing exercises play a necessary role to enhance one’s stability and posture.


  • Place the left foot on the floor and hold for about five seconds while raising the right leg.
  • Once you are able to stand on one foot, try a walk in a straight path.
  • Switch legs and repeat.


kids playing hopscotch | KreedOn
Image Source: reactivenj.com

Ideal for children 4 years of age and above. It improves balance coordination and agility.


  • You should hop onto the numbered squares on a hopscotch grid drawn in the ground.
  • Jump over the squares, except the one with a marker on it.
  • On your return, bring the marker back to you.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt Kids Summer Activity | KreedOn
Image Source: makeandtakes.com

Designed for any age, with variations dependent on the level of a hunt. It brings together the sport aspect and outdoor adventure.


  • Make a list of natural resources (leaves, stones, flowers etc.)
  • Walk outdoors, look for these items.

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Bike Riding

Bike Riding | KreedOn
Image Source: aucklandforkids.co.nz

Beginning age is usually at 3 to 5 years old with training wheels and then progressing to independence as they grow. It is an excellent training routine that strengthens the legs and improves cardiovascular fitness.


  • First, orient children to use training wheels.
  • As they get to have more confidence, slowly remove the training wheels.
  • Enjoy rides in secure and controlled surroundings.

Mountain Climbers

Rock climbing: adults & children | KreedOn
Image Source: mountainskills.biz

Mountain climbers are considered a cardiovascular dynamic exercise in that it also focuses on the abs and adds to their power. Best for children over 10 years.


  • Alternatively, bend your knees close to the chest simulating running motion.
  • This is a tough session, so you need to continue working at the same speed.

Jump Rope

Image Source: mirror.co.uk

Jumping rope is a widely used and known cardio workout. This set is suitable for children who are accompanied by an adult or 10 years old and older.


  • It is best to hold the handles in one hand each.
  • Stand under a rope and swing it over your head before jumping over it by both feet.
  • You may want to double variations like the double unders.

Strength Training with Bodyweight

Strength Training | KreedOn
Image Source: T Nation

Strengthening exercises that use only your body weight such as squats, lunges and push-ups are performed without any equipment. Suitable to children of 10 and above.


  • Squats: Sit down until you reach the ground with your knees as then make a stand-up motion.
  • Lunges: Step forward with one leg but make sure that you squat to lower your hips and return to the starting point.
  • Push-ups: Maintain straight posture, lower and raise your body using your arms.


Kids Yoga | KreedOn
Image Source: TripSavvy

Further, Yoga for kids from the age of 10 years and above improves the physical components of flexibility, strength while providing mental concentration simultaneously with offloading stress through mindful breathing and poses.


  • To start with, make sure that you incorporate poses such as Downward Dog, Warrior, and Tree Pose.
  • Turn your attention into deep breathing and mindfulness.

One should never forget that all exercises are done to proper form and the factors such as fitness level and personal interests should be considered. However, in case of any preexisting condition that worries about fitness, it is always better to seek advice from a doctor before embarking on an exercise program.

Finally, adding different workouts such as burpees, mountain climbers as well as yoga for kids above 10 make up the comprehensive approach to health and fitness that strengthens them physically and mentally helping them become more flexible, concentrated, and healthy in all aspects of life. Engagement in these activities regularly makes them commit to a healthy lifestyle over their entire life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of physical activity for children? 

Physical activity benefits children’s cardiorespiratory fitness, bone and muscle strength, weight management, coordination, cognitive development, and mental well-being.

How much physical activity do children need?

Physical activity recommendations for children vary by age. Preschoolers (ages 3-5) should be active throughout the day, while children and adolescents (ages 6 and older) need 60 minutes of daily moderate to vigorous activity, along with bone and muscle-strengthening exercises a few times a week.

How can parents and caregivers encourage physical activity for children?

Parents and caregivers can support children’s physical activity by being active role models, providing opportunities for active play, limiting screen time, and creating safe environments.

How can physical activity be integrated into educational lessons?

Physical activity can be integrated into educational lessons through movement-based games, songs, stories, or challenges that reinforce learning objectives in various subjects. For instance, children can engage in activities like mimicking animal movements, counting steps or jumps, spelling words with their bodies, or exploring nature.

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