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Complete list of all the Pardeep Narwal records

Pardeep Narwal is one of the most successful players in the world’s biggest Kabaddi league. The Former Patna Pirates captain and currently playing for UP Yoddha has been the poster boy of PKL. He has broken and establishment a ton of records in his 8 seasons in the Pro Kabaddi League. He has also been an integral part of the Indian National Kabaddi Team, helping them win medals since 2016. Born on 16 February 1997, Pardeep has been defying the age bars ever since he moved to Patna Pirates franchise. Here is the complete list of all Pardeep Narwal records and achievements that proves he is the biggest star in the Pro Kabaddi League. 

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Most Raid points in PKL

ESPN KreedOn
Credits: ESPN

In his 8 seasons long career in PKL, Pardeep has scored 1568 raid points, 337 ahead of Maninder Singhi’s 1231. This makes him the first player in the history of PKL to reach 1500 raid points. He has achieved this at 10.24 raid points per season in the 153 played matches. Only Naveen Kumar (10.98) has a better average than Pardeep.

Most Super Raids in PKL

Super raid KreedOn
Credits: Neo Press

The UP Yoddha’s ace also leads the league in Super Raids with a huge margin of 31, ahead of Maninder Singh. He has 73 super raids in 8 seasons so far. Pardeep also scored 18 super raids in Season 5, which is the most super raids in a single season. 

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Most Super 10s in PKL 

Super 10s KreedOn
Credits: India Today

Pardeep Narwal also tops the list of Super 10s in PKL history with 79, 16 ahead of Maninder Singh’s 63 super 10s. He has scored more than 10 super-10s in four seasons of PKL.

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Most points in a single season of PKL

Single Season most point KreedOn
Credits: Pro Kabaddi

Dubki King is also the only player ever to score more than 350 points in a single season, scoring 369 in PKL season 5. He also averaged record 14.19 points per match for the whole season. 

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Second-Most points in a single game

8 Point raid KreedOn
Credits: Khel Kabaddi

Patna Pirates, a team that has won the championship three times, holds the record for the highest-scoring match in Pro Kabaddi Season 7 with a 69-41 victory against Bengal Warriors. Out of the total 110 points scored in the match, Pardeep Narwal alone contributed an impressive 36 points.

Most points in a single raid

In a remarkable display, Pardeep Narwal, while playing for Patna Pirates in season 5, secured an incredible 8 points in a single raid by successfully eliminating the entire defense of Haryana Steelers, resulting in an all-out. This achievement stands as the highest number of points scored by a player in a single raid throughout the history of the Pro Kabaddi League.

Most MVPs in PKL

MVP KreedOn
Credits: Firstpost

After all the above feats, it is pretty obvious that Pardeep Narwal has won multiple Most Valuable Player awards in PKL. He won 2 consecutive MVPs for season 5 and 6 before even turning 21. He is the first of the only two players to win multiple MVPs in the history of PKL that too in consecutive seasons. Naveen Kumar equaled the record by winning the MVP award in season 7 & 8.

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Maximum Best Raider Awards

Best raider KreedOn
Credits: Firstpost

Pardeep Narwal equaled Rahul Chaudhari bagging 2 Best Raider Awards in season 5 & 6. He would be aiming for the third in the upcoming season 10 of Pro Kabaddi League. 

30 or More Points Twice in a Single Game

20 point game KreedOn
Credits: The Financial Express Pardeep narwal records

Pardeep Narwal is the only player to score 30 or more points in a single game twice. The raider scored 34 points against Haryana Steelers in season 5 and 36 against Bengal Warriors in season 7. Pawan Sehrawat and Rohit Kumar have achieved this feat once in their career of PKL.

Triple-Ton in a Single Season Twice

double ton KreedOn
Source: Pro Kabaddi Pardeep narwal records

Pardeep is the first of the only two players in PKL history to score triple-ton (300) points in a single season twice (Season 5 & 7). Pawan Sehrawat joined Pardeep after pulling off the feat consecutively in season 7 & 8. 

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