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Athlete Performance Analysis Program by Auptimo Technologies

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Auptimo technologies has launched an ‘ Athlete Performance Analysis Program’ to initiate grass root level development in sports by providing world class health and fitness facilities to budding athletes along with their usual sports training. The program has been launched with two major objectives:

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1.    Increasing on-field performance of a player

2.    Reduce chances of injury of the player.

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For a player to perform well on the field, it is important that the body remains fit. If the muscles and joints in a player’s body are not given strength and conditioning regularly, they become weak and imbalanced. This can also happen due to any previous injuries, poor technique or by birth too.

In such a scenario the athlete is not able to perform to his full potential and becomes vulnerable to injuries. For e.g. If the shoulder muscles of a cricket bowler are weak, he will not be able to generate enough pace in his bowling. If the oblique muscles of a cricket batsman are not strong enough, he will have problems executing a perfect pull shot.

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Similarly, if the knee joint complex of a badminton player is not stable, he will have problems executing a jump smash. If a marathon runner has a pronated foot(a condition when the shock absorbing power of the foot gets affected) he will start experiencing shin and knee pains while going for long runs. All in all ,if the body structure is weak , the performance of an athlete will be lowered and chances of injury will get increased irrespective of the game he is playing.


We have a team of video analysts, physiotherapists and sports professionals who perform a full body motion analysis of the player to identify such problems and also provide him exercises to correct that problem which reduces injury problems and improves his performance in the field.

This entire process is done in two stages:

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The running motion of the player is recorded using high speed video cameras. After this, our video analyst and physiotherapist analyse the recorded video and examine the body mechanics of the player. Once the analysis is complete our team discusses the entire assessment with the player and the coach.


After discussing the assessment, the player is required to come to our specialised sports clinic in Delhi NCR where he is given a detailed exercise plan and proper therapy to strengthen his body structure and improve his performance.

To examine the amount of progress that being made, we repeat this analysis after 3 months ,6 months and 12 months.

Athletes from all disciplines like cricket , track events, badminton ,tennis etc. can benefit from this program. Currently we have launched this program in Delhi NCR but we hope to expand to other states soon.    

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