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Tips to Encourage Outdoor Sports in Your Kids | From Backyard to Triumph

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From bad weather conditions to running noses, nothing stopped us from going out to play in the evening. Playing badminton regularly with friends was a favorite pastime. Or who can forget the board game nights spent with family? Sadly, most of us couldn’t turn our sports hobbies into passion. And after the onset of technology, all this seems to be a thing of the past. Help your kids define a new way to success by taking up Outdoor Sports.

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Tips to Encourage Outdoor Sports in Your Kids | From Backyard to Triumph | KreedOn
Remember the times when playing Marbles was your favorite pastime after sports? Image Source:

From physical to mental benefits, a good sports education for kids can help our children develop strong personalities. Our secular love for sports is introduced to us as our hobby and remains there. But see examples, where kids and their passion for sports have led them to achieve greater things in life, much beyond books and cliché jobs.

Shubham Jaglan,, Image Source- India Times

For example, Shubham Jaglan is a 17-year-old Junior World Golf Champion from Panipat. His passion for golf ignited well in his toddler days and his determination to continue despite hurdles and hardships didn’t stop him from setting his mark in golf. With Shubham and many more kids genius athletes like him, we entrust our faith in sports for a bright future for our kids.

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What you can do to nourish and flourish sports in your kids

Be Selective in Choosing the Sport

If your kid feels an inclination towards sports activities, be observant about what sport they chose and how interested they feel towards their game. Notice their strengths and weaknesses in the game and encourage them to overcome and master their skills.

Let your kid athletes master their basics. Image Source:

Help them master the basics

Your kid cannot master his/her sport unless they are not habitual to the fundamental physical activity in their routine. Workouts & exercise, swimming, running, and hiking are some of the good options to master your stamina.

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Keep it Low Key

Encourage your kids to practice but don’t make it hard for your kids at home. Just make it fun for them and support their interest. Help them out – emotionally. HS Prannoy was constantly supported by his father in playing badminton, right from when he was a kid.

Ask out their choices from time to time

As kids grow up, their preferences might change from time to time. Involve them in conversations about how passionately are they liking the sport, what part of the game they want to master in, which coaching institute they want to join, who they idolize in their favorite sport, etc.

What is a real commitment explain to them

Initially it might happen that after a few practices your child would want to quit or is struggling to find interest in the sport or it’s harder than what they expected. But help them learn that if they stick with it for a while, their skills will improve and they might like it enough to play for longer.

See the bigger picture, not just their scores

Playing a sport is about the spirit and improving your game. Don’t put the pressure on winning and rankings for your kids. Instead, discuss overall experiences with them and get to know their growth in their game. Also, never compare the growth chart of your child’s game with someone else’s.

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  • Never forget, home is the initial space where your child discovers their inherent victory.

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Engaging in sports offers numerous benefits for children

Tips to Encourage Outdoor Sports in Your Kids | From Backyard to Triumph | KreedOn
Spirit of sportsmanship hails! Image Source:
  • Maintains physical health & mental well-being.
  • Encourages Co-operative play and sportsmanship.
  • Outdoor sports increases persistence and involves fun.
  • Builds self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • It stimulates creativity and increases concentration.
  • Promotes problem-solving and leadership skills.
  • Discipline and Time Management.
  • Lifelong Enjoyment.

In today’s world, it is crucial to prioritize our children’s freedom to play, and outdoor sports should be seen as a vital necessity rather than a mere luxury. It is not through the books, but through that unstructured, open-ended creative sports that children learn the varied ways of the world. While playing and adopting any sports of their choice, kids explore with all their senses and learn to negotiate with each other to create an environment of positivity and sportsmanship.

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