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Online Rummy: Why Online Version of Traditional Indian Game Is Becoming So Popular

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Card games have been integral to Indian culture since time immemorial and almost every Indian family knows how to play at least one card game. Among all the card games played in India, rummy has been ruling almost everyone’s heart. Be it a social gathering, festival celebration, or even just a normal day in life, a round of rummy has been an essential part of Indians’ entertainment. And it’s not just the older generation! Gen Z loves playing online rummy too, a consequence of the game being so deeply rooted in our culture and tradition.

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Even though the game is over centuries old, the basic rules of rummy remain the same, regardless of whether you play it offline or online. With the constant advancement of technology, online rummy has virtually replaced the conventional offline rummy game by offering ease of access, the chance to play with real players, and the opportunity to win exciting cash prizes and coveted rewards. The online version of the game is quickly soaring in popularity and has dwarfed other traditional Indian games. So, one wonders: What is the magic of online rummy that its popularity keeps increasing by the day? Let’s take a look at some reasons why the online version of the Indian traditional game is becoming everyone’s favorite.

No Major Deviation From Traditional Game

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The online version of rummy is exactly like the offline traditional version of rummy. Since the rummy rules are the same, there is no complaint of the game being an improvisation of the original one. Moreover, since there is no new set of rules in the online version, people can depend on their original rummy know-how and wouldn’t necessarily have to search about and learn how to play rummy online. In a nutshell, the Indian market loves the synergy of offline and online rummy and that’s what makes them flock to the game in large numbers.

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Rummy Platforms Maintain Fairness in all Ways

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Most trustworthy rummy platforms have a Random Number Generator (RNG) system in place, which ensures fair and unbiased distribution of cards. The RNG system ensures that players get a safe playing space where they only have to worry about winning the game and not about the biased distribution of cards.

Moreover, online rummy is absolutely legal to play in India as it has been categorized as a game of skill and hence playing it for free or for cash prizes cannot be considered illegal in any way. This landmark judgment by the courts broke the shackles of taboo that surrounded the game for generations. It made people feel free to play the game and have fun too.

Rise of Internet and Smartphones

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The sharp rise of the gaming industry is all thanks to two very important inventions: the internet and the smartphone. Both have disrupted the traditional way of playing card games. Today with just a basic smartphone and a stable internet connection, you get a chance to play an unlimited number of rummy games. An add-on to that is the fact that you can now connect and grow together as part of a community. One can learn, upskill and win big by playing with a wide range of players.

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Easy and quick access to the game is also a major reason for the game’s popularity online. There are also rewards that players get if they refer the platform to their friends, which is another fabulous incentive for them to flock to the game online.

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You can play the game on the go

Admit it or not, carrying a set of cards everywhere you go isn’t an easy task. And if the cards get spoiled, the experience of playing gets affected. No one enjoys playing with an old, torn set of playing cards. One will always buy a fresh and new card deck to enjoy the best rummy experience. Besides, arranging cards physically is a bit of a hassle.

Online rummy saves you from all these hassles. Why would anyone want to spend money on a new deck of cards? And who would want to travel with a card deck in their pocket? The answer to both of those questions is most likely nobody. But how does one play then? That’s where online rummy comes to your rescue. As long as you have a basic smartphone and a stable internet connection, you can join a table and get started anytime, anywhere!

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A Wonderful Opportunity to Win Cash Prizes

How to play online Rummy (2020) - Steps & tricks to play Rummy card game

Online rummy gives you a wonderful opportunity to win cash prizes and other exciting rewards, which is something that traditional rummy lacks. There are referral bonuses, cashback offers, and instant cash offers. Daily, weekly and monthly tournaments and new offers keep happening, which gives you an opportunity to have fun and win big!


To conclude, online rummy gives people advantages that are simply impossible to miss. Be it the cash prizes, rewards, easy gameplay tutorials, and countrywide competition, the reasons are enough for one to play the classic game of rummy online.

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What is online rummy?

Online rummy is a digital version of the popular card game rummy, played over the internet on various gaming platforms or websites.

How is online rummy played?

In online rummy, the gameplay closely resembles that of traditional rummy. Participants receive cards from a standard deck and aim to create legitimate sets or sequences to emerge victorious. During their turn, players have the option to draw a card from either the open or closed deck and subsequently discard a card onto the open deck.

Can I play rummy with my friends online?

Certainly, certain online rummy platforms provide the feature of establishing private tables, enabling you to invite your friends to join and play rummy collectively. This feature facilitates enjoying the game with acquaintances in a secluded environment.

Is it safe to play online rummy?

Playing rummy on reputable and licensed online platforms is generally safe. However, it’s essential to follow basic online safety practices, such as choosing strong passwords, avoiding sharing personal information, and playing on secure networks.

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